The “even as disc” Post

So I mentioned the other day, something about something being cake to heal, even as disc.

And I promised an explanation to be forthcoming in a future post.

And the peanut gallery proceeded to all but place bets on when the next post would be.

Har-har-har, guys.

So here’s a rose-tinted view of what healing was like in Wrath:


Oh, I know, if I went back and read all my posts about learning how to heal it paints a far more frantic and bloody picture.

But truthfully, I bring a lot of that upon myself. Continue reading


Is down!

That is to say, Atra-fucking-medes has been slain.

In simpler terms, we finally were able to beat the shit out of a blind dragon.

Yeah, we got rolled repeatedly by a handicapped reptile.

The new raiding season started out very well.

Sometime in December the guild wandered over to own the new VoA-style encounter in Tol Barad. I’ve gotten to do the fight once, and it was cake to heal, even as disc. (What do I mean, even as disc? ZOMG. More on this later. Not today later, another day later.) Continue reading

Priest: Disc

So I finally logged on to my priest ALT. As in ALTERNATE character. You know, the character that is not my main. Because my mage is my main.

Now that we have that cleared up…

So I finally logged on to my priest.

I had made some improvements to my bar layout on Arioch and was planning on applying the same profile changes to Selwyn so I started by pulling everything off my bars.

Well, everything that was still there. Since all my healing is on mouseover macros, my bars looked very empty when I logged in.

Got my DAGassist all set up for my professions.

Poked through my bags to find all my extra gear. Continue reading

Oh Shit…..


Why Everyone Should Move for Shadow Trap.

My job has reared its ugly head and I’ve been doing 70+ hour work weeks for a couple weeks now.

I have a slight moment to breathe and I’m sharing it with you.

Feel special, dammit.

Having a really good time in my new guild, even though I hardly ever get to play on my mage.

Poor Arioch has been shouldered aside in favor of Selwyn’s capacity for healing. Continue reading

A Different Light

My mage is my main.

I seem to have to clarify that a lot these days, what with all the time I’m spending on my priest and poking at my DK.

But my new guild really likes what I can do with the Light so Arioch is most likely going to be relegated to Alt runs.

(A guildmate from SR has also migrated to DH and has continued the long-running joke about which character really is my main.)

From the outside looking in, it’s easy to think Selwyn is my main. His GS just hit 6168. Arioch is still rocking Bejeweled Wizards Bracers. Selwyn has 25-man Kingslayer. Arioch has 10-man Kingslayer. Selwyn has far more heroic experience.

But in my heart, Arioch will always be my main. Continue reading

Wyn = Win

Yes, I know, I didn’t post yesterday.

That whole thing about posting under the influence of more sleep?

Yeah… ok, so I’m raiding just about every lock out on 2 characters now.

I can sleep when I’m dead, right?

Still pretty wiped out from the weekend, so here is some link love to a guildmate who is artistically talented and funny as fuck. Continue reading

How did that happen?

My mage is my main.

My mage is my main.

I swear it.

So how does it happen that my priest ends up healing ICC 25 last night?

Normally, we have a plethora of resto shaman, but two of them mysteriously were not there last night.

The guild that we are partnering with for 25s now on Tuesday nights tends to be a little short on the heals.

So we were lacking heals. Continue reading



Today is lacking content.

Honestly, I spent most of the weekend with my family and didn’t log in to WoW hardly at all.

Sunday evening I did log on to my priest for some healtastic fun.

Healed VoA 25, top two bosses.

My gloves dropped and went to the priest that did worse than I did. /sad panda Continue reading

And now for something completely different

No, this is not the continuation post for Del’s non-meme meme thing.

Personal life is a little weirded out right now, and it’s affecting my ability to put down cognitive thought to paper (or blog).

So, just a quick update on my poor little priest.

Last night he got drug through ICC from start to well, end of raid time.

So for the first time, he got to see everything that happens BEFORE the BQL fight. Continue reading