Confucius say darkstar fall down, go boom

Actually, Confucius say “Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.” Close enough.

Just a little post to capture the current issue with darkstarllc and their Ventrilo hosting.

Apparently, they were hit with some sort of malicious attack and are in the process of recovering.

The attack was bad enough that they had to pull down every web page associated with darkstar, even my emails to tech support were being returned.

Quick google search and find this thread on the WoW forums:

Since darkstar does not currently have the ability to reach their customers through normal means, they have representatives in forums of the communities that are hit the hardest by this while they try to scratch together something more official.

There are, of course, people whining about this.

The representative in the WoW forum, Zomghealz, has been awesome, especially with the flak he’s taking from a few darkstar haters.

Here’s his FAQ post:

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Has my personal information been compromised? 

We have no reason to believe that any personal information, including credit cards, has been compromised. This information is stored on a server that appears untouched and it is encrypted on that server. 

Is DarkStar going out of business? 

No. We are the largest Ventrilo provider, we are a reputable company, and we are financially stable. We’re not fly-by-night; We’ve been in business since 2002, we have 60,000 customers and 1.1 million people connect to our voice servers every day. We’ll still be here, despite this outage. 

How did you go down in multiple locations? 

For most of our US locations, we’re actually our own network service provider ( out of private datacenter space. It doesn’t take much imagination to realize that a single exploit can work in multiple locations. 

What are you doing to prevent this in the future? 

We will be releasing that information as it becomes available. It would be premature to have a solution to a problem we’re still solving, but we believe it is perfectly fair for you to want to know this and we’ll do our best to make sure you hear the answer to this question. 

What can I do to get my server online faster? 

Let us know the hostname (** or your IP (*.*.*.*) and your client ID if you have it. Please do not post your port publicly in any forums, as this opens you up to future Ventrilo harassment. 

Any ETA? 

My personal opinion, based on progress made so far, is on the scale of hours. This is by no means a guarantee, but please be advised that the sheer magnitude of servers to restart simply takes some time to do. 

Will I be compensated? 

Yes, once our support system has been brought back online, please submit a support ticket. 

Where can I be notified of updates? 
To try to reach out to a cross section of our customer base, we currently have representatives in the following places: 

Why didn’t you email me information or post a splash page? 
That’s easier said than done right now. We’re working on that too. 

Can you do something really dumb? 
Sure, here’s my direct extension. 866-438-8247 x 500. If it’s Darkstar related, please do not use the other extensions on that phone tree. If I don’t answer your call, I’m probably on the phone with another customer, please try back later. Honestly, the voice mail is probably full right now. 

A better way to contact me would be instant messenger: 
Google Talk: 
MSN: ubiquitymichael@hotm 
AIM: ubiquitymichael

Yep. His name and his direct line. People saying that darkstar has bad customer service can suck it.

I had a user error issue (I was being dumb) when I first started as the admin for my guild’s Vent server. I sent a ticket at around 11 pm Pacific time and had a response from someone within the hour. Someone in the same time zone, not in India.

This is the first outage we’ve had and we’ve been with darkstar for almost a year now.

Kudos to Zomghealz and the rest of the darkstar/Ubiquity team for reaching out the best they can. Bonus points for not posting on a level 1 alt. I’ll be renewing our contract when it’s up.


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