OMGWTFOMGBBQ Phat lewtz!!!!!

Or, in layman’s terms: “Wow, I’m really happy! This is a good piece of gear!”

With patch 3.0.8, Wintergrasp marks are now viable currency for some very attractive PvP items (trinket, boots, and helm). As I need 80 marks to get the gear I want and I had 5 marks at the time of the patch… let’s see… carry the 3… I need 75 marks. This means I need to dedicate some serious time to fighting in Wintergrasp, which I will talk more about later as it is an awesome place to be.

So after annihilating the Alliance’s piss-poor defenses in Wintergrasp, groups started forming for Archavon’s Vault. I hear he drops some nice stuff, supposed to be a fast run, let’s check this out. I get in a 10-man group, learn the fight, get my Emblem of Heroism, and the Archavon the Stone Watcher achievement. Was second in DPS (1800+) and second in overall damage, both to a frost mage (who also happens to be my 2v2 partner). I was beating out the Frostfire Bolt mage. /happy No drops for me. /sad

The group decides we’ll upgrade to a 25-man and do it again. We exit and merge with another group, takes about 10 minutes to get the right balance of tanks/healers/DPS. We have no warlocks, so no summons are available. Some guy is out in Sholazar Basin so we decide to start without him. There are 4 mages in the party, so if loot drops I’m competing against 3 others. Bad odds.

We clear all the trash, the 25th guy still isn’t here so we decide to 24-man it. I’m looking around and realize that I am under-geared. Since I’ve not done many heroics, this is not a surprise. But, still was 9th in DPS (2300+) and 14th in overall damage. It would have been more, but the “random” charge Arch does was really a “squash the mage named Arioch” charge. Out of his 4 charges, I got hit twice. And got the spikes once. Out of 25 people, that’s not the way the odds are supposed to work. Many thanks for the heals that got sent my way.

He drops, and I get the achievement for beating him on Heroic. I pick up my Emblem of Valor, and embarrassingly also get the achievement for getting my first Emblem of Valor. Scan the rest of the loot list.. Plate… Plate… OMG! [Deadly Gladiator’s Silk Raiment]. (No, the link doesn’t work. If anyone knows how to make that happen, let me know.)

This PvP chest piece is ungodly, or godly, depending on how you look at it. I immediately start drooling. We’re on Master Loot so all 4 mages start rolling. 40-something… 30-something… 74… 50-something. OMFG! I won with a 74. I won? I can haz lewtz? This must be how the odds work when you get charged more than your fair share during the fight. I hold my breath until it shows up in my inventory. I thank everyone for the run (those still there, most left as soon as their gear didn’t drop).

Just to compare, here is what I was wearing before in my PvP set:

Frostsavage Robe
280 Armor
69 Stamina
46 Intellect
Critical strike rating 46
Resilience rating 46
Spell power 81

It’s the tailoring PvP piece, pretty basic stuff.

And now for the new pretty:

Deadly Gladiator’s Silk Raiment
308 Armor
115 Stamina
50 Intellect
Red Socket  (+19 Spell power)
Yellow Socket (+16 Resilience)
Socket bonus +9 Stamina
Critical strike rating 51
Resilience rating 66
Spell power 98
And I also have the welfare gloves so I get the 2-piece set bonus to increase Resilience by another 50.

46 more Stamina (plus another 9 from the socket bonus). 4 more Intellect. 5 more Critical strike. 20 more Resilience (plus another 50 from the set bonus and another 16 from the gem). 17 more Spell power (plus another 19 from the gem). If you’ll excuse me, I think I need a moment alone with my new robe.

Getting the drop from Arch is one of two ways to get this robe. The other is to have a personal and team rating of 1970. And if you’ve read my earlier posts, then you know that isn’t happening anytime soon. If at all. So do I *really* deserve this? Hell no. Do I care? Hell fucking no. Will it help me in the Arena? Well, I might live 2 hits longer and I’ll look good as I die.  This robe is awesome and I will luvz it foreverz.

Deadly Gladiator's Silk Raiment

Deadly Gladiator's Silk Raiment


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