Arena Week 5

Arena: Week 5

Damn that RL™. It gets in the way about me writing about my virtual life. Shame on RL™.

Back on the 9th my partner and I ran our 5th week of arena. We started with a team rating of 1215 and personal ratings each of 1229.

Like usual, we had no skirmishes or practice during the week with the exception of Wintergrasp runs, and those can hardly be compared to arena. You can actually move and react in arena, as opposed to the lagfest that is Wintergrasp.

Week 5:

  1. Blade’s Edge, Warlock and Druid, -18/9
    Tradition holds with the first match sucking hardcore. I’m moving in a fog. I can’t find my keybinds. I can’t think of anything to call out to my partner to help him out. And I still get royally fucked over anytime a warlock pulls out the demon-form thing. Those things are nasty. Oh, and I still hate this map.
  2. Blade’s Edge, Death Knight and Hunter, -12/3
    Looking at the few points they got for this digital brutality, I’m guessing the system “guessed” they should have beaten us. Which they did. Ruthlessly. And with much vigor.
  3. Dalaran Sewer, Shaman and Hunter, -19/7
    I don’t know what went wrong, totems and pets and blood everywhere. 
  4. Dalaran Sewer, Death Knight and Warlock, -19/7
    Getting warmed up now. I actually like this arena. It has a couple hidey-hole spots for me and plenty of places to break line of sight, without it being a pillar-humping mess. The oddity here was the warlock never summoned a minion…
  5. Nagrand, Warlock and Warrior, 9/-27
    Still hate this map, but at least we’ve got a win here. As much as I hate warlocks, I love warriors. Feed me a steady diet of warriors and I will be happy. I’m sure they are full of cholesterol, must be what makes them so tasty fried up in Arcane Barrage.
  6. Ring of Valor, Priest and Druid, 7/-23
    Elevator Burn at its finest!
  7. Lorderon, Paladin and Paladin, 14/-19
    OK, we got lucky here. We sheeped the first paladin we could see and it turns out he was the ret pally. We were able to keep him successfully shut down until killing his holy buddy. Hell hath no fury like a lone ret pally and I faced that wrath, keeping him occupied long enough for my partner to send him packing. I seem to get to play the suicidal scapegoat role an awful lot.
  8. Ring of Valor, Druid and Druid, 12/-25
    This was a  good fight. Both druids opened up in stealth mode and stuck together around the arena. We also stuck together and bounced around the arena casting random Arcane Explosions to flush them out. They avoided us long enough that the purple crystals to detect stealth started popping up in the arena. We had never been in this arena long enough to know where they would spawn, but I bet our opponents knew. As soon as we headed over to one, we caught a druid with an explosion. Focused on him and his buddy couldn’t save him. I <3 my counterspell focus macro.
  9. Blade’s Edge, Paladin and Warrior, 11/-17
     We should have controlled the warrior and burned the paladin, but warriors are just so scrumptious to destroy! Got the warrior out of the way and, like normal, the paladin turned his considerable ire to me. I got underneath the wooden plank while he was up on the stone ramp. I couldn’t see him. I could see his name plate and health bar through the stone, but I can’t see his character. I’m looking pretty bad and was in need of a heal, this is what we have glyphed Evocate for. Start the evocation… BAM!!! Hammer from no where! Bastard was able to hit me with a judgment THROUGH the rock. No line of sight consideration. And that hammer had just enough punch to finish me off. I hate this map.
  10. Blade’s Edge, Mage and Death Knight, 10/-21
    What is it with this map, seriously?!?! Hatred of the map aside, we did very well. I like to think that all mages get as upset as I do when being polymorphed by other mages. It pisses me off to no end to be on the receiving end of it and I get warm fuzzies imagining the insult I’m dishing out when I’m the one controlling the livestock. I may have issues. This may have been one of the legendary face-rolling DKs we’ve heard so much about. He was bad. Very bad and very dead very quickly. Fast enough that diminishing returns on the polymorph on the mage hadn’t started to hamper our plans. Followed by some chain counterspelling… tasty.
  11. Blade’s Edge, Mage and Death Knight, 13/-22
    Deja vu? Same map, same opponent composition, but different team. Same outcome. Slightly better play by the DK. Normally, we would have stopped after the 10th match, but we were on a roll and feeling pretty good. 8 in a row… there’s an achievement for 10…
  12. Dalaran Sewer, Death Khnight and Shaman, 12/-20
    Finally change in scenery. 9 in a row, can we do it?
  13. Ring of Valor, Warlock and Druid, -12/12
    In a word, no, we can’t do it. So close… and shut down by another burn team. I have decided that the Fel Guard’s intercept ability is an ability created from pure evil and shaped into a demon-torpedo that prevents me from getting the PoM-polymorph off on the warlock. The druid summoned treants (which hit very hard, BTW), we had mirror images all over the place, a water elemental over there, the warlock’s minion chewing  on my partner like an ice cube, the warlock himself was running around in demon form, and the druid just popped down roots and healed things. It was a huge mess.

But hey, we went 9-4 for the week and guess what? Our rating? It actually, get this, went UP for the week. No lie! We ended the week as the proud bearers of a TR of 1247 and PR of 1257. Not too shabby. For us. I have a deal with a friend if I can break 2000 in the 2v2 bracket I can sign his keyboard. I have a silver Sharpie all picked out. I will probably never get to use it, but if hell ever freezes, I’ll be ready!

Got my Elder title and my Love Fool titles, go me!

The week progressed normally until Friday, when I developed an impending sense of Doom.

By Saturday morning the Doom had manifested itself as a sinus infection and I spent most of the day in bed. I did manage to drag myself out every couple of hours to toss on some cologne, talk to an NPC and grab a gift of adoration. Had the title, but no Romantic Picnic Basket to use with my hubby in Dalaran.

I ignored the entirety of the chat pane, including whispers. If you whispered me for a port, I wasn’t ignoring “you,” I was ignoring the “world.” You just happen to be part of that “world” thing. Yes, I did eventually get my basket and had a picnic in Dalaran with my honey. And I almost had to kick the ass of some night elf blowing his character kisses. Damn sanctuary cities. (Yes, I play the male characters and he plays the female ones.)

By Sunday I almost felt human but still wished to have no communication with this “world” thing. I ran around the orc/troll and tauren starting areas to get reputation. Ambassador Arioch, at your service.

This week, being a holiday weekend and all (many thanks to some dead guys for getting me a day off work), just didn’t play out right for getting our arena fights in. Oh well, next week.

But more fun and exciting than my arena matches, I ran with a raid in a For the Horde achievement and we rolled the Alliance cities in textbook fashion. Very smooth run, especially considering that only a handful of people in the raid had earned their bear already. We were all in Vent (“no vent – no bear” was the motto) and the leader was experienced and communicated expectations clearly.

Upon returning to Dalran, about 30 of us ran to the mailboxes and mounted up on our shiny new Black War Bears. It’s my first bear mount and I think it’s pretty slick. (I’m sorry, but the Amani War Bear looks like it’s wearing some sort of “special needs” helmet, never wanted one. Actually, I’m not sorry. But it just sounds more polite if I say that before insulting someone’s prized bear. And thank the gods there is no more spamming trade chat selling Amani bear runs.)


One comment on “Arena Week 5

  1. Lippie says:

    I love the way you discribe the arena fights :) Fun to read and i can allmost see it happening!


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