Yep, started a blog.


I’m a semi-social animal by nature. I used to work in a busy office with many people around me to annoy. Sadly, my company closed that branch and we all went our separate ways. I remained, but as a telecommuter, so there are not so many people around me to annoy. The cat doesn’t count, he just ignores me. Except when it’s petting time, woe to me for forgetting petting time.

As part of my transition from in the office to at home, I also changed my job type. In the office I was a trainer. My job involved standing in front of a group of people and telling them how to do their jobs. The fact that I had never, ever done the job? Meh. Who cares? As a trainer I talked. A lot. Like, non-stop some days. Big release coming out, major system and process changes? OK, first session starts at 7, next at 9, then another at 1 and again at 3. In between sessions answer questions. Call back the analysts, “You know that question you said no one would ask? Yeah. Five people. Give me an answer other than: we are aware of the problem and are working on it.” Next day pick up the people that missed one of the first four sessions. Day after that, breathe.

Now I am a technical writer. I sit at a computer, at home, mostly all alone, and don’t talk. Except to the cat. And myself, but there’s nothing new about that.

I miss having an audience to annoy, even a bleary-eyed audience that is focusing more on their mocha-frappa-whatsit than on the very important system modifications I’m explaining at 7 in the morning.

Lacking a captive audience, I turn to the interwebz to find myself a passive audience. Hopefully someone stumbles here on accident and finds something amusing or something that makes them think. Maybe even both.

Now, a good blog requires more than a desire to spew verbiage onto the screen; it should have direction. My current addiction… ah, hobby, that is, happens to be World of Warcraft. If you’re “in the know” you may have noticed that my page is “clearcasting” and may have cleverly deduced that I play a mage. If you did, I award you 42 internet cookies. Give yourself another dozen if you got the significance of the number 42. The vast majority of this blog will be centered around my trials and tribulations in WoW. Guildmates can only stand hearing the same story of that awesome thing you did so many times. Especially when they were there with you doing that awesome thing. But real life (RL™) has a tendency to creep in and will probably make an appearance from time to time.

It’s probably only fair to provide a little information about myself, just in case I develop an avid fan base and you need fodder to prove yourself my biggest fan.

  • I live in California. No, I don’t ski. No, I don’t surf. No, I don’t have a tan. (Read the above paragraph again if you forgot that I play WoW, there is no time for a tan.) No, I’m not blond. Well, not really. Any other stereotypes to squash?
  • Because it’s going to slip at some point and make for some awkward assumptions if people think any different, I am of the female persuasion. That’s right, bewbz. I gotz them. No, you can’t see them. I think it was somewhere in my marital vows that my husband is allowed to beat viewers of my bewbz with a blunt object. Which leads to the next tidbit…
  • I’m married. Sorry guys, these gamer chick bewbz are spoken for.


  • No longer married, but the bewbz are still spoken for. Said person speaking for bewbz is far more likely to beat viewers of my bewbz with a blunt object and has the training to do so. Tir and I met through this blog, small world!
  • Chick I may be, but I have the heart of a 13-year-old boy. I keep it in a bucket next to my desk where I can poke it with a stick! What this means for you, my reader, is that I make inappropriate comments, I swear like I just fucking learned how to fucking do it yesterday and the novelty of the shit still hasn’t worn off, I have a bank alt wearing the Winter Veil outfit (you know, the skanky one) and /blush at any one that /whistles or /flirts at her. Back when I played Alliance (more on that sad chapter in my life later) my night elf druid existed for the sole purpose of stripping and dancing on counter tops in cities. On an RP server (I already said it was a dark chapter, sheesh) you can make some decent money doing that.

I figure I’ll update when I feel like it, which should amount to at least once a week, probably more in the beginning since I feel like I have a lot to say/spew.

Future topics to look forward to:

  • How I got into games and the spectrum of games I am interested in
  • My ventures into the insane world of PvP, especially arena play (sneak preview: i r teh suck at arena, come stroke your e-peen while laughing at mine)
  • Guild progression
  • My cooking/eating disasters (yeah, I can fuck up eating)

Tonight is arena night, got to get me my welfare gear. We were 1-9 last week, which is really awesome since we were expecting 0-10 in our first week. Most likely more on our beat down tomorrow.

5 comments on “Why

  1. amykoi says:

    Kudos to you for WoW. And Hitchhiker’s. And cats.


  2. gnomeaggedon says:

    Ahh so glad you dropped by and commented.. and a nice piece of QQ at that. Now added to blogroll, feedreader and looking forward to more!


  3. smart001 says:

    I like it, added you as well to my blogroll. Thanks for posting, I can already tell I am going to be amused on this site.


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  5. […] My first blog post was my introduction post: https://clearcasting.wordpress.com/2009/01/19/why/ […]


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