Must be Contagious

A second happy post?

Two in a row?

I’m losing my QQ touch.

Friday ran VoA 10 and 25. Started with the 25, joined a raid in progress that was having trouble getting its feet off the ground. Raid leader finally admitted that they had never put together a Vault raid and didn’t know what to do. I volunteered and took over.

DPS on that 25-man rocked. I think we had 3 people pulling over 3500. Enrage timer? What enrage timer?

And… drum roll  please… I got the T7.5 Valorous Frostfire Gloves!

So now instead of having gawdawful neonn yellow gloves that look bad and clash with my T7 robe, I have purple gloves that look decent by themselves but clash with my T7 robe. Again with the flat coloring on the fingers and back of the hand only this time, it’s PURPLE!

/me looks in mirror.


But they are just  a wee bit better in all the stats.

This is my first time in “Tier” gear. And it was a little painful and scary to disenchant those T7 gloves. But Abyss Crystals are more useful than ugly yellow gloves cluttering up my bank.

Saturday we successfully defended Wintergrasp. No joke! They didn’t even breach the second wall. Did not successfully defend the next time. That was a slaughter.

Our DK tank picked up me (arcane mage), the rogue, a random resto shaman, and a random ret pally.

We stormed heroic Culling of Stratholme. Nailed it. Got to the Infinite Corruptor with 7 minutes left on the clock. 7 fucking minutes. Normally, we’re sweating to get there with 3 on the clock with a PuG and the best we’ve done in guild is 1 minute.

We unloaded on him. I pulled 3752 on the Infinite Corruptor. The ret pally hit 3036 and the rogue was at 2992.

Reins of the Bronze Drake drops… 3 of us are rolling need on it… drum roll please… fuck yeah! I gots me my bronze drake!


I am now 1 mount away from my albino drake. As soon as I hit exalted with the Kirin Tor I’m picking up the armored brown bear or whatever they have to offer.

Tear up Mal’Ganis to get our emblems and vendor trash. Did almost as well on Mal’Ganis, as a mage I get to spellsteal that insanely nasty buff he gets, which cuts into DPS a bit. So I was at 3723 for him, ret pally at 2607 and rogue at 3191. Poor pally kept sleeping on the job.

Overall, I ran 2582. Not too shabby. I was in the DPS groove.

So we keep the same group and head over to heroic Utgarde Pinnacle. Secretly, I’m loathing this. It’s been a great group so far, but what about Skadi?

Pffttt… I worry for nothing. We tear that place up. Have both the pally and rogue on harpoon duty.

Bam! Achievement earned! My Girl Loves to Skodi All the Time – brought Grauf down in one pass.

Head up to King Ymiron.

Bam! Achievement earned! King’s Bane – no one triggered Bane. Of course, King Y never cast it that encounter… I had an itchy finger on the spellsteal button the whole fight. Overall, I was 2660+ for the run.

At this point, it’s late so people start wandering off.

I get a whisper from my mystery warlock, want to run heroics?

[Flashback – started getting conversational whispers from a warlock the other week. Can’t recall where I ever met her, assumed it was an alt to the tank from the other week, so just went with it. Turns out, she can’t remember where we met either. But her guild’s a bunch of douchebags and I’m trying to steal her into our guild. She invites me and our pally tank into PuGs all the time now.]

Grab the pally tank and we’re off to do heroic Utgarde Keep since it’s the daily.

Case of deja vu as I fly back to Utgarde…

We have a priest in some Naxx gear and a loose cannon in the disguise of a hunter to go with my mystery warlock.

Get it going, and the priest is having trouble keeping the tank up. Weird. Bad threat, too – but I’m used to that with this pally tank. Pull back on the DPS. Don’t trinket or use cooldowns.

Bam! Achievement very unexpectedly earned! On the Rocks – take down Prince Keleseth with no one busting an Ice Tomb.

In the proto-drake room the first pull goes badly. It starts a little sooner than the tank was expecting, the warlock goes down, the tank goes down, I go invisible and make a break for it, er, retreat to a more valuable strategic position, like the other room. The hunter and priest run out of the room. The hunter stays alive long enough for me to whittle the drake down to almost nothing, hunter dies, priest is fearing the drake handler, I drop the drake and then the handler. Mage and priest save the day!

We get through 3/4 of the instance and then I pipe up. “Um, where’s that awesome tanking sword we got the other week out of H UP for you?”

OMG. His add on for switching gear sets fucked up and he was still in half PvP gear. Manual gear swap and things look much better. He apologizes profusely to the party and we continue, with the priest having a far easier time keeping him up. With all the threat issues, I think I was just over 2k for the run. /sigh

Finish up, head back to Dal, lose Wintergrasp and call it a night.


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