Back into the Vault

After the fiascoes with vault in previous weeks (I got saved to a completed 25-man and two of my guildmates watched gear get ninja-ed), we decided that a guild-led Vault run would be a good idea.

And it was a great idea. Except the first week, the two people that suggested it ran off and PUG-ed it. I expressed my annoyance to one of them, who, to his credit, apologized and mailed an apology to the entire guild along with plans for a scheduled Vault run. I was much less upset after that.

So we set up some ground rules. We’ll schedule it for Tuesday, first time we hold Wintergrasp after about 7 PM, subject to change if we keep losing WG or if everyone is available earlier. There are even some minimums:

  • DPS – 1200 for 10-man, 1500 for 25-man
  • Heals – 1500 spell power
  • Main tank – 540 defense minimum, 25k HP unbuffed for 10-man, 28k for 25-man, 30% avoidance for 10-man, 33% for 25-man
  • Off tank – as good as we can get

Basic stuff.

Tuesday rolls around, we win Wintergrasp, we get a raid going. We’ll start with 10-man and then upgrade to a 25-man.

In the 10-man from our guild, we have myself (arcane mage), a paladin tank, a paladin healer, a rogue, a warlock, and a death knight. We easily fill in the holes with other people and take Arch out.

Time to upgrade to the 25-man, heroic setting.

I’m still in my PvP spec, so my DPS is down from my usual 2k+ to somewhere between 1600-1800. With raid buffs, I’m pushing 2k again. Our primary tank in the guild isn’t quite up to par to be the main tank for 25-man, but he should be able to off tank it.

I’m in Dalaran spamming chat for recruits, the death knight is in WG, leading the raid and collecting people there. I’ve got a notepad out and keeping track of the number of healers, tanks, melee DPS, and ranged DPS. It doesn’t take long to get a group together and we head in.

Trash gets cleared without too much trouble, except our warlock doesn’t seem to notice the rocks falling on her head. She might have died, I don’t recall.

Get to Arch, set myself up next to the totems (I <3 mana spring totems) and we all start dishing out the damage.

We run into some problems with our off tank picking up the aggro fast enough when Arch lunges for the main tank. He swears he hit taunt, and I’m sure he did. But it didn’t go off. Maybe he hit it before the stun wore off and didn’t spam it until he was sure he had picked up aggro. I don’t know, I’m not watching his keyboard. 4 people get one-shotted right off the bat on that lunge. That’s most of the melee DPS.

One dead individual decided to begin a monologue berating the tanks, the healers, the other DPS, roughly everyone.

Did you know Arch has an enrage timer? I don’t think everyone in our raid knew that before the run.

We failed in the DPS race, Arch enraged and we all went splat.

The DPS meters got posted and we had at least 6 people below 1600 DPS. Those were people that were still standing at the end of the fight so they couldn’t claim skewed numbers from death. And at least 3 sets of meters were posted with similar numbers. Embarrassingly, one of them was our own warlock. Also embarrassing, our guild healer was at the bottom of the heal meters.

Amazingly, we had gotten him to 30% before enrage.

The raid leader makes a comment about not enough DPS. It’s a pointed comment. It includes the fact that you really should be pulling 1600 DPS before setting foot into 25-man vault. It was not a comment that was worded in an accusing fashion, it was actually very tactful. It was stated in such a way as to allow the people who were obviously not ready to tackle this content the opportunity to gracefully exit stage left.

Apparently that wasn’t good enough. We did boot one ret pally that was hovering around 1k. The others? All the fail people stayed and some of the TOP DPS left. The main tank was tired of listening to the jackass that died from the ill-fated taunt tossing around insults left and right, so he left. Mr. Jackass stayed unfortunately.

I’m back in Dal, the raid leader is spamming locally, and we get a second party put together.

DPS is again an issue. Tanking too, judging from the deaths in the clouds. Wipe a second time. Our off tank is talking about leaving since he gets blamed for not picking up the aggro fast enough on the lunges. He decides to stay, it is a guild run after all. But there is seriously something not happening right with picking up the aggro after the lunges.

Back to Dal for me. The raid leader is talking about calling it for the night, but I already have people lined up so we give it one more go. But if we don’t get it this time, I’m not showing my name in chat again calling for replacements. Eventually someone will notice that we keep calling for people for a 25-man and they will put 2 and 2 together and that equals fail raid in this equation.

It’s close, but we pull through.

And my pants drop. Not the PvP pants, but the Heroes’ Frostfire Leggings. the Tier 7 gear. Completely drool-worthy for me.

There are 4 mages in the group, including two that could not maintain above 1600 DPS in our runs. Alas, I did not win the roll. But neither did the two fail-mages.

We’ll give it another shot next week, but I don’t have very high hopes. The death knight, the rogue, and myself are usually in the top 10 damage spots, we’ve even each been in the top 5 in various 25-man runs. Our healer is in the bottom of the heals. Our warlock is in the bottom of the damage. Our off tank isn’t doing something right. Half our guild is in a position to get called out for fail.

These people are all my friends, some of them I’ve know for 10+ years. I want to experience new content and actually make some progression in the game. I’m not sure if that can happen at this point, at least not with my guild. We’re still struggling with normal Heroics. Hell, we wiped in Heroic Violet Hold last night.



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