Waiting for 3.1

Some random musings from the patch notes while I wait for my server to come back up.

The complete patch notes can be found at: http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/patchnotes/


  • Ground mounts can now swim. No more amusement from canceling Path of Frost and dismounting your party. You bastards know who you are.
  • New Argent Tournament: I’m a sucker for a new mount and tabard, you can bet I’ll be there. And shirts? I don’t think my character has worn a shirt since day 1. Those vendor for a couple copper you know!
  • Dual spec! Much rejoicing! Now I can get back into Arena without all the glyph/action bar hassle. Yeah, I’m lazy.
  • No more Lexicon of Power for glyph swap… not really sure why. I didn’t have a problem with this one. And I’m lazy.


  • Enemy Unit Frames – I didn’t recall seeing anything about this before. Replacement for Gladius/Proximo sort of thing? Very curious to see it in action (or in-action depending on how it plays with my other add ons.) It’s only available in the arena… kind of makes it hard to get set up and twiddle with it. Might have to skirmish a time or 3.
  • Queue for BGs from anywhere – very cool. I’ll be much more likely to queue up while farming. Must grind for mounts…
  • Slay Them All in WG now only requires 10 kills. Um, that doesn’t fit well with the whole “All” thing. Propose new quest title: Slay a Few of Them or I Whined That It Was Too Hard to Find 20 Alliance to Kill. This one is bullshit.
  • More defenders and cannons and capture more stuff in WG, cool beans.

Classes: General

  • The damage threshold for Fear, Psychic Scream, Hex, Intimidating Shout, and Turn Evil to break early has been significantly reduced. Ha! Your little frog isn’t so much better than my little sheep now, is it? Except… my sheep still heals them and breaks on any damage. /cry
  • Mana regen changes… no comment yet. I will get more in combat (maybe), which rocks… but out of combat… thank gods for 2 minute Evocates… not sure on this whole thing yet. OK, I lied about not having a comment. I just didn’t have a useful comment.
  • Mirror Images get avoidance from AoE damage. Stupids get to live longer!


  • Ammunition stacks to 1000 and quivers are so 3.0.9. Turtles and crabs now exist in Eversong so hunters there can pick up new pets, the more important thing is now turtles and crabs can be farmed out there!


  • Arcane Blast can no longer be dispelled. OMG thank you so much. No more do I have to threaten the paladins with bodily harm for dispelling that in mid combat.
  • Mage armor boost to 50% for mana regen and Arcane Meditation regen boost. See above no comment on mana regen.
  • Mirror Images no longer cast Polymorph. Mixed feelings. It was a nuisance, but also provided some comedic relief. As the Mirror Images aren’t there to provide help, I thought comedy was their purpose.
  • Molten Armor works off Spirit now. This is a nerf until proven otherwise. And that probably won’t be until I start getting Ulduar gear (read: never at my current rate).
  • Enduring Winter – did the tick issue ever get fixed or is this still not nearly as good as it sounds?
  • I did not see my new Polymorph: Rabbit spell in the notes. Did it not make the cut or was it on a previous build’s notes so did not get replicated here? Guess I’ll have to visit a trainer and find out.


  • Auras persist through death. Yay!
  • Blessing of Kings trainable; now what are our pallies going to spend those points on? But at least I won’t have to interview replacement pallies, “Do you have Kings? No? Sorry, can’t take you.”
  • Blessing of Sanctuary, still not as good as it used to be.


  • Devouring Plague now has a new icon. Wait, what? A new icon and it didn’t go to a mage ability? Woot!


  • Bloodlust cooldown reduced, but Sated increased to 10 minutes. WTF? This is a punishment for having two shaman and clearing trash between bosses quickly.
  • Mana Spring no longer stacks with Blessing of Wisdom. In a 5 man… this is OK. I generally don’t have enough paladins to be getting one of each buff anyway. In a raid… this sucks. Do I trust the shaman to keep the totem up or do I just ask for Wisdom and lose out on Kings?
  • Haha! Lava Lash, Riptide, and Cleanse Spirit have new icons.


  • Ritual of Summoning is now instant for the creation of the TV of Doom/Porno Booth. Yay, less clicking!


  • Shattering Throw: I’m not too worried about this one. I generally don’t use Ice Block as a place to wait out an attacker; it’s more of a “get all this shit off me!” tool where I pop it to drop curses/poisons/bleeds/etc and then dispel it. If there’s a warrior about, he might just save me the hassle of having to remove the effect myself and waste 25 rage. Oh, and have to be in Battle stance for it. And he won’t have it up again in time for my next Ice Block.
  • Warbringer in the prot tree allows Intervene and Intercept to be used in any stance. I actually find this to be more worrisome. But, I don’t know how many warriors take to Arena with points in prot.


  • Flasks stack to 20. Awesome. I’m even OK with them only lasting an hour. If a run goes well, I won’t feel compelled to quickly sign up for something else or log out to not lose the rest of the flask time.
  • Removal of cooking ingredients like apples and spices confuses me. Why? Were people going broke trying to make spiced bread? Seriously. No spices means you’re just making scrambled eggs, not Herb Baked Eggs.
  • No more training books to sell. This one makes me a sad panda. I did not sell books often for profit, but would usually pick up a few if I was in the area. It also seems like another right of passage removal. Remember running to Shadowsprey Village to get the cooking book or dodging patrols in Arathi to learn first aid? Uphill, in the snow both ways and we liked it! Back when clams didn’t stack! And you needed spices to cook stuff!
  • Enchanting drops in pre-Wrath dungeons got better. Time to farm all the missing recipes!
  • Engineering has become useful and is now a desirable profession for all characters. I jest. Still sucks because non-engineers still can’t use exploding sheep.
  • Fishing dailies, woot! Time to catch reduced and no more stupid messages about being so bad at fishing you can’t even get the hook in the water. However, you can now fish in WG. How many people are going to peel off and fish while we fight? How many fishers do we get to gank? Forget defending, I’m going hunting for fishers!
  • Gathering skill passives now have level requirements. Who didn’t see that one coming when they removed the level requirements for the gathering professions? A dedicated guild could get a twink maxed out on skinning and mining for some nasty buffs. Or maybe even herbalism for an unexpected heal. Ugly.
  • You can no longer fail when Mining, Herbing, and Skinning. Two points. First, about fucking time I can’t fail for pulling a plant out of the ground. Retrying on a failed skinning didn’t make much sense either. Did I fail so bad I couldn’t even pierce the hide? Other wise I would think failing at skinning would result in garbage scraps. Second point, herbing? Verbing has gone too far.
  • Added a new recipe to cut Black Diamonds. You know, those useless things that get used for one leatherworking quest and every one vendors? Useful now! Maybe.


  • Cluck! I get another chicken! And I don’t have to go ninja it from some Alliance lowbie like I was planning. I even had my Orb of Deception all ready… it was going to be fun.

User Interface

  • A new Color Blind option is available. The catch is all the option are in red and green. j/k. 11 million subscribers, predominantly male, and no one thought this might be a good idea 2+ years ago?
  • Confirming talent points – this will be one of the first options I turn on. I don’t plan on paying a grand for dual spec and then fuck up my points on the first go.
  • New quest tracking thing with item use so I don’t have to wait 10 minutes for someone to root through their friggin’ bags.
  • LFG now with roles! As some one that just spent 45 minutes last week sifting through paladins, shamans, druids, and priests that want to join a Naxx but none of them say what they do… this is a miracle.
  • Raid ID warnings! Yay! Never again will I get saved to some idiot’s VoA!


  • Badge/Emblems only need to be looted by one person. No more screaming, “Get out of the goddamn box!” in raids!
  • Clam meat stacks! On it’s own, the way it used to, before the clams stacked. Because fixing one thing invariably leads to breaking 2.
  • Succulent Clam no longer looks like a testicle! Or a brain!


  • Mirror Image now adds a 4th idiot to run amok. But at least it can’t sheep anymore…


  • Hearthstone cooldown reduced from 60 minutes to 30 minutes – I can port, see if I care. Well, I guess my alts do.
  • Sprite Darter Eggs – OMG have to go farming! This could be easy money for bored Horde.
  • 3 new Horde mounts, I’ll be at 55 with just a couple ports.
  • Yaaarrrr! now has a detailed tooltip. Curious what it says. I appreciated the brevity of the original. It was succinct and to the point, unlike this post.
  • Slow Fall can no longer be cast on NPCs. I missed something here. This sounds like a bug fix to correct a glitch or exploit. Can NPCs be mind controlled? Was there a situation where mages were trying to save NPCs from getting run off of cliffs? What gives? I am suddenly filled with remorse for never having cast Slow Fall on an NPC. /remorse

A friend just messaged me, ALL the servers have come crashing down. Which is only fair since mine hadn’t gotten up at all yet. Suppose I could go update all my broken add ons…


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