Arioch the Noble, in the garden.

While I doubt that I was the first on the server with the title, I was certainly the first in my guild to get it.

I’ll even let you in on how!

The Noblegarden seasonal event has two ways to be completed: the “just give me my frickin’ meta achievement” and the “I’m an achievement whore, give it all to me” methods.

I’m an achievement whore, but I’ll show you where to cut corners if you just want the meta.

Basic Premise

It wouldn’t be Noblegarden without finding eggs and eggs are the key to the achievements. Eggs contain chocolate and chocolate is the currency of choice for the Noblegarden Merchant. Items needed to complete the meta achievement can be purchased with chocolate and found in eggs. Smart bet for meta-only achievers is collect eggs until you have enough chocolate to buy what you need and hope you also got some goodies along the way. Every egg will give you either a piece of chocolate or an event item. If you have the egg shell quest every egg will drop a shell in addition to chocolate or item.

Looting eggs also has the random chance to cast a bunny buff on you, turning you into a pink rabbit. You can remove the buff by right-clicking on it. When you are in rabbit form you also will periodically lay a very tiny colored egg.


Game designers are on too much acid

Game designers are on too much acid


Egg Locations

Eggs are only found in the starting quest hubs. So for the Horde you’re looking at Brill, Falconwing Square, Razorhill, and Bloodhoof Village. Alliance… Dolonar, Goldshire, um… the place where the dwarves and gnomes start, and Azuremist or something or other. Eggs are hidden behind trees, crates, bushes, etc. Rumor has it that some can be found inside buildings.


Only 2 quests and there are no “starter” quests in major cities to get you pointed in the right direction. (Well, there was a seasonal NPC when I was in Silvermoon on an alt, but when I logged to my main all the seasonal NPCs had disappeared. This vanishing was confirmed on the forums.)

Head out to your starter area of choice and find the Noblegarden Merchant and someone else standing by them. The merchant gives you a basket and asks for 10 chocolates. The other quest giver will ask for 20 shards of egg shells. Or at least they did in Falconwing. At least one of these will be a daily by the looks of it.

Collecting eggs

There are 2 methods of collecting eggs: Camp a spawn site or run around like crazy. Both have their merits and both have their flaws. Your basket can be equipped and will give you a speed boost upon use, much like a rogue’s sprint ability. This is very handy if you opt for the run around like crazy method. The eggs have a very large radius in which they can be interacted with, it may be faster to plop down with range of 2-3 eggs and don’t budge. Yes, it is crowded right now and you will be fighting for farm spots. No matter if you camp or run around, someone will accuse you of being an asshole and tell you to go away.



All items are BoP!

You will need to purchase 1 Noblegarden Egg for the Noble Garden achievement (part of the meta), I have not seen those looted from the Brightly Colored Eggs.

Mages will need an extra 100 chocolates to get the Tome of Polymorph: Rabbit, I did not see this one drop from an egg. The target turns into a white rabbit. Only mages seem to be able to see it at the vendor.

All other items have a chance of dropping from eggs.

The Spring Circlet does not seem to be a part of any achievement.

Meta Achievement Only


  • I Found One! – Loot 1 egg, easy.
  • Desert Rose – Get a Spring Robe (loot from egg or 50 chocolates) and visit several desert locations. The robe has to be equipped and will plant a flower upon use with a 1 minute cooldown. (Photos below)
  • Hardboiled – Lay an egg in Un’Goro Crater by the hot springs. This requires a party member with a Blossoming Branch (loot from egg or 10 chocolates) being with you. They zap you into a bunny at the hot springs, you hold still until you sparkle and voila, there is an egg under you. (Phote below)
  • Noble Garden – Hide an egg in Silvermoon. (This may be different cities, definitely not SM for Alliance.) The egg can be purchased for 5 chocolates from the Noblegarden Vendor. The hidden egg can then be looted. 1 hour cooldown on egg hiding.
  • Chocoholic – Eat 100 pieces of chocolate. This one has a pre-achievement of Chocolate Lover, eat 25 pieces of chocolate. The 25 does count towards the final 100. Yes, this means you will need a MINIMUM of 100 eggs looted. It gets worse.
  • Blushing Bride – Wear the White Tuxedo Shirt (loot from egg or 25 chocolates) and the Black Tuxedo Pants (loot from egg or 25 chocolates) and kiss someone wearing the Elegant Dress (loot from egg or 50 chocolates). Male orcs in Elegant Dresses. /shudder
  • Spring Fling – Get the Spring Rabbit vanity pet (loot from eggs or 100 chocolates) and visit all 4 of your faction’s egg areas. Get the bunny near another Spring Rabbit and watch them get it on. (Video below)
  • Shake your Bunny-Maker – This is the most difficult part of the meta achievement. Get Spring Flowers (loot from egg or 50 chocolates) and equip them. Use on a female of each race to give them bunny ears. Like the flower petals, this does not work if they already have the buff, but will work if they are just wearing the Spring Circlet. The buff lasts 2 minutes and can be removed by the buffee. The cooldown on the Spring Flowers is 5 fucking minutes. Way too long. Also, dwarf females are almost extinct on my server. I found a pink bunny in Dalaran, the tooltip said it was a dwarf, but I had to armory the rabbit to make sure it was female.

So all the achievements for the meta can be done just by looting eggs and getting chocolate – if you loot enough eggs you will get enough chocolate to complete the meta. If you’re really unlucky and get 0 items dropped, you will have to spend a minimum of 265 chocolates (you don’t need to buy the dress, just the tuxedo set and find someone else with the dress). Don’t forget the 10 chocolates to turn in for the first quest.

Achievement Whores


These are the only two achievements that cannot be completed by purchasing items and are the only two that are not part of the meta achievement.

  • Sunday’s Finest requires you to loot both the White Tuxedo Shirt and Black Tuxedo Pants from a Brightly Colored Egg.
  • Dressed for the Occasion requires you to loot an Elegant Dress from a Brightly Colored Egg.

There is a decent chance that you’ll earn these just trying to get enough chocolates to buy everything for the meta achievement. The White Tuxedo Shirt was the hard drop for me, I looted well over 350 eggs before I got it.

Photo Gallery

This outfit just screams masculinity. You know what rabbits are known for, right? /wink


Spring Robe, Spring Flowers, Egg Basket

Spring Robe, Spring Flowers, Egg Basket, Spring Circlet

I’m totally digging the Spring Circlet and wish it didn’t take a helm slot.


Reception isn't bad up here with the rabbit ears.

Reception isn't bad up here with the rabbit ears.



And here’s a shot with a guildmate, also in the Spring Robe. Hooray for side-boob!






Guild shot:


Bunch of Bunnies

Bunch of Bunnies

And the promised bunny porn (I filmed it myself!):

What are you doing here watching rabbit sex?!?!?! Go out and get your Noblegarden achievements!


7 comments on “Noblegarden

  1. Darraxus says:

    I may get the Plymorph tome for my Mage, but otherwise I am done with this event. Cant wait for Childrens week though!


  2. smart001 says:

    Boy do I have a bone to pick with you.

    1) I sent this link to my wife, and while I have been at work she has been calling me with updates to her progress in finding eggs.

    2) in your last post you pointed me to failblog, which I have never seen before. 135 pages and almost no work later, I finally pulled myself away.

    Thanks to you my entire family has been unproductive today.

    J/K still love the site!!


  3. […] Noblegarden. I have fiddled around a little bit and gotten a few eggs, my wife, however, read this post and has proceeded to get almost all the achievements. Now I am going to have to spend time tonight […]


  4. gnomeaggedon says:

    So if I just want the 100 chocs for the poly, I still have to hunt eggs…?


  5. jong says:

    oh grats! i haven’t been able to find much play time other than raiding and I haven’t even started on these.

    someone turned me into a bunny and i couldn’t consecrate.


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