It was a squeeful event

I came to the table late for the new Darkmoon Faire, ignoring it for MONTHS before finally dragging characters through it.

Pretty quickly, I realized it was useful for leveling some professions across the awkward humps and MOUNTS AND PETS WERE THERE, DUHHHHHHH!

Pets and mounts went account-wide and suddenly it was worth going after the tickets.

So a cycle of 4 characters developed, dragging my mage, priest, paladin, and DK through the faire each month.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t doing all that I could be doing (picked up ear quests late, didn’t pursue the dungeon drop quests, and often missed several days) so ticket collection was painfully slow. Add to that the ticket cost of the mounts being 180 and the pets being 90 and it felt like I would never get there.

This past month, Arioch got really close to the 180 mark for the first mount. So I braved the AH and dumped some gold on the dungeon items.

Turned those in and walked away with my dancing bear.

Tried to do the same with Kaayn, who had the next highest amount of tickets, but couldn’t make the final 15 tickets.

But he’ll be able to pick up the strider next month.

Meaning… Jhaelen and Selwyn can both pick up a pet!

I had already logged off for the evening when my brain sorted out that realization and I hemmed and hawed a bit.

The fact that the faire ended that night was the nail in the coffin to get back on. I would kick myself later if I waited a whole month to get the pets.

Got the cub on Jhaelen. Got the strider on Selwyn.

As I was logging out on Selwyn, I saw someone posting in chat that the Darkmoon Faire Rabbit was up.

I’ve never gotten to kill the rabbit.

But it was late, maybe next month… but NO! I was whining that I needed some focus and here it was, go kill the rabbit!

So I swap to Arioch and trundle down to the Fairegrounds, get an invite and help summon an assload of people.

The rabbit just bumbles about aimlessly, ignoring the mass of people gathering in the back of the cave.

Finally, the word is given and the rabbit is pulled.

What followed was bloody and fearsome. To do it justice, one must watch the original subject matter. (Don’t worry, I’ll wait right here for you.)

Actually, it went very smoothly with a full group of 90s. I believe we had one death.

And I am terribly ashamed to admit, I did not get a screen shot of my killer rabbit achievement.


I loves him and hugs him and calls him George.

DMF Rabbit

Those little bloody whiskers are just adorable.


9 comments on “It was a squeeful event

  1. arvash29 says:

    Grats on the wabbit! Don’t pet him too hard now, lol.

  2. wolfgangcat says:

    LoL – grats on all your new pets and the DMF Rabbit! Isn’t the Dancing Bear awesome? It dances just like a druid :D

  3. zarigar says:

    grats! yay George!

  4. Telanarra says:

    you are so hosed for rolls the rest of the month. Gratz though!!!

  5. Congrats on the pet drop, I still need to try to kill that most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent

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