While the guild’s away…

the mage will play!

Log on this weekend and I am the only soul from my guild on. Not even the souless people were on.

Know what this means?

I can get stuff done!

I can do my dailies (that I am sooo far behind on), I can quest (and not have everyone telling me to hurry up, who reads quests anyways?), I can cruise the AH, calculate a few gems to swap out, all sorts of stuff.

Started out snagging the daily fishing and cooking out of Dalaran and popped over to Shatt to check the fishing daily there. I still need all 4 of the damn crocolisk vanity pets from the Crocolisks in the City quest. No dice on crocolisks so it’s off to Silvermoon to peruse the AH. Got myself a Captured Firefly; think I’m at 68 pets now.

Started flying up to the new Tournament area in Icecrown to finish up the quests I started up there last night, and was distracted by flying over the blue-chick village. I remembered that they have a daily that has a chance to drop the polar bear mount. Alas, no mount. But I got some cheese! Yuck.

While I’m out this way, I might as well fly over to the perv camp and see how I can please them today. The other night I had just hit honored and last night a guildie walked me through Thrusting the Spear. I’m pretty proud to say I did it on the first try and only fucked up once when I went back to it today. I must be a natural at spear thrusting, if ya know what I mean. /wink

Since I was by my lonesome today, I got to actually READ the quest description for the thrusting:

Hodir’s Spear is an icon of great prowess in battle.
Its mere presence instills a deep hunger for glory in all who enter Dun Niffelem. In fact, simply being near it has compelled you to test your own abilities.
Scanning the horizon, your vision locks on a wild wyrm as it flies nearby.
It is decided. Of you and he, only one shall see the next sunrise….

Why the fuck would my mage decide that killing a drake with a crude pointy object while clinging to its belly as it flies high over a landscape dotted with jagged cliffs and alternatively tries to claw and bite me be a good idea? And, get this, I’m going to get the same desire to prove myself tomorrow! And the day after that!

(For 500 reputation with these bastards I’ll pretty much try to prove anything. I just know I’m going to hit revered and get a new quest called “Happy Ending.”)

Nevermind the time I’ve spent mastering the raw forces of magic and bending arcane power to my will. Let’s do something that would end up on an Azerothian version of failblog!

Not even my paladin or death knight would think this drake-ride is fun. My poor neglected night elf warrior… yeah, he would think it was a blast.

Anyway, get the helm polished and horn blown and I’m back off to the Argent Tournament.

Did the Jack Me Some Lumber quest and thought that the way the trees respawn has really cool – instead of just appearing, “OMG where did that tree come from?” like everything else in the game, the new trees grow from the stumps of the old ones. I thought it was pretty spiffy. Yes, I’m easily amused.

People are bitching about the two repeatable goblin quests out by the coliseum. Apparently getting GOLD just isn’t a good enough reason to do a couple flipping easy quests.

I’m hoping that the quests eventually turns into part of the storyline and each server has to complete the quests some gawdawful number of times to open up the Argent Tournament Coliseum as the new arena map! That’s my hope anyway, I haven’t seen anything one way or the other about it, but it would be cool.

The only problem would be if a team from one server didn’t have access to the new map and their opponents did… guess there would have to be extra logic to force it to an older map. Blizz can figure it out I’m sure.

I’m having some issues with the jousting stuff. I don’t use 1-2-3-4 keybinds for my normal play so every time I get in a vehicle it sucks and I feel like a random-button-masher a la playing Orchid from Killer Instinct. Not to mention, the bird they loan you for the jousting turns like a fucking dump truck. Normal mounts can spin on a dime but these vehicle-style mounts are not nearly as responsive on the corners. Or on the fences that keep jumping in my way. Don’t tell me otherwise, I saw that fence move!


What lance? I'm happy to see you!

What lance? I'm happy to see you!

Having a little trouble reconciling the jousting thing as a viable pastime for my mage. I can set you on fire from 30 yards away. Why should I chase you down with a stick? Oh well, I want the Argent Hippogryph something fierce so I guess I’ll be waggling my lance for quite some time. It’s supposed to take something like a year to get all the pets and mounts and I got a late start.


Got far enough in a quest chain that I got to ride the Black Knight’s gryphon. I want one.


I was a little irked when he just starts running through the camp, I’m thinking this is the only chance I get to ride a gryphon and I get one that won’t even fucking fly? But then he hit the cliff and we flew down to the island where the Black Knight’s hut is and I was promptly deposited directly on top of a patrol mob. Thank god for Frost Nova.

Got the daily to go throw flowers at a chick in a lake. On the Horde side, the Maiden of Drak’Mar is a troll, I can’t find any pics to verify what the Alliance get… I’m curious to know if someone wants to post.

Of course, receiving the sword from the maiden in the lake reminded me of:

I’m off now to get some more useful things done, like eating. Then I might log onto my little level 13 priest and see if anyone is crazy enough to trust me healing in RFC. How hard can it be?

2 comments on “While the guild’s away…

  1. Darraxus says:

    We also get a troll on the alliance side. No different.


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