Arena Week 2

Arena: Week 2

No one is in queue to skirmish on a Monday night. No one. Except me and my partner. We give up after 10 minutes and jump right in, just like last week. DOOM!!! I waited too long to write about it, so my recollections of the fights are pretty vague.

Week 2:

  1. Mage and warrior – Now where did that Counterspell button go? Oops. I’m dead. Must remember to Ice Lance warrior to pull him into combat. Getting Charged sucks.
  2. Rogue and druid – Empty arena… You can’t do that while stunned. Fuck.
  3. Warrior and druid – I was stupid. Here begins Stupid Part 1. Druid is in stealth. I turned the warrior into a harmless little sheep. Druid pops up. I FAIL at re-targeting and unload on the sheep.
  4. Hunter and druid – What is up with all the druids? Seriously, just go away.
  5. Rogue and rogue – All I remember is pounding on my Ice Block key with no response as my partner is yelling at me, “Ice Block, Ice Block!”
  6. Warlock and shaman – Huh, never seen a demon like that before. Hey… wait a minute… that looks like something I saw a screen shot of from the PTR prior to the Wrath release. That isn’t the warlock’s minion, that IS the warlock. I hate you.
  7. Rogue and druid – Again? WTF? So this is Stupid Part 2. We get the druid down, but my partner gets killed by the rogue. Chaos ensues, the rogue is at less than 2000 HP, I can do this! And I run the wrong fucking direction and break my own damn line of sight. /facepalm
  8. Mage and rogue – Remembered where the Counterspell was keyed! Still didn’t help. You can’t do that while stunned. Or blind. Or dead.
  9. Warlock and druid – OK, now we’re getting warmed up. Focus on the warlock and burn him to hell and back. Druid takes me out in the process. My partner is chasing the druid and doing some serious hurt to him. Druid is down to less than 2000 HP… Alas, Stupid Part 3 unfolds. “Dude, you’re OOM! Mana gem! Torrent, something!” Too late.
  10. Rogue and warrior – OK, we are out for blood now. Will kill children in the street just to taste victory if we fail in this match. Zone into Ring of Valor arena, the one with the elevators to get up to the fighting floor. Elevators go up… we go all out. Partner does the Summon Water Elemental, we both call Mirror Image. A lone warrior sees us, is instantly a sheep, shits little sheep pellets, and promptly dies. The stealthed rogue gets caught in a Frost Nova somewhere along the way and lies down quietly before the barrage of ice, arcane, and fire being slung at him. I think my mage is now capable of channeling my bloodlust as a spell.

About halfway through, my partner is saying he’s going to break the team if we drop below 1300 and we can just start over again at 1500. By the time we finished, I think he was done being depressed about getting our asses kicked and retracted that statement. Honestly, we should be somewhere in the 1200s. Maybe lower. Is there an achievement for a 0 ranked team? Can you go negative? In the 1300+ we were fighting people with better gear and experience from earlier seasons. We’ll hang out at the bottom for a while and see what we can do when we’re not getting curb-stomped as the gates open.

It also takes us 8-9 games to start getting our shit together. This means that we need to actually get into skirmishes sometime before Monday night when everyone is desperately looking for points.

Bought the welfare gloves after week 1, didn’t end with quite enough points to get my next piece. But next week I should be getting new lewtz. The new Wintergrasp mark stuff looks pretty nice. There’s a cloth set with some haste on it. Yummy, yummy haste. I stack a decent amount of haste on my PvE set and not having it on my PvP set makes me trip on my GCDs. My combat log is full of crap about abilities not being ready yet. Guess it’s time to hit Wintergrasp.

Just found out that due to the patch issue where people were *gasp* exploiting the fact that they could lose and take no rating penalty, Blizzard is rolling back arena ratings to before the patch. This may mean that we are back to 1-9 instead of 2-18. I may not be able to get my shoulders. /cry It will be like this week never existed at all… Will my wounded pride also be rolled back? I would like some of that back, plz, kkthxbai.


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