Patch 5.2 Already?

In case you missed it:

I have oodles to say.

Don’t really have the “ooomph” to write any of it right now.

In brief:

Guild went in to raid on Saturday and we cleared up to Elegon.

Wiped a couple times on the sparkle dragon before calling it.

Came back in on Sunday. Continue reading

I should know by now

If I want to see change in this world, I just have to bitch and moan and whine and complain.

After I did my post the other day about the guild being a bit… stagnant, everything changed.

Everything was fine, apparently they had pugged a couple people in the Friday raid that I couldn’t attend (too busy trying to kill friends with under-cooked fried chicken) and they had moved in to the guild.

It was looking like we had enough to be able to just about fill our own raid.

Our problems were solved, yay!

Bitching, moaning, and complaining always work!

There were plans to come back in to the raid later Sunday evening so I logged to cook some lamb chops (yum yum) and came back in time to get my invite to the raid.

And watch a scrolling mass of players logging in and immediately leaving the guild. Continue reading

It was a squeeful event

I came to the table late for the new Darkmoon Faire, ignoring it for MONTHS before finally dragging characters through it.

Pretty quickly, I realized it was useful for leveling some professions across the awkward humps and MOUNTS AND PETS WERE THERE, DUHHHHHHH!

Pets and mounts went account-wide and suddenly it was worth going after the tickets.

So a cycle of 4 characters developed, dragging my mage, priest, paladin, and DK through the faire each month.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t doing all that I could be doing (picked up ear quests late, didn’t pursue the dungeon drop quests, and often missed several days) so ticket collection was painfully slow. Add to that the ticket cost of the mounts being 180 and the pets being 90 and it felt like I would never get there.

This past month, Arioch got really close to the 180 mark for the first mount. So I braved the AH and dumped some gold on the dungeon items. Continue reading


I’m not dead!

Not much going on around here so I’m not sure why it never seems like I have enough time to write… I keep getting these great ideas and sometimes I forget them and sometimes I toss them on Twitter and sometimes oh look a squirrel!

Speaking of squirrels, I have stumbled upon a secret monk ability.

I haven’t played much of a monk yet, but a quick perusal of their ability list shows items such as Tiger Palm and Flying Serpent Kick.

No where is there mention of this ultra-super-secret skill.

I have dubbed it Squirrel Stance.

We haven’t been raiding much, and I don’t really pay much attention to what other people are doing until it starts directly impacting me – like when I’m sharing Jasper Chains with someone.

Imagine two scenarios: Continue reading

Achievement Unlocked: 50,000

That’s right, I finally hit 50k words in that damned NaNoWriMo thing.

With work as nasty as it was I didn’t think I was going to make it, but I made a good push over the holiday weekend. Then I go and get sick yesterday and easily put the last 2k in to get my winner status. Still have another 2-3k I think to tie in the loose ends and it needs editing. Holy fuck does it need editing.

But I enjoyed it and learned a lot in the process.

So here’s my obligatory web badge:

First a story of my stupidity, then a rant about chickens.

My guild has been slow to take a seat at the raiding table. A lot of shit went down and we were just enjoying taking some time to level our characters as the roster refilled.

Friday was a dry run, just because we had 10 people on. Things didn’t go terribly well, got Stone Guard to 60-some-odd percent. But our tank was never intended to be a tank, our hunter needed another week to gear, and the monk… well, he’s on crack. That’s the only thing I could think of to explain it. Continue reading

Raiding Excitement – Not as Anticipated

Last week was full of raiding excitement!

Just not on Arioch.

Log in Tuesday and mill about Org, waiting for an invite.

(Actually, I stood around and made cloth bolts, Arioch isn’t a scribe. OK, bad joke is bad.)

The roster looks a little thin… only a handful of people are on.

Word finally comes down that it’s postponed to Wednesday.

No problem, just level that pally up to 79.

Log on Wednesday.

Again with the waiting.

Postponed until Friday.

No problem, just crush out some dailies.

And then Tir looks at me and says they need a 10th for an alt DS run. Continue reading

Another night of farming

Interrupted by a raid!

That’s right, folks, I got to raid Tuesday night.

Drumroll please…

I went in to Kara and tried to get that stupid mount again.

That counts, right?

Actually, I really did get to raid current content – full clear of DS.

I log in and am greeted by a whisper from the GM asking me to talk with her new raid leader about my raid spot. Continue reading

Once is a fluke

(This post was supposed to go up about a month ago, right after the post about me falling to my death… but I got sidetracked…)

Twice is a coincidence.

Three times is a trend.

Remember my dumbshit moment the other week?

Well, I didn’t plummet to my death this time, but I’m one step closer to a trend of stupidity.

Getting back in to raiding and I’m told that the raids are starting at 8:30 server on Tuesday.

So Tuesday I show up at 6:30 local. Get an invite almost immediately and chill in Org while we fill in the remaining spots.

Kill shit. Run out of time. Continue reading