The Devil’s Panties

Not satanic porn!

Sorry to disappoint.

There is more to my life than playing WoW, not much, but there is more.

I’m going to expose you all to one of my other hobbies – reading an absurd amount of web comics. I figure spreading the word about them is one of the little things I can do to show my appreciation for the hard work that these artists put into their creations.

I wish I could draw.

Anyway, first up in the Web Comic installment is…

The Devil’s Panties

This comic captures many facets of Jennie’s life from her day-to-day activities, scans of her art, not being able to buy sex toys where she lives, running amok at conventions with a battery-operated leaf blower attacking men with kilts to get Marilyn Monroe-esque photos, cleavage, boiling babies in a turkey boiler, and a steadfast refusal to grow up that I completely identify with. There’s something for everyone!

TDP is a comic you can pick up anywhere in the archives, there are chunks of related strips, but nothing that requires you to get involved in a plot.

Jennie also participates in a LARP (live action role play) game called SOLAR. She runs a second comic that updates Monday, Wednesday, and Friday called Geebas on Parade that chronicles the bizarreness that happens in the woods when a bunch of people run around with padded swords beating on each other. And rum. There’s rum there.



4 comments on “The Devil’s Panties

  1. smart001 says:

    hmm, While I found many of the strips entertaining. I hate to say, I think it is a little bit esoteric. Much of this is about girls and girl stuff.

    Entertaining non-the-less. I will continue to read, as I only read the first 20 or so strips.

    Every time I read web comics I want to do one of my own. Problem is, I cannot draw and am not funny.


  2. smart001 says:

    OK I lied, I am sorry, It gets better, it really does.

    I mean she sacrificed a pumpkin for crying out loud.


  3. smart001 says:

    lol, I read it. I had to wash my own mouth out after I read that!!


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