Do I look like a hunter to you?


Can't... move... arms... Shoulders... too... heavy...

Can't... move... arms... Shoulders... too... heavy...



The above image serves three purposes:

  1. It illustrates that I look nothing like a hunter.
  2. It is a not-so-subtle indicator that I now have my T7 shoulders.
  3. It’s a reminder of how much of a stud he is.

Sshould have kept my T7 gloves for photo opportunities. They may have been ugly, but at least they matched the rest of the set. I’m committing fashion suicide with those purple gloves.

Decided to go into Naxx early this week. We’re losing the DK tank this weekend to some RL™ obligations and felt that picking up 2 random tanks instead of just 1 would be scary.

OK, our resto druid actually has a prot pally main so we could get away with picking up 1 random tank, but in this case it would be scarier than 2 random tanks. I’ve talked about him before, he’s a really nice guy. But when he tanks I get a twitch in my eye. Healing is definitely his stronger role and we heartily encourage him to pursue it.

Manage to scrape together our normal group from the guild: DK tank, resto druid, holy pally, warlock, mage (me), rogue, enhance shammy. Grabbed the resto shaman from the warrior/shaman duo, his warlock buddy and a random prot pally for OT.

For once, no one was exceptionally weird or tweaky. Everyone got into Vent. Everyone had done the fights at least once. No one explained the inner workings of their bowels. The best outburst of the night was probably, “Sweet titties!” The new warlock was able to offer a few pointers to our warlock, hope it helps.

We cleared out the Spider wing first, then moved to Military. The OT had never tanked the Instructor Razuvious fight before so we had a near wipe… everyone but the rogue and mage died. Pulled it off flawlessly on the second attempt. Finished Military and I lived through Gothik!

Moved to Construct and I’m starting to get worried. We tried recruiting a hunter for this run, with no luck. Patchwerk is down… Grobbulus is down… Gluth is up next…

“So… we don’t have a hunter. What do you guys want to do about Gluth?”


“Let’s have the mage kite zombies.”


Mage =/= Hunter

Frost mage… you’ve got a chance. Their stuff actually does useful snares and such. Arcane? Not so much. I can Slow one zombie. Whoopie.

I apologize in advance for our wipe. Switch out a few pieces of PvE gear for some PvP gear to get and armor and HP buffer. I get a shaman assigned to keeping me alive. I’ve never had my own healer before, that’s kind of cool.

And we’re off! I’m kiting, dashing this way and that, hither and thither, to and fro!

Ice lance!


If a zombie slips by, quit attacking them! I can’t fucking pull them off of you if you do that!

Frost Nova!

Cone of Cold!

Mind you, I’m arcane. I cast Cone of Cold maybe once a week, usually on accident. All this frost in my rotation here is entirely alien to me. I kill things, not toy with them.

I had all the zombies in a nice, neat little pack – thinking ahead to the AoE to follow.

First Decimate is up in 10 seconds… there’s a straggler off to the side and I zig off to snag him.

Should have zagged.





“Let’s go to Plague.”


Whispered the raid leader and said I felt bad. He told me not to worry, I still feel horrible. I’m going to see if I can find some videos on the kiting portion of the fight. I’ve never paid attention to what was going on in the back before, just calling out loose zombies that make it to the healers.

Off to Plague we go, got a bad pull on the gargoyles and wiped. And then wiped once on the Safety Dance. I died the second attempt from the damn disease thing. I could Ice Block it off the first time, but not the second.

Did the “DPS in the middle” strategy for Loatheb again, took a couple spores to convince the PuG warlock to not kill them outside the ring, but he got it.

Loatheb dropped my shoulder token! Which I had to roll against the druid on. And the druid won. /sad

The DK tank was loot master, “Don’t you already have the 4-piece bonus for your resto and off spec? Because I’m pretty sure the mage is sitting at 3 pieces.”

Yes, yes he does. 8 pieces for T7. He’s not even set up his off spec for months, but is fully geared for being a lazer chicken. Meanwhile, I’ve been holding 3 pieces for my one spec for a while now.

Thankfully, he passes the token to me. I can haz shoulders! After we broke for the evening I had to run out to the perv camp and do enough quests to get up to Honored so I could buy the lowest level shoulder inscription available. Yeah, I’m a slacker. I just have trouble keeping a straight face doing all the horn blowing, helm polishing, and what not. I might be eligible for spear thrusting now. /giggle

Of course, just this last weekend I had switched out my T7 chest for the drop I got in Naxx 25… back to sleeves on my robe. Calculated all the gems and enchants to min/max my hit rating, a tad over arcane cap but I can live with 2 points. I’m hearing Tuskarr’s Vitality is where it’s at for boot enchants so made the switch up from Icewalker.

It was late, people had to drop off so we’re supposed to meet again tonight to pick up at Gluth and finish it out.

I’m not opposed to trying to kite it again, but I don’t know how patient people are going to be with the wipes. We are also considering switching the holy pally to prot for the fight and having him kite.

If you have any kiting hints for Gluth, please post them.

Wish me luck!

5 comments on “Do I look like a hunter to you?

  1. repgrind says:

    zomg he is dead sexy /drool
    Just don’t tell my beloved troll that I’m over here admiring your belf.

    Um, let’s see … keep a frost trap down, face them and disengage if they get too close, distracting shot to pull the loose one off the DK over there that couldn’t resist trying to ‘tank’ it … oh …. yeah. Sorry, I’m not much help. I’ve only kited them on the hunter. Big plus on the run speed increase on the boots though.

    Mage boy gets his first real visit to Naxx this week. He has Cone of Cold and Ice Lance on hotkeys from doing pvp though, so he’s prepared to give it a try if he has to. :)


  2. Darraxus says:

    In all of the raids I have done, we usually used a DK or sometimes a hunter.


  3. smart001 says:

    In ten man, it is easy for a hunter or a frost mage to kite. I have been the hunter kiting and have seen the Mage do it.

    In 25 man, my guild has found, the more plate you have in the back the better. If you can get 3 DK, or a warrior or a pally in the back kiting each grate, and you have at least one hunter to throw an Ice trap then go back to destroying gluth, you will be set. Also, before the decimate timer goes off, pull all the zombies as close together as possible and as far away from gluth as possible. It just makes it easier to decimate the decimated.


  4. gnomeaggedon says:

    I /failkited the zombies the other night too…

    Was all going well for a while, but like you, grabbed one too many at the wrong place and had them all jump on me.

    Boss went down soon after me though, so not too bad


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