Achievement Earned!


500 Hits!

500 Hits!

Noticed the other day that I hit 500 views on my little corner of the interwebz, many thanks to those that have visited and I award  internet cookies to those that have posted comments. Chocolate chip internet cookies. Feel free to post comments on older stuff, I will read them all.

I am also now on a few blogrolls and have reciprocated in turn when I am aware of such coolness.

Most likely I will be transferring my bloglist from a sidebar to its own page in the relatively near future. There are just so many awesome blogs to read. Who needs sleep anyway?

Achievement Template snagged from here: Requires some form of Adobe Photoshop to manipulate.

FINALLY got my dual spec! Had to turn off all my add ons, log back in, buy it, log out, turn add ons back on. No clue which one was causing the issue. /cheer

Patch notes lie or our guild pallies are broken: auras are not persisting through death.

Mail is still loading backwards for me. I’m borderline OCD and this one freaks me out. I had a system!

The WG map clock only seems to be visible while in Northrend. I shall hold off on the ridicule and abuse until I check that out more.

Everyone getting their emblems and shards from one person looting is awesome.

Popped over to the Scryer Tier in Shatt for giggles. There is now a little library in the building at the top. Each profession has it’s own bookcase and will teach you what you’re missing. Very convenient with all the new recipes that came in with 3.1.

Spent my leftover Season 5 Arena Points. I think this is new, I was able to buy 2k honor with 100 points.

I was scritching my hubby’s back and he asked, “Did you just trim your nails in anticipation of the arena season starting next week?”

Damn he’s good.

I luvs my long nails but I don’t luvs missing an important keybind because I slipped off a key.

To my arena partner: See what I do for us? I hate having short nails!

Time to prove myself wrong:

Molten Armor works off Spirit now. This is a nerf until proven otherwise. And that probably won’t be until I start getting Ulduar gear (read: never at my current rate).

I was getting almost 9% off Molten Armor last night in 5 mans! Rumor has it that the baseline was given a boost and the amount from the glyph was hiked up also.

Tonight is Naxx again. We should have the warrior and shaman back, plus our own pally. Just need to PuG a hunter and we’re good to go!

It took us a little over 5.5 hours last week to clear, but we had to pick up 3 new people during the course of the raid. This was a vast improvement over our 2-night-something-like-11-hours first clear from the week before. I’m hoping for under 5 hours as well as getting the Arachnophobia and Momma Said Knock You Out achievements.

I’ll be sporting my new gear from the last Naxx run so I’m expecting some improvement on my part. There shall be number crunching.

The DK tank/my mage arena partner keeps asking if I want to lead the raid. Erm… don’t think I’m quite ready for that. I know where the casters stand, I know most of the quirks of the fights, but I don’t know if I’m ready to step up to be the Raid Lead yet. This week I’ll be paying extra special attention to everything and maybe I’ll lead next week.

4 comments on “Achievement Earned!

  1. megan says:

    Grats on 500+ clearcasts!


  2. smart001 says:

    Gratz on 500 and thanks for the blogroll link.

    (ahem…not to brag or anything but i hit 50!!)


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