Arena Week 4

Arena: Week 4

Practiced all week in skirmishes. Really. OK, not a single skirmish. But we thought about it! Just never happened…

Last week we ended with a Team Rating of 1226 and a Personal Rating of 1246 with a run of 6-5.

We only fought 10 of the 11 games, turns out that hiding from a match due to a phone call will net you a forfeit. My partner has apologized profusely for this, it doesn’t bother me at all. We didn’t know and I’m not so hardcore as to say that RL™ can never intrude upon the game.

By the time we did our games, Blizzard announced that they had corrected the issue where PR was tracking to the Hidden Rating instead of the TR. They have also cleverly stopped referring to the HR as a “Hidden” rating and it has been reborn as the Matchmaking Rating. In the forums it’s really an alphabet soup mix of HR or MMR or HR/MMR. Whatevs.

Week 4:

  1. Ring of Valor, Mage and Rogue, -24/13
    Ouch, the first match is always harsh. We’re in the elevator and my partner has a premonition. “What if we prep the Elevator Burn and there are no targets?” Hmmm, that would suck. OK, let’s hold off on the traditional burn until we are certain we have at least one target. Sure enough, gates drop and the tumbleweeds blow through. I get sapped. I panic and trinket out of it. Mage breaks invisibility and for the love of anything I can’t counterspell him. I’m mashing the buttons, I’m using my secondary keybind for it, nothing. In retrospect, this was probably a range issue. Counterspell has a nasty short range. We just about get the rogue down and then my partner realizes he’s standing in the fire. Flashback to week 1… yep, that was him standing in the fire. So we die, he a more crispy death than me.
  2. Lorderon, Hunter and Warlock, 9/-22
    Going to be hard to make up for losses when wins don’t cover them. This duo pissed me off. The both of them just hung out in the starting box. They were there long enough that the purple crystals started appearing on the field. I pop a Blizzard into their hidey-hole and unstealth the Night Elf Hunter. That apparently gave them some courage and they rushed out to meet us, splitting up against us. We were not so silly as to divide our fire and the  Warlock died very quickly. From there we hunted the Hunter and took him and his little kitty down. I actually got both kills on that one, go me!
  3. Ring of Valor, Paladin and Death Knight, 8/-26
    This match made us a little nervous to start. We’ve heard that this is a tough composition to fight. Nothing personal, but we aren’t fond of healers. Focused on the pally. Somehow we got him down before he could even bubble. It looked like he was wearing plate to me… guessing no resilience on his gear. The DK fell pretty fast with no one to back him up.
  4. Dalaran Sewer, Warrior and Hunter, 12/-24
    12 points! we’re getting somewhere now! In retrospect, we probably should have removed the Hunter first to negate the pet, but Warriors are just so easy. Kept the pet controlled, mostly with Frost Novas, and tore up the Warrior. The Hunter moved to the center platform and had the kitty chewing on my partner. I was looking low on HP so I ducked behind some boxes and popped an Evocate. Back up to full, I slipped up the stairs on to the center platform, behind the Hunter and felt no remorse as I unleashed arcane hell on his unsuspecting back.
  5. Nagrand, Priest and Mage, -15/7
    I hate this map. We made a really bad call on this one. For whatever reason, we decided to keep the Mage controlled and burn down the Priest. The problem with this logic is that Priests have the ability to dispell Polymorph. But I don’t think she even had to. Mirror Images have a nasty habit of targeting and breaking Polymorph. We almost had the Priest down and then she was  back to full. Just couldn’t kill them fast enough.
  6. Lorderon, Paladin and Death Knight, 5/-18
    Woot! Another bad team with a good composition. I will give the Paladin credit, when we focused on him, he remembered to throw on a bubble. But as soon as that bubble was down, he was Counterspelled and dead. This DK had the Army of the Undead which did make things a little chaotic for a few seconds, but they very little life and we were able to pick them off from range before they got to us. All in all, it was probably our best completion of a target swap from the pally to the DK and back after the bubble.
  7. Blade’s Edge Mountain, Shaman and Priest, 10/-18
    I also hate this arena. The ramp is a lure I cannot resist. But this time we head up the ramp on the other side, just so I can have the experience of dying over there for once. Miracle! I don’t die. We see the Priest and she’s not in shadow form so we make the assumption she’s the healer. Two healers in a group would be silly so we make the logical assumption that the Shaman is the DPS half of the equation. Turns out we were wrong, but it worked. Polymorphed the Priest (we can learn from previous slaughter-fests) and kept her locked down. I took out the Shaman’s totems while my partner blasted her. And we noticed something odd. Our “DPS” shaman just stood there and attempted to heal herself. Looking at the stats at the end, she did 0 damage and healed about 6k. Oh well, she’s dead now and we return to the Priest. The Priest starts in with Vampiric Touch but just can’t take the damage. I will point out that I fell off the ramp at one point in the fight. /facepalm
  8. Lorderon, Druid and Death Khnight, 11/-22
    Druid was stealthed so we focus on the DK. The idea was I would polymorph the DK to force the druid (or rogue or mage or whatever was lurking) out into the open. So I run up to the range of Polymorph and I’m spamming the button and nothing is happening. Fuck I’m dumb. I had set the DK as my focus and was spamming the target Polymorph. Got it figured out fast enough and sure enough the Druid comes out in response to his buddy being mutton. Druid went down first, keeping the DK controlled and then picked off the DK.
  9. Lorderon, Druid and Rogue, -14/10
    Empty field to start, my partner goes Invisible to check for mages. No mages so most likely rogues and druids, possibly a Shadowmeld Night Elf something else. In Vent, “I’m sapped.” In stereo where available! Apparently kitty Druids can sap. It was beautifully orchestrated on their part. For once, a team focused on my partner and I was the last one standing.
  10. Lorderon, Druid and Death Knight, -13/5
    Same start as the last match up like this, except the DK resisted my Polymorph. /sob It was very ugly and brutal after that. The Druid was a tree and we just could not deal enough damage fast enough to either of them.

So 6-4 for the week. Not bad. All told we’re 14-27 with a 34% win rating, those first 2 weeks of 1-9 are going to take a while to recover from.

TR 1215, PR 1229.

Again, we are down points for having won more than we lost. This blows.

But, we finished with a high enough rating that I got enough points to buy my pants the next morning. I now have the 4-set bonus to the Gladiator’s Regalia; watch out, my Polymorphs are 0.15 seconds faster!


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