Two Steps Forward, 38 Steps Back

It was going so well…

Did a flawless run of H UK.

Followed by H UP.

Got exalted with Kirin Tor.

Got the Armored Brown Warbear.

Got my Albino Drake. Pretty!

Pwned H AN.

Ran OS 25 and pulled 2836 overall, #9 in DPS. Still having issues with the aggro on the adds when it’s this particular pally tank, but we got by. FYI – the casters really appreciate it if everyone KILLS ALL THE ADDS BEFORE LOOTING SARTH. KTHXBAI. Seriously, your emblems aren’t going anywhere, finish off the elementals.


And then we must have missed the turn to Albuquerque.

Ran heroic Old Kingdom.


Usual group, pally tank, pally healer, arcane mage (go me!), rogue, and warlock. It’s the heroic daily, so we need to grab a withered brain from the end guy.

The tank had tanked this on heroic once before, I was with him. I reviewed every fight, even trash pulls, every turn, everything with the party.

The warlock and rogue have not completed it on heroic before. The  warlock is itching to get to the extra heroic boss. I’m itching to get through the instance, maybe even in the hour so we can finish the corpse quest. I explain we will come back for the extra boss, IF we can finish the instance.

Roll out.

I loved how I would just finish saying, “OK, we’ll be taking a right turn at the base of this landing. There will be a pack of scarabs. Tank, run in and drop a consecrate, it will kill them all.”

Then the tank would pipe up, “Which way are we going? Do I need to worry about those bugs there?”

/deep breath

Trash pull is a little rocky. Get the group taken care of, we’re a little low… eating some strudel… random blast of fire streaks from the warlock to the next trash pull. Invisibility for the win.

First boss, Elder Nadox. “OK, he will go immune when a guardian is hatched. Tank, stay on the main boss, use auto attack and drop consecrate as often as you can. The rest of the DPS will target the guardian and burn it down. You just keep the boss and the scarabs busy.”

“Do you want me on the guardians?”


“No, please just keep the big bug angry at you.”

Took two tries.

Pulls leading up to the second boss, the pulls with all the casters on the platforms. “OK, you will need to run up onto the platform with them. There are some nasty line of sight issues, we will ALL need to be on the platform. Rogue, use your arcane torrent about 2 seconds into the pull to interrupt all the casts. Tank, follow with your torrent shortly after.”

“Let me get these marked,” tank edges up the ramp… too far. All hell breaks loose and the tank stands there. “Should I go up?”

“Yes, please! For the love of god get up there!” Not nice how they can hit me and I can’t hit them… stupid hypocritical line of sight. Wipe.

Second boss, Prince Taldaram. “He summons fire orbs. Stay away from them. Fire aura up, please. During the fight, he will sacrifice a party member. They will be pulled out of combat and you will have to damage the boss to release them. They will be taking damage while sacrificed. You will also lose your targeting on him and he teleports around while the sacrifice is going.”

Amazingly, we one-shot him, but I’m dead and so is the other person that got sacrificed. Getting heals was too much to ask for I guess.

I finally asked for lead when we hit the area with the elemental patrols because I could not adequately explain to him which things needed to be killed in which order. That made moving in the right direction a bit easier.

But apparently, if I say, “We will drop in behind this group. You will need to draw them back to where we are to avoid the incoming patrols,” this is interpreted correctly by everyone in the party but the tank. The tank hears, “Run up to the group, drop consecrate and don’t budge, the two patrols will ignore you just fine.”

As the fight starts and it becomes apparent that the tank isn’t going to move, three of us are calling for the mobs to be pulled back (fourth person’s mic isn’t working)… invisibility for the win.

This is when the healer whispers me the current death count: 3 members had died 6 times and 2 had died 5. We were at 22 total deaths for the party and we weren’t even at the third boss.

Get to Jedoga Shadowseeker.

Trying to explain the groupings of the trash mobs that release her, “They are in 3 groups of 5. Take the group closest to us. Then the group next to them and then the last group. They go down fast.” Not that hard.

“Which ones am I taking first?”


“She will drop when the last group is killed. Engage her ASAP. More mobs will run up and sit inside bubbles, just ignore them. During the fight she will fly back up to where she is and ask for volunteers. When a volunteer breaks out of a bubble, get on him FAST. If he gets to the purple disk below her, she gets a buff. Kill them before they get there. Warlock, there won’t be time for DoTs, they need to die faster than that.”

We can’t get the volunteers down fast enough.

“Warlock, what rotation are you using?”

“My two instants followed by [insert name of warlock nuke here].”

“Would those instants happen to be DoTs?”



I have been a trainer/educator for many years in various companies. Even though I am not currently training, my name still gets brought up as the trainer they wish they still had. I’m like the gold standard for all the other trainers. I know how to explain things to people. ME TALK GUD DAMMIT!

But all the pretty words in the world don’t mean jack in the face of people that don’t listen.

We called the run after wiping on Jedoga the second time, gear was starting to fail. The healer was so frustrated he didn’t even wait for a port, just logged out on the spot.

Total death count for an unsuccessful H OK run: 38.

We’re trying Naxx 10 tonight.



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