WoW Drives Some to Drink

I am experiencing technical difficulties with my computer.

I hate Norton’s Antivirus/Spyware, but when Vista came out, it was all my ISP would offer. Now I have a new ISP,  more choices and have decided to get new AV protection. I am even willing to pay for it this time.

My new choice suggests that I get Service Pack 1 installed.

I tried. And the very nice technician in India also tried. And her manager. Microsoft is now sending me a new OS disk, with SP1 on it. They are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Prior to all this mucking about in my computer, WoW ran very well. Now, if I open the map, cast a spell, hold still, pick my nose, etc. it decides to freeze. Oh, and the sound catches. I either get to hear things stutter (“Damn… damn… damn… damn… damn the luck!”) or I get to hear all the sound after combat in one big whoosh of casting/explosions/dying. It’s very odd after going through an entire combat sequence in erie silence. I’m one of those people that HAS to have the sound on to play so it’s rather frustrating; as is looking at the party frame and knowing that someone needs to be de-cursed but I can’t move.

So I got completely fed up the other night and didn’t play. Boy was I glad.

A party formed up with our resto shaman, pally tank, my hubby rogue, our warlock, and enhancement shaman. I tried to go to sleep as they headed off to heroic Halls of Stone.

Counting sheep… turning gnomes into sheep so I can count more sheep… “RUN! RUN! RUN!”

I can’t help it, I start laughing. I can’t hear much of what’s going on, just the occasional shouts for retreat. After about an hour of this I roll out of bed to go check on my husband.

I ask how it’s going, and he tells me. He’s a little louder than normal, gesturing a lot, and doesn’t really seem all that upset about the number of times they’ve wiped – and they still haven’t gotten to Ionar. Normally by now there should have been the sound of a mouse being slammed down a few times. Then I see the glass.

How’s that kahlua/chocolate syrup/milk concoction working?

Would be better with store-bought chocolate milk.

How many have you had?


Happiness in a glass! Comes in chocolate-coffee flavor!

I email one of the other guys the next day and ask him how it went. He said the next time he runs with that group he’s turning it into a drinking game – every time the tank says, “I need heals,” he’s taking a shot. I figure he’ll be comatose by the second boss.

Apparently they all really missed mage food. Nice to know I’m missed as a vending machine.

I decide to play on Sunday, just hanging around Dalaran gets pretty boring.

Group up my arcane mage, our holy pally went ret, bring the resto shaman, the DK in his DPS spec, and our pally tank.

Violet Hold is the heroic daily. Get the floating eyeball and the water boss. A few deaths, but we pulled it off. We might have wiped once, I don’t recall.

Off to heroic Utgarde Keep. Our healer hasn’t even run it on normal before, but we do just fine. We actually steamrolled it pretty well. Now we’re feeling a little OP and decide to tackle some harder content.

Heroic Azjol-Nerub. We’ve not done this one as a guild very often and never on heroic. We do great up until Anub’arak. The tank has a talent for spinning him right as the pound is about to land, causing the rest of the melee to die. The healer can’t see the ground rumbling before the spikes come up. It was very messy, but we got it after 4 wipes.

Pull back to something a little easier. Heroic Nexus. A death here and there. One wipe on Keristraza at 2%, the heal-jump-heal-jump is tricky if you’re not used to it. Does anyone else think the “Loose Mana” thing from the Crazed Mana Surges is cool? We call it “upsnow” and think it’s pretty spiffy to watch. If arcane mages ever get a replenishment ability, I want upsnow.

Back to feeling pretty solid so off to tackle heroic Old Kingdom. Pick up the quest at the beginning to take the corpse to the brazier at the end within the hour. Our tank and healer have never run this instance. The fights get explained, but things still go badly. I died 9 times, most of those were in full wipes. Did you know that if you miss the timer with the corpse it turns into dust? With a cute little flavor quote, “Smells like failure.”

Limp back to Dalaran. Cough up almost 30g for the repairs from that instance alone. Cloth and I’m paying 30g, something ain’t right. WTB less deaths.

The DK switches to his frost mage to run some dailies. Then asks if I want in on 25-man OS with 2 drakes up. He promises that he’ll not let me embarrass myself. Sure, I’m in.

Turns out I was a place holder for someone else. That someone else logged on. I get removed.

The raid leader was nice enough to whisper me and explain that after the fact.

Then someone in the raid apparently said that you had to have a Be Imba score of at least 450 to run that raid and that everyone in the raid had at least the 1 drake up achievement. Turns out that someone is an idiot.

I go peek at my Be Imba and it wasn’t recognizing the enchant I’ve had on my bracers for weeks. Checked again this morning and it was fine. But last night, I was showing a score of 420. Today it’s 433, so close! (If you haven’t checked it out yet, it is a nifty tool for seeing what your gear level is ready for:

The raid ends and our mage comes back to our Vent. Told me I didn’t miss out on anything, loot dropped for class builds that weren’t there and it was just a collection of well-geared idiots running. They couldn’t manage it with 2 drakes up so went with 1 and at least 4 people got the 1 drake up achievement, so much for EVERYONE in the raid already having that. He tells me I would have done much better than most of them in there. Phooey on them, I hope they enjoyed their shadow priest.

But tonight I might get called in to finish up a Naxx run if some people don’t show up. Have to go finish studying Naxx! CoS is the daily… maybe I can get my drake…


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