I’m a screamer

The last post was way long and I didn’t even get to put in some of the oddball stuff.

As if rabbit-filled sweets weren’t odd enough.

Looking for help on this one: Does Patchwerk have an aura or something that cancels Invisibility?

During our 90-minute fail fest, I tried using it a couple times to get in a better position to die and it would fade instantly. Quick search on the interwebz pulled up nada. Anyone got a clue here?

In the Naxx 25 run, we were standing around in Sapph’s door reviewing the strategy. Everyone run to the left, stay out of his cleave, mage is on curses, druids/shamans help with curses where you can, spread out when he takes to the air, wait for the ice blocks, yadda yadda.

There was a comment about making sure that you get behind a “real” ice block, not a “fake” mage-made ice block. I was the only mage in the group so I piped up with something to the effect of, don’t worry, I scream a lot when I fake it.

I had a few guildies with me in the run. Guild chat promptly looked like:

o rly?

Oops. For once I said something that had innuendo written ALL over it and I didn’t do it on purpose. Dammit, that was a perfect setup.

I did have to “fake” it on that fight and there were a few comments of disappointment when I didn’t scream as promised.

On my uber-30-minute H UP run, I got the achievement for Svala killing an abomination. We almost screwed it up and had to grab the second abomination real quick to pull it off.

I had all the Children’s Week achievements taken care of except for the one in the BGs. The priest joined me and off we headed into Arathi Basin since that one would be the easiest. It took us twice to get the achievement for both of us, the first one we joined was already almost over but he got a cap. I forgot to drop my Great Feast for the cooking achievement. >.<

We zone in to the first match and I realize that this is the first time I’ve switched into my secondary spec since I tore apart my UI the other night. Half my spells are in the wrong spots, my keybinds are scattered, hell some of my spells aren’t even on the bars. Sure glad I did this before arena on Monday!

In between matches and waiting for the spirit healer I was able to piece together most of my abilities, but I couldn’t find Blizzard. I could have torn some shit up from the beginning if I had Blizzard… or Cone of Cold… or PoM… I didn’t top any meters, but didn’t do half bad for not having been in AB for months and not having bunches of my spells. Ice lance still hurts if you have no resilience.

I’ve never had a healer in a BG before. It was fucking awesome! He told me to just go where I wanted and he would keep me up.

Ran over to the mine so we could shoot for a 5-cap… DK and HIS priest were there. I paused, DKs are hard to take and he’s got a healer… my priest is in vent with me urging me on.

Woot! Nothing like the feeling from totally pwning a DK! His priest was smart and wouldn’t leave the flag, but I managed to kite the DK up the path and out of healing range. Priest fell soon after. Then I spot a druid up in the GY behind the mine and I’m heading up to take him out.

Horde has won!

Awwwwwwww, we won.

“That’s not the normal reaction to winning a BG.”

But, but, there was this druid I wanted to kill! /pout

Started queuing for Alterac Valley after that with a buddy of the priest, but it was a slaughter fest. I was so close to capping a tower a dozen times, but something would fuck it up with 1-2 seconds left in the 10-second channel.

Finally gave up and went to bed.

Monday night arena went 5-5!

We are now the proud bearers of a 329 rating. Seriously. I’m proud.

It will take a little bit to recover from the 2-11 beat down last week.

Shamans are fucking OP. Ridiculously OP. Kill all the damn little totems. Cast PoM Arcane Blast… what’s that? Oh look, a little fucking grounding totem popped up just in time to eat it. Nerf shamans.

Warriors have a whirlwind. Mages do not stand up well to it. Lesson learned.

But we’re getting the hang of the Nagrand arena. I hope to someday be the best pillar humper EVAR.

Frequently, I have problems getting my Ice Block off in time. My partner asks, “Do you have anything bound to like the U, I, O, J, or K keys?”

Oh hell no, I would have to stop and look at the keyboard to hit anything.

“Just bind IB to all of them and mash them.”

Ha ha.

After arena we picked up the priest and hit the battlegrounds for some Children’s Week achievements. Got involved in the longest WSG. It took forever. Well, maybe just 42 minutes. Neither side was in it just for the achievements, we were all out for blood.


Flawless Victory!

Flawless Victory!



To their credit, the Allies never rolled over and did a, “just let them have it.” They fought us tooth and nail every step of the way.

Sorted by damage for giggles, I’m never very effective at BGs…


Hot damn! I fucking made first place in damage dealt – by a pretty good margin.

And no, I didn’t fight in the middle. Much. OK, a couple times on my way to their base I would stop and cream this priest… but I didn’t get involved in any epic wars in the midfield.

I had a lot of fun. There is a huge difference in running a BG by yourself and running it with other people in vent. Not only do you get the coordination thing going on, but it makes it so much more like it’s US versus THEM instead of 10 random people versus THEM. And THEY are all against YOU. YOU singular. Not YOU plural. YOU all by your lonesome.

And I remembered to have my orphan out for the flag return.

Off to EotS.

I’ve only run EotS once or twice before. It’s bad when they get all 4 towers, right?

We were slaughtered. OK, let’s do an AV and then come back to EotS.

I can’t even remember if we won or lost AV. But I got the flag with my damn little orphan out.

Back to EotS and we dominated. It ended at 889 to our 2000 and I had the flag almost back to one of our towers again. The priest and I each had the most flag carries with 2 apiece and we escorted at least 4 of the other 5 carries.

I got the flag with my orphan, got the achievement for Children’s Week (with title), got the achievement for first EotS win (embarrassing), and I think I got one more achievement. My recent achievement list is borked and showing it as blank. I must be an underachiever. /sad


Hey, you got something on your back...

Hey, you got something on your back...



Got into a fail VoA. We wiped a couple times on Emalon and then decided to get Arch out of the way so we could at least get some emblems before we lost WG. My priest buddy got some nice PvP pants.

We tried Emalon again a couple of times, got one add down once… too many people with not enough damage and too many people not switching fast enough.

The raid leader insisted on marking all the adds before we began, so when Deadly Boss Mods was actually working, we still had to tab through a sea of marks to find the skull. It was easier to just tab and look for the one at full health.

The priest and I left after 6 attempts I think. It just wasn’t going anywhere.

But before the VoA, we were hanging out in WG and my hubby found me. I’ve been sending him mats and gold for a few weeks now and I finally was getting my Mechano-hog!




I get the achievement standing in the WG Fortress and someone yells a congratulations to me. Someone else starts whispering me to find out how much it cost. (FYI – vendor mats are 12,500 gold. Then you need 12 titansteel bars, 2 artic furs and 40 cobalt bolts. It’s not cheap. But it’s totally worth it!)




This baby is fucking sweet! I’ve been zipping all over Dal in it ever since.


Ran H Occulus. /shudder

Finally got credit for completing it on a drake. I was on a red last time, weeks ago, but died right before Eregos dropped so it didn’t count towards the one of every color achievement. We did it with 3 ambers, a ruby, and an emerald. They all died on the first attempt, but I was able to get out of combat and survive. Go me!

Tuesday night should be my first real trip to Ulduar 10.

I’m happy and excited and nervous all at the same time.

I hope I get Jong’s twin in a chopper. I’m sure I’m going to get launched and I don’t want to know how nice the ground is.


4 comments on “I’m a screamer

  1. smart001 says:


    I am an engineer and can make those choppers, I just don’t have the cash to do it. I have been smelting titansteel though and have all the cobalt and cobalt bolts. I really really want one.

    I think I need to find a healer for BG. I had a Pally buddy of mine heal me through an AV once and it was (pardon the term) epic. I could not die. He could not die, if someone hit him, he could last long enough for my kitty and I to shred him. I need to see if that pally wants to run some more with me.

    Do you already have the Damage Control and Wrecking ball Achievements?


  2. gnomeaggedon says:

    I might try faking it next time…

    No one is ever impressed when I do it for real…


  3. smart001 says:

    I got a diamond tipped cane that came from the Dalaran Fishing Dailies. It has no stats, does like 3 dps, but it looks sweet.

    I can’t wait to get my bike, I am so jealous.


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