Monday Night of Awesome, Sort of

My weekend high continued into Monday night. I log in to see that there’s less than 15 minutes to WG, start watching chat for the name to whisper for an invite to the WG raid.

“You doing anything?”

Oh hey, it’s that tank again! “Nope, just getting ready to run WG.”

“I need you in my 25-man EoE raid.”

Eek! “I’ve never done it, not even 10-man. That OK?”

“Yeah, the raid leader knows, just whisper him.”

And just like that, I find myself in my first Eye of Eternity raid. Not the 10-man, no, let’s skip straight to 25.

Log into their Vent, I’m the only member of the raid that isn’t a part of their guild. I feel special!

Normally, I research the hell out of a fight before I get into it. Before I stepped foot in OS, I had read the WoWWiki post a gabillion times and watched all the fight videos they had linked. I am just starting to research Naxx 10-man since that’s what I was planning on hitting next. I thought, “I’m not going to see Malygos for months, no need to research this yet!”

So before I even set foot in the place, my knowledge of the fight can be summed up as: there are some spark things that Malygos tries to eat, this is bad. There will be people flying around on hover disk things, they are bad. Stealing the hover disks and delivering a killing blow on someone else on a disk gets you an achievement, this is good. Somehow, you end up fighting on drakes, this is good?

The raid leader explains that this is their progression raid so they’re still working on this. No problem. There are a few others that will be running with the guild for their first time. Cool. He gives the run down on the phases. I get my spark macro made while he’s talking. We buff up and away we go.

I’m so nervous I’m shaking. It’s like my first time in the arena again. Except instead of being worried about embarrassing myself in front of my partner and 2 strangers I will likely never see again, I’m faced with the prospect of embarrassing myself in front of 24 other people – one of whom thinks I’m good enough to invite to a raid after seeing me in action twice. And I don’t have my DK/mage buddy in here to whisper me if I do something stupid!

I think we made a total of 4 attempts before people had to leave. Even though we didn’t down Maly, it was still a lot of fun. There were issues with getting the sparks before Maly got to them and more issues getting them stacked. We were taking far too long on Phase 2.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t embarrass myself. I was never the first to die. I killed sparks. I stood in spark residue. I moved from bubble to bubble. Turns out Malygos hates me in the drake phase. Damage meters showed me in the top 10 every attempt, they had a few people under the tanks in DPS. In between attempts, I was all over WoWWiki reading up on the fights.

So I’m high as a kite with adrenaline and WAY excited by the time that wraps up. Head back to Dal and join the guild for a Heroic Nexus run with our usual mage/pally tank/pally heal/rogue/warlock combo.

What a let down.

I think we had one death on Commander Stoutbeard, pretty sure the warlock bit it.

I died on Telestra because the healer thought that the warlock’s minion needed health more than me.

The tank spent quite a few seconds in the fight targeting the warlock’s minion instead of Telestra. Funny enough, if the tank isn’t using abilities on the mob, he drops down the aggro list pretty fast. Guess who’s right after him? The mage that is now smeared on the floor. The fel puppy? He’s fine, don’t worry.

The tank has a new add on that pops a raid warning when he uses key cooldowns. So we got to see it when he cast Lay on Hands on the warlock instead of himself.

I switched to my PvP gear after that fight, just so I had some more health.

We wiped 3 times on Anomalus. Would you believe that if a mob is immune to all damage that continuing to attack him does, get this, no damage? It only plasters it all over the screen when he begins diverting himself to power the rifts…

Creamed Ormorok the Tree Shaper. Well, I think the warlock may have died again.

Move on to Keristraza.


Second attempt, almost a wipe… but she’s at 10% and the healer is kiting her through the hallways! Quick, run back and take her down, we’ve done it before! Where is she? “Over here.” Where the fuck is, “Over here.” Your voice doesn’t move in Vent to indicate where you are and there are 4 other dots on my map. I do not have the time to figure out which blue dot is you when playing cat and mouse with a large, angry dragon in her lair. Ping the fucking map already or give a direction. East side, red corridor, something!

Finally get to her, but we’re all looking pretty bad from the previous wipe – no buffs, half life, eek!

The tank, healer, and warlock drop.

My hubby gets her in a bad spot in a hallway and is basically attempting to evade tank her. I end up in her tail somehow and am blasting the shit out of her, all the while praying that she doesn’t tail swipe me… Woot! The rogue and mage save the day, go us!

Thankfully, she dropped the trinket that he’s been after for weeks now.

Overall, I pulled 1800+ DPS. That was switching to my PvP gear and no food buff after my first death. I also didn’t bother with a flask.

The rogue was 1600+. The tank was right around 1k. The warlock? 900.

Everyone else called it a night, but the warlock stayed on so I spent an hour with her talking about stuff. Target versus focus and how to use them. Made changes to her camera angles. When to use AoE. How to aim an AoE. Discovered she had no idea how to tell when the tank had dropped Consecrate. Rotations. Action bar mods. Made the recommendation that she practice in more normals before hitting heroics again. A lot of stuff that we’ve talked about before, but I’ll keep saying it until something clicks.

I had more fun wiping in EoE with a bunch of random strangers than I did in a guild run through what should have been a fucking cake walk for us. /sigh


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