UP Success and T7 Gloves

Back in my Best. Weekend. Ever.post, I talked about getting through Utgarde Pinnacle on heroic without our normal tank. There was much rejoicing and screen shots were taken with us gloating over Skadi’s lifeless form. I still need to post those…

We needed to complete it with our normal, main tank. He needed the nifty Red Sword of Courage out of there. It turns out to be the heroic daily yesterday.

With quite a bit of trepidation, we set out to meet our multiple deaths.

Cruise through Svala, she’s our bitch. She really needs to cut back on the smoking. Sounds like she takes puffs off the tailpipe of an old Chevy truck.

Get to the room where the hunter patrols the staircase with his two doggies. We’re working on clearing the floor, here comes the patrol, OMG I’m dead. Look at the combat log. Doggy 1 bit me. Doggy 2 bit me. Hunter shot me. All before the tank could respond. And I was just standing there! Just proves how tasty I am.

No problem, clear the patrol and the next fight is the hunter, two dogs and a warrior-type at the top of the landing. Start the fight… why is the tank dead? Oh shit. Healer’s down. I’m out, Invisibility FTW, suckas!

Mop up the mess, clear them out.

Get to the trophy room fight. Get the worm, ask for him to be turned away from the party, that poison crap sucks. Get the rhino. The rhino stomp sucks. Get the worgen. The dead healer sucks. Wait, what? Turns out he got impaled and stomped by the rhino and didn’t notice some debuff on him. And both the other DPS are dead. And now the tank is dead. Invisibility FTW!

While everyone is running back and rebuffing, I notice there is a spiffy longboat hanging from the rafters. Lots of cool stuff to look at in the new instances, it’s like being in line for a ride at Disneyland.

Wipe the trophy room, I think the enhancement shammy bit it one more time.

Move to our favorite, Skadi. And it would have been a wipe, but Blink and Invisibility FTW!

Second attempt, we lose the rogue and shammy in the middle, but they run back and make it just in time to watch me lay the smack down on Skadi. Woot! Well, they might have helped some more.

Rest of the run is of a cake run variety. We still don’t quite have the knack of people pulling off King Ymiron when the Bane thing happens and we lost the rogue and the shammy in that fight because of the killer electric shock attack or whatever from the boat on the far left. I stay away from the boats, so I don’t know what their problem is. But I was never in danger after that point, and two deaths is pretty much normal for us.

Thank the gods, the tank’s sword drops and we never have to run that again.

Except Skadi drops a drake mount. Dammit.

We did all that while waiting to retake WG. It was Tuesday and Tuesday is raid reset day, huzzah!

Scrape together a 25-man for Vault. It was close, we were less than a minute away from the enrage timer. The boomkin dying 30 seconds into the encounter didn’t help much. One warrior in the group and he got 2 sweet drops. Too bad he already had one of them. Also had a warlock drop, the PvP chest IIRC, and our guild warlock was the only warlock that stayed, so she got that. Grats to her!

We slim down to a 10-man, it’s 7 guildies and 3 outsiders, one of which is the boomkin. Creamed it. I pulled top DPS at 2783 per my Recount and my hubby rogue was at 2611. Our OT DK was at 1902, outsider ret pally at 1945, our warlock 1801 (very good DPS for her), our shammy at 1665 (he’s working his way right up), the boomkin at 1206, and our MT pally at 986. Yay, no DPS below the MT!

And time to loot. My hubby gets his T7 legs, he now has the 4-piece bonus. Woot for me! I get my T7 gloves! Heroes’ Frostfire Gloves are mine, all mine!

OK, time to be a chick here.

Gaaaaahhhh but these things are hideous! Seriously? YELLOW?! I get that it picks up the little bit of yellow on the front of the chest, but why THAT much yellow and THAT bright? Blech!

WTB Disable viewing gloves. =(

Also WTB better 2-piece set bonus than 40% more mana off a mana gem and 225 spell power for 15 seconds when I use said mana gem. In a guild run, I know I have time to remake a mana gem every 6 minutes since we slog through everything at a snail’s pace. In a PuG, there is no time. You need mana? Tough, suck it up. Mana gems are precious and saved for big encounters so I feel like I get a bonus that really isn’t a bonus.


2 comments on “UP Success and T7 Gloves

  1. chigatana says:

    Congratulations!!! Sounds like things are looking up for you guys!

    BTW, have you checked out the application RAWR? It’s a really nice application for determining equipment upgrades and min/maxing your gems and stuff. Really nice to look at DPS for different spell rotations. I don’t know about Mage (or any others, honestly), but it really helped me nail down my shot rotation and squeeze about 250 more DPS out of my Hunter. Anyway, I hope you have continued luck!


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