Level Up!


1000 Hits!

1000 Hits!

Wowee guys! As of today I have 1000 hits and over 100 of them just today!

Thanks again to everyone that comes by and reads my ramblings. Many more thanks to those of you that have linked me in your blog rolls and/or commented.

I now feel like I’m part of a bizarre little family. /cheer

If I’m on your blog roll but haven’t commented on your stuff yet it’s because I’m going through archives. Back to that odd compulsion of mine. Rest assured that I will eventually read them all and become a regular commenter. You have been warned.

Did not get much done last night in terms of productivity.

What I did do was tear apart my UI and make a huge mess as well as change up a couple of keybindings to be a little more PvP-friendly. I will eventually post the final results.

A friend then invited me into a H VH with a DK tank friend of hers that she’s helping get geared.

I warned them that I was breaking in a new UI… had to do an emergency UI reload twice right after we got started because my mouse flipped out while I was trying to drag my cooldown bars over a bit. No one died because of it, so it’s all good.

The mascot pally from the Naxx 25 run the other night was in there; I think there was a completely different person behind the keyboard; it was bizarre. The guy in Naxx was shy and polite, and really didn’t have a clue what was going on. I felt kinda sorry for the little guy.

Last night, he was still in prot gear but at least in ret spec this time… but can’t break 800 DPS still and was complaining about being too broke to get gear but dailies being too boring and only giving 5 gold.

5 gold my ass, I’m getting 10-13 gold for each one. I told him to do the level 80 dailies instead of the level 70 ones.

He and the tank hit it off really wrong right away. It never blew up into a full-on pissing contest but it was getting close. He went from not knowing how to change talents two nights ago to all of a sudden being God’s gift to tanking, but had no idea that DK tank stats are a bit different than pally tank stats. Not having to worry about block gives you room for other fun stuff, like converting strength into parry.

The tank wasn’t doing a bad job, especially for being undergeared for heroics, but we got Xevozz as the first boss and he’s a pain even with an experienced and geared tank. The “DPS” pally was only pulling 600 DPS and that wasn’t helping much.

Wiped a couple times. The pally offered to tank it, we said sure, the DK made a point of telling us he had switched to DPS gear… somehow the pally completely spaced and had no clue he was tanking. Wipe again.

Before we wiped, we lasted a surprisingly long time. Portal number 3 got bugged and wouldn’t close, even after we had killed everything that spawned from it, it just kept sending more and more… I decided to screw around and have some fun zipping around like mad. Blink over here! Frost Nova there! Blizzard! Run away! Oh no, Arcane Torrent over there! Ha ha! Counterspell over there and another Frost Nova! I was actually the last one to die. It was a good exercise in breaking in my new keybinds.

Decide to go on to H Nexus. Pally wouldn’t shut up about what he perceived to be poor tanking skills so he got booted before we even zoned in. He kept a conversation going with me, he really didn’t get why he was tossed. I recommended that he suck it up and get ret gear if he was going to go in as ret, otherwise suck it up and get decent prot gear if he’s going to tank. I even posted him the recount and explained that was sad for heroics.

He agreed that better gear was in order, but I got a couple mistells from him later and it was obvious that he was pinning the failure completely on the tank.

If you sign up in LFG as DPS and you can’t break 1k in a heroic you get no right to complain about the performance of anyone else in the party. You’re being carried for fuck’s sake, every other word out of your mouth should have something to do with being thankful.

I don’t believe I’ll be running with him again. Ever. I don’t mind carrying someone that’s trying and appreciates what’s being done around them, but showing up to a heroic in the completely wrong gear set and not demonstrating a willingness to work for the gear… epic fail in my book.


Don’t tell me you’re broke. Getting money is ridiculously easy. Exciting? Maybe not.

But there is no room in my raid for “I only want to do the fun and exciting stuff because I’m into that instant gratification thing and don’t want to have to work for anything like everyone else did so carry my sorry ass and give me my loot now.” Only space for one whiny bitch in a raid and I already called dibs on that spot.

My guild druid was healing VH with us, but we got a new healer to replace fail pally so the druid switched to his prot pally and popped over to ret spec (dual spec is the bomb!). He has a ret set. Because he works for his gear. Even gets it gemmed and enchanted. Didn’t do mind-blowing damage, but just needs practice.

Almost one wipe in H Nexus, but shaman ankh = win. The trip was much more pleasant with the new group make up.

No gear dropped for the tank, but I think the shaman got an off spec piece. I got DE-bait.

We goofed off a bunch, at one point the entire party was white rabbits. They get REALLY small if you use Baby Spice on them.

Speaking of rabbits… “tiny colored egg” is the biggest search term that is driving people to my site. Not exactly what I was hoping to be my claim to fame, but whatevs.

I mentioned them briefly in my Noblegarden post, but here is a bit more information.

If you get turned into a rabbit by virtue of the Blossoming Branch (white rabbit) or the random buff from collecting eggs (pink rabbit with blue spots), you will periodically lay a tiny colored egg.

Your rabbit sparkles, there is a little chiming noise, voila, there is an egg under you.

The egg just sits there. You cannot interact with it. It’s only purpose seems to be getting the Hard Boiled achievement in Un’Goro and confounding people, leading them to search the interwebz for answers. That is all.

Now search for something useful or watch my rabbit porn on the Noblegarden post!


8 comments on “Level Up!

  1. gnomeaggedon says:

    WoW grats!

    Dunno what that Pally is doing… when I hit 80 I had only replaced a couple of level 70 items (sure they were epics, but only Kara epics), and I was easily breaking 1,000


  2. smart001 says:

    Damn, now you tell me. I through away about 30 baby spices cuz i needed the room in my bags. I was saving them for raids, but once it has been done a few times it gets a little old. Now small bunnies, that would have been priceless. I guess I am just not clever enough for those things.

    BTW, my level 1 mage now has Tome of Polymorph, Rabbit. I know I can’t use it till 60. Bo at Vampiric Embrace gave me the idea, I figured I couldn’t let the opportunity pass my by.


  3. smart001 says:

    I think you gave me an idea for a post next week. :)

    This blogging thing is hard, I have 3 mostly written drafts that I want to publish, but I am trying not to swamp the internet with my genius thoughts.

    Oh well, one more draft to drum up.

    And yes, I am still working on CC guide. Just need some screenshots to make it actually work.

    Probably be out on Monday.


  4. smart001 says:

    I am not telling you…Mostly because I had to re-read this entire post trying to remember what idea you gave me.

    I remember now, but I have so many things to write about that it is not even funny. (unless you find things like that funny)


  5. […] You can thank Arioch for this post. She wrote this post here, and it gave me an idea for a post to […]


  6. Rurjaos says:

    Beeing benchmarkable is both a blessing and a curse to DPS.
    Do x damage, never pull aggro and you’re fine on DPS.
    Heal for x, let nobody die and you’re a good healer.
    Eat all damage, never loose aggro and most important: never loose control should make you a good tank.
    But without feedback from other players only dps can be compared.
    So be kind and thank for good or even excellent tanking, healing, cc-ing or controlled damage (4k-dps omenless going amok is just FAIL).

    p.s. Enhancer easily(?) pull 1.3k-1.5k@75 without any epics.


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