Today is lacking content.

Honestly, I spent most of the weekend with my family and didn’t log in to WoW hardly at all.

Sunday evening I did log on to my priest for some healtastic fun.

Healed VoA 25, top two bosses.

My gloves dropped and went to the priest that did worse than I did. /sad panda Continue reading

So that’s what you do all day?

I’m on a project at work which is sucking up huge parts of my time and what’s left of my soul.

But I do get a few moments here and there to try and keep on top of things.

Dark/Soth helps keep me sane (less insane?) by providing stimulating debate.

The following is taken from an email conversation we had the other day. I pulled out a name or two to protect the so-called innocent. (No, it’s no one that reads the blog. I think. But it’s definitely not you, Del, since you always seem to think I’m blaming you. Go read this post, your comment yesterday made me think of it again.) Continue reading

It’s random, like me

How can I not like the new LFG?

One of these days I’m sure it’s going to drop me into Old Kingdom and I will be sorely tempted to desert, but so far it’s been kind to me.

Yeah, we post recount into guild chat and snicker at the huntards and DKs that aren’t pulling 1k on boss fights.

But I personally have yet to be in a group where we couldn’t get through it.

In fact, I’ve had groups that stayed together and re-queued or just did the whole string of the new 5-mans. Continue reading

And it shall be mine

Talking red protodrakes here.

Have a group willing to tackle some of our remaining achievements aggressively to finish out Glory of the Hero and get our drakes.

A certain Holy pally was nice enough to chart out what we needed:


The X fields are ones that are done, the blue fields are the ones that need to be done.

He even found a guide that covers all of them in detail. Continue reading

Heroic at last


So fucking close… and I have no idea where the last 7 on Kalimdor are. I’m hoping that somewhere in Eastern Kingdoms I’ll get sent to the other continent to finish up a quest chain or 5.

My goal was to get both of these done before the end of the month. I was thinking for a while it wasn’t going to happen, but it just might. Just shy of 9 quests a day will get it done.

I was in Arathi last night working on the Myzreal quest chain and had to spend some time in a cave killing kobolds for some shards. Of course, with the shitty drop rate there aren’t enough kobolds to provide for a single person doing the quest. Add in the level 40 human paladin on the same quest and there really aren’t enough to go around.

I was in a good mood so I refrained from 1-shotting the pally. I did, however, make liberal use of snowballs and baby spice every time I came across her in the cave.

Now I’ve got to wonder, what was the player’s reaction? I made no threatening moves towards them, but had them targeted whenever they were in range and kept pelting them with harmless things. Continue reading

Did we just do that?


For reals?

How the fuck did we do that?

We’ll get to that.

I volunteered to DPS in the guild’s non-progression raid since they are short on ranged DPS (and people in general).

We had an OT lined up but it turned out that he had a VERY valid reason for not showing. (And if you read this, you have my condolences.)

My husband has been gearing up a DK to tank in his spare time.

Not a whole lot of experience, he’s tanked a normal UK, OT a Naxx 10, and a chain of normal ToC.

That’s it.

Oh, and his gear is blue (mostly) with hardly any gems or enchants. But he’s def capped! And has about 25k health unbuffed.

He comes in to OT as a rep for the missing OT.

The raid leader and I aren’t expecting a whole lot from the group. Continue reading

Haste is Swedish Fish

I’m working on a side project and it’s eating up some time. But it’s one of those things that won’t rest until it’s done so it’s driving me nuts.

As soon as I’m done and happy with it I will be posting the results to share.

Wednesday night I ran VoA 25 and 10.

The T8.5 gloves dropped in the 25 and I won the roll against another mage. Minor upgrade for me since I’m sporting the T8.

Broke down to the 10-man and the other mage left.

Realized after the fight that I was only a couple emblems away from being able to buy the T9 gloves – which have haste instead of hit. Nummy nummy haste.


Logged on Thursday evening with some time left on the item to be traded.

Pull up Recount and find the other mage’s name. Continue reading

What? I can’t hear you!

Vent was screwy as all hell last night.

And not just the one for my current guild, we hopped into the still running vent for our old guild and had the same problems.

The pally tank/priest could hear me and I could hear him. But no one else seemed to be able to hear him.

I think everyone but the shaman could hear the other priest.

One warrior could hear me, but his mic was broken.

It was absolutely crazy. And we raided like that, in near silence.

Started by getting pulled into a VoA.

We were supposed to start with ToC at 7 server, but a few people were on early enough to try and get through a 10 VoA while we had WG. They pugged in a couple to fill the holes and away we went.

Started with the new guy, Koralon the Flame Watcher.

This fight is horrendously complicated. Continue reading

Taunt the mob!!!

That was the most commonly said phrase in our two guild heroic runs last night.

And it wasn’t from me.

I was usually screaming through clenched teeth, “Oh my fucking god, how do I fucking have aggro already?”

The hunter once said, “My kitty wishes to levitate,” which I found to be very amusing for some reason.

We did Heroic Violet Hold to start.

The DPS DK ended up off-tanking every group pull.

First we get the ethereal boss. Continue reading


What? Another useful post?

A break from the QQ for a how-to.


No shotgun needed

No shotgun needed

The Zombiefest! achievement is earned by killing 100 zombies in 1 minute in The Culling of Stratholme instance on Heroic difficulty.

Killing the zombies is not difficult in and of itself, the Risen Zombies are non-elite mobs that easily fall to an Ice Lance crit.

The tricky part is finding 100 zombies to kill within the time frame and having a suitable party makeup.

Your party will effectively be split into 2 teams.