Best. Weekend. Ever.

I may be exaggerating, but it was an awesome weekend.

Friday night I’m kicking it around Dal, thinking about what I want to go do. I’ve got a ton of quests left in Northrend and I really need to open up the Ebon Blade quartermaster.

I get a random whisper from some guy I don’t recall ever meeting before, “Hey, want to DPS H CoS?”

Now, I have severe insecurities about my performance. If I do something stupid in the guild, we can all laugh about it after I point out that everyone else has done something just as stupid. But with strangers? What if I stand in the fire? What if I do crappy damage? What if the tank sucks and can’t keep aggro? Eek!

But I have come to the conclusion that in my little guild we’ve come about as far as we are going to for a few weeks. If I want to see something other than H Nexus, I need to get out more.

With quite a bit of nervousness, I go for it.

Get to the instance. Summon people. Buff. Hand out some strudel. Discuss doing it timed. Agree to a timed run.

Now, we have been trying in my guild for a timed run. Me as an arcane mage, my husband’s rogue, our pally healer, our DK tank(alt to our frost mage, my 2v2 partner), and a slightly-under geared enhancement shammy (for yummy mana totems). After a week, we were 4-5 attempts in and haven’t even gotten to the Infinite Corruptor. Damage is good, heals probably need to be better, there is a death every run.

Off we go, me and 4 strangers. And we FLY through it. Tank got the drake. I didn’t even care, I was just so happy to see the next step and get the achievement for the timed run. Me, the warlock, and the shadow priest were all over 2K DPS, we were within 1.3% of each other for total damage dealt. It was beautiful.

Saturday, no one in the guild but the other mage/DK. He’s always joining PuGs and decides that it was time to drag me along.

First time in 10-man Obsidian Sanctum. Got clipped by 1 lava wall. No deaths. Think I was 3rd in DPS. Achievement earned!

First time in H OK. 1 wipe on the boss that summons the “volunteers,” we missed one. Achievement earned!

First time in 25-man OS. No deaths, 4th in DPS overall, no lava walls. Achievement earned!

While waiting for the 25-man OS, one of the tanks recognized my character’s name. We started chatting about books, cool guy. (This is foreshadowing!)

My partner gets an invite to a 10-man Naxx. Everything but KT down, need DPS and OT, we both get to go, this will be my first time in Naxx. And guess who’s tanking? The guy from the 25-man OS! We give it a go. Healers forget to heal people in ice blocks. Wipe. Much drama in Vent. Second run, healers can’t keep OT (my partner on his DK) up in phase 3. Wipe. Much more drama in Vent. Group dissolves. But I was second in damage! Nerf hunters.

Sunday, we try the guild H CoS timed run again. Horrible spawn points, we were running all over the place. Got to the Corruptor with 1 minute on the clock. 30 more seconds and we would have had a drake. Damn the luck!

But we decide to give H UP a try, something we’ve never been able to finish. One wipe on Skadi. Creamed him the second time. Cruise through King Ymiron. Achievement earned! Our normal tank was in chat at the time, I’m not sure how that made him feel…

Log out for a bit, log back in later.

“You in a raiding guild?”

Huh? Oh, that tank added me to his friends list. “Nope, casual guild with friends from college and some coworkers.”

“Want to join our guild?”

OMG! Me? Being recruited? Warm fuzzies! “No, I couldn’t do that, my friends would kill me.”

“Bring your friends, we could really use a mage like you.”

It’s a bit of a reaffirmation of my status as a geek when that made me feel as good as if he had told me I was the hottest woman alive.

The guild isn’t interested in merging, which is just fine. He asked me to check with them and I did, but we really like being our own little dysfunctional family.

But hey, maybe I’m not as big of a scrub as I think I am!


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