Status Update

Not dead.

But maybe soon if life keeps up being life and asplodey and such.

Work got really ugly. Basically the deadline in front of me got pushed back by a month and a half but my deadline didn’t move. ┬áMy portion was originally 2 months. Hi, how’s 2 weeks sound?

But the deadline is today and at the time of this writing (in the past, blow your mind) it looks good. They found more work yesterday, but since it wasn’t part of the original requirement, I’ve told them where in the pile they can shove it. Continue reading

Fuck Turtles

My poor little guild has been through the wringer for our roster and general attendance.

After struggling to get through Council for a few weeks (after the Horridon struggle – speaking of which, why are they STILL nerfing that fight – and even the occasional wipefest on Jin’rokh for no good reason) we have been struggling to field 10 raiders to face down Tortos.

(Flex raid with 8, pretty please?)

And we’ve been poking at Tortos with a long stick for what feels like ages.

For a while now, I’ve been on kicking duty.

And while every wipe certainly hasn’t been due to kicking-related issues, a considerable amount more than I’m comfortable with were.

If I wanted to be aiming something, I would play an FPS. Continue reading

I’ve been on the run

As you may recall, the last time I posted, it was about a great video of one of our cats doing something funny.

And it turned our lives upside down.

OK, not really.

But it was a fun little roller coaster to ride.

Osiris has since been turned into a GIF and plastered all over the interwebz.

The counter for the video is now over 621k views.

That’s not including the many thousand likes/reblogs on tumblr and the shares from the other sites hosting him. Continue reading