This post brought to you by the symbol !

This is a happy post!


Because my guild finally accomplished something with a minimum of deaths and mages are going to get PANTS!!! More on the PANTS!!! later, let’s talk about OS 10.

Thursday nights are kind of special in our little group. We have one friend that’s playing a resto shaman and he hardly ever gets to be on at the same time as the rest of us. He’s got the work schedule from hell, so we set aside Thursday nights specifically to run something with/for him.

Last night we had just about everyone on… what do you want to do? I don’t know, what do you want to do? Guild chat looks like 2 teenagers on their first date. Except there’s 7 of us and we’ve been playing for months.

How about 10-man Obsidian Sanctum? This offer from the DK, who is currently in his tank spec.

Perfect. The DK and prot pally can switch off MT and OT so the pally can learn. Our normal pally healer is offline fixing his router and just being antisocial in general. We have myself as the arcane mage, the rogue, the warlock, the enhancement shaman, the resto shaman. Need 2 more heals (playing it safe) and an extra DPS.

We pick up a disc priest and her WAY overgeared resto druid friend and a random shadow priest. Or maybe the druid was the friend of the spriest? Whatevs.

I’ve run it before. The DK has run it before, never as a MT. The pally tank has run it once before as an OT. We’re pretty sure the 3 “outsiders” we picked up know what they are doing. That leaves 4 people in guild asking, “So… where do I need to fly to?”

I’m doing the rundown in Vent for the guildies – stand here, you’ll see this, don’t stand in that, kill those – while the DK is inviting the last members of the group.

And away we go!

The priest and I are de-cursing on the trash, people are dodging rain of fire, forgot to tell them about the fire orbs, oops.

DK offered the pally a chance to MT the first drake, Vesperon. “Turn him towards the ledge, away from the party, don’t stand in the blue void zones.”

That worked out in reality to spin the drake around wildly asking, “Is this where you want him?” and standing in a blue void zone until death. Go go druid battle res! The DK picked him up and the pally took the portal.

Everything was very smooth until Shadron. Shadow aura up. Go!

First portal up, everyone in but MT and [healer]!

[Healer] wound up in the first two portals before realizing he was the one that was supposed to stay out. S’ok, we managed. But it took 4 portals opening to kill Shadron. I’ve never gone past 2.

My thoughts after the 3rd portal: “OMG I’m going to OOM! WTF is taking so long? Kill him already! C’mon, 15 more seconds on Arcane Torrent, 25 on my mana gem, I can’t get full ticks off an evocate with all this damage flying around!” That thought track just kept looping, with updates to my cooldown times. Oh, and I’m still having computer issues, so I’m freezing up every time I enter a portal, every time I get phased out of a portal and about every 20 seconds. There was a lot of “FUCK!” being yelled by me. Thank gods for push-to-talk on the mic.

Finally down Shadron, with no deaths. Regroup and stare down Sarth. Review the strategy. “If the flame wall is coming, STOP CASTING AND MOVE!!!!”

There are definite issues on the adds; the pally is trying to pick them up, but it seems like he and I are the only ones on them, they are taking forever to kill and he can’t keep the aggro up. WTB more snap aggro for my pally tank.

Even though a couple people missed the “MOVE!!!” part, we managed to get through it with no deaths. Many thanks to the druid that healed them, could not have done it without you, bless your little broccoli-looking tree head.

DPS was OK, thankfully nothing in there is really a DPS race – it’s more of a kill-everything-before-your-healers-run-out-of-mana-healing-people-getting-hit-by-flame-waves race. I was still over 2k overall (didn’t use my hit gear which killed my DPS last time), but couldn’t break 2k on Sarth since I spent most of my time getting beat on by flame elementals. Next time we’ll probably let the DK handle the adds and put the pally on Sarth.

So 4 members of the raid get the achievement for their first 10-man OS. I was proud, we only had one death, but a little embarrassed at the same time. Hasn’t every guild progressed past this by now? Oh well, we’re getting someplace.

And now for PANTS!!!

What’s so special about pants you might ask? Don’t you wear pants now?

Of course we wear pants now. But you can’t see them! Ever played a male caster? Ever been told how pretty your dress is? (It’s a fucking robe not a dress, dipshits!) Ever watched this video and cried because it hit home? (Seriously, it’s hilarious, go watch it.)

Back in the netherweave-level of craftables, we had the choice between a robe (robe, not dress!) and a tunic. Pretty snazzy. But that was one choice that was quickly outgeared by my spellfire set. Sexy stats. And unfashionably floor length. /cry

Wrath hits and I get into my spellweave set. SEXY stats, yummy haste. It’s a robe, but I’m loving the bare-armed look, let me show off those guns. I may be a mage, but I still work out. (Guys play chicks because they think they look sexy, chicks can play guys for the same reason.) Of course, it’s entirely silly that in the expansion where they send us off to the sleet and SNOW is the one expansion where the robes go sleeveless. I must be so smoking hot I don’t need the sleeves. /flex

Now I’m in my T7 and back to long sleeves. Long sleeves covered by my hideous frigging day glow yellow gloves! Just the hand part is bad, but it’s awful. WTB finished coloring for my gloves.

T7 and T7.5 is so about to be yesterday. For lo and behold, check out the 10-man mage gear and the 25-man mage gear for T8 in Ulduar come patch 3.1.

Everything about these is scrumptious! Set bonuses that aren’t insulting, stats I will use (and I’ll not whine about spirit since they are borking off my molten armor to use spirit, bastards), haste, spell power, and most importantly: PANTS!!!

That’s right motherfuckers, I will be wearing PANTS!!!

Oh, and poke around on MMO Champion for the paladin T8 sets, the girlies get to show some tummy!


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