Pulling rabbits out of…


It all starts with someone turning you into a bunny and the next thing you know you’re hopping all over Dalaran looking for odd places to put a rabbit. Looks like I left a suprise in the pie as well.


It seems that my little guild has fallen into an alliance with 2 other little guilds. They’ve been picking up members of my guild as PuGs for a week or two now and we’ve been formally invited to regularly participate with them in raids. I am the official representative of my guild and even get to chime in on loot distribution and such. Go me!

We can easily fill 10 mans and should be able to select the best of each to run 25s, maybe picking up 1-2 random people.

Our first official joint venture will be 10 man Ulduar on Tuesday. Eek!

What a weekend!

Started with a guild run of Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle on Friday. Needed to kill King Y with our orphans out for a Children’s Week achievement. The pally healer and I had run H UP with members of the guild alliance earlier in the week and learned some new tricks for dealing with Skadi that make the encounter easier and net you some extra achievements.

We were running with our pally tank so the pace was slow. Paint-dries-faster-than-we-clear-a-dungeon slow.

Just before we start Skadi, I get a whisper from the priest, they need a couple replacements for a 10 Naxx. Military and Plague are left, am I interested?

I really want Spider wing to get my Bug Hug trinket, but I’m down. IF I can ever finish this UP run. I tell them to keep looking, if they find someone before me to just take them, I may be a while and don’t want to hold them up.

Explain the tricks for Skadi and try it. And then try it again. I think we may have tried it a third time. Or was it 4?

I still cannot fathom how our pally tank (paladin tank, ya know, AoE tank) is incapable of laying down AoE threat. Finally got Skadi and moved on.

Everyone is dragging ass so I finally blurt out, I have a Naxx waiting for me, can we please get a move on?

Except, I don’t think I was that polite.

Finish up, port them the hell back to Dal, leave the group, get invited to Naxx and fly over.

I think everyone in the raid was a member of the two guilds that we’re joining with except me. I’ve been running with them for a bit now so I know a couple of them.

Spider and Construct were already down (yay! no one will ask me to kite Gluth!). They were at the beginning of Military, chilling on the steps to Instructor Raz.

We did Gothik the “fun” way – everyone stay on the “live” side and be ready for massive AoE when the gates swing open. I was terrified of dying in this method, but we pulled through.

Then… something went wrong. The main tank took a quick break but said that we could pull trash up to the 4 Horsemen without him. So the off tank goes and pulls.

It gets hairy, we got a shade and the second patrol, but we’ve got it under control… and the off tank disconnects. Full on, drop out of game, drop out of vent, poof, put his picture on a milk carton. We sorta lost control after that.

Main tank comes back and we finish clearing trash up to 4H. We chill for a few minutes… the off tank is not coming back.

(I later found out that the DC was intentional, still don’t know the story behind it, but we had one pissed off priest.)

“So… anyone know any tanks?”

*chirp* *chirp*

Um. Well. You know that druid healer from my guild that sometimes runs with us? Well, he has… a pally… tank. Kind of. But I really like you guys so I don’t know if I want to invite him… he’s a MUCH better healer than tank. You’ll have to be ultra-explicit when explaining anything.

Things were looking desperate so they pulled him in.


It was like he had never been in Naxx before.

Now, he’s run Naxx 10 and 25 multiple times on his druid. He has expressed an interest in tanking this raid. One would think that one interested in tanking a raid would pay attention to what a tank does in a raid, even if one is presently in the role of a healer.

Noth was cake. Heigan… not cake. Not pie, either. Except maybe cow pie.

We took a long time to find our groove, many people need dancing lessons. I am proud to say that I *almost* never die on the dance anymore; I’ve got the pattern down and don’t have to follow the crowd. That makes a huge difference in survivability. Tuskarr’s Vitality on the boots for a run boost doesn’t hurt either.

One-shot Sapph and got the 100 Club achievement. That was tricky. I couldn’t use my Mage Armor for the fight, gave me too much resistance. So I ran with Molten Armor. I’ve never done Sapph with Molten, always with Mage… I didn’t realize how much that would impact my mana regen. Eeek, almost OOM!

But, very proud to say all 36 curses were removed by me. Go go mage utility!

It was a long run and we started falling asleep on KT so called it. We were going to come back on Saturday and finish up before we headed into a Naxx 25, but not enough people showed. Rescheduled for Sunday, I had to back out (went and saw Wolverine with friends), ended up being cancelled. Tonight is arena and desperately trying to finish the Children’s Week achievements so I may leave KT unkilled this week.

On our last KT attempt I had 20 interrupts. The rogue had 6. That was after I reminded the rogue in the previous attempts that kick interrupts the cast. Kick has a 6 second CD, Counterspell has a 30 second. A degree in advanced mathematics is not required to figure out the rogues can kick more often than a mage can counterspell. Please, rogues, for the love of all you hold dear: KICK KT WHEN HE FUCKING CASTS FROSTBOLT, kthxbai. Seriously, that frostbolt hurts and puts a lot of pressure on the healers.

I think the best part was chatting with the main tank about the KT fight the next day and he said how hard it was for him to watch me die to an ice block because all he could think was, “well there goes our DPS.”

Overall, I was number 1 in damage and first in DPS. I rocked 2705 and the next highest was 1887. The OT was in the low 2k range, but I only have data for a couple fights for him before he went MIA. Drops were crap, but I got emblems.

Naxx 25 on Saturday was difficult.

Had several people from the alliance guilds and a bunch of random people. The group got impatient while the priest was in Dal filling the last couple spots so the off tank starts pulling trash in Construct.

The main tank spazzes out and leaves. I get irritated when we start and not everyone is there yet, it’s just asking for trouble, but most people don’t freak out to that degree.

He was also the raid leader. So now we have a priest that isn’t a raid leader trying to lead the raid. The DK tank from my guild ends up taking the reins but confidence was already low. Too many random people in the run.

Took out Military without too much trouble… except for the holy pally from my guild causing a mostly-wipe. I’m not even sure why we were running back through the weapon room, must have wiped on 4H, but he wasn’t hugging the wall and pulled a set of swords I think. (I know he’s going to read this, and he’s never going to live it down.)

Then Patchwerk. Patch really isn’t that hard… yet we failed MULTIPLE times. There was much people coming and going for the 90-odd minutes it took us to kill him. One wipe was due to someone’s laptop sliding off their lap and hitting the mouse, causing him to run directly into the big guy. At least that one is kinda funny in a look-back-at-it-and-laugh sort of way.

Finally, a main tank from one of the other guilds logged in. He pulled better people into the raid and took over.

Heigen dropped his putrid vestments for me, I am now back to sporting a sleeveless robe. Somewhere I also got my T7.5 pants. And I had JUST upgraded those off of Sapph… but getting those allowed me to switch the chest piece out and still get my 4 piece set bonus. Also got a spider on a stick.


Got the 100 Club on heroic, woot!

KT took a few tries but we succeeded.

The DK from my guild and I were running so close together for total damage. I had him at one point… ended up with him at 28502947 damage (7.7%, 3585.7 DPS) and me at 2766144 damage (7.4%, 3750.5 DPS). My goal is overall DPS of 4K in a 25 Naxx.

I open a port to Dal, everyone leaves. One person misses the port (I stay behind to make sure everyone gets through) so I open a second port.

Except I’m so tired I open a port to Org. I apologize and open a new port to Dal. Directly on top of the first port. /facepalm

My first game of Port Roulette and it wasn’t even intentional.

I get asked to stay in vent with the guild leaders from the other guild and get invited to their alliance. I really want to go to bed, but they decide to run a H UP to finish up the same achievement I did on Friday. They need 1 more DPS…

Warrior tank. DPS DK. Priest went shadow. Pulled in an awesome resto druid. Me.

Wow. It was a blast.

30 minutes from buff to looting King Y. I got to drink during fights in the trophy room battle, that was pretty much it. With my guild, we’re looking at well over an hour for this run. I have enough time in between pulls to paint my nails, organize my inventory, surf the web, and eat a meal.

I couldn’t pull aggro off this guy for nothing. Even in the Skadi trick (which we learned from him), where the pally (AoE!!!) tank couldn’t keep aggro off me, this warrior (single target!!!) tank was like fucking super glue on mobs.

I hadn’t equipped my new gear yet, but I pulled 2935 DPS for the run and was ahead of the next highest in damage by over 6%. /flex

Those guys are awesome to run with. I just wish the DPS DK had been the DK from my guild.

At this point I have too much gear to figure out what I should be wearing for maximum pwnage. I finally downloaded RAWR.

OMG. I LOVE this application. I will talk more about it in a separate post. But it has changed my life for the better.

That was a busy weekend.


5 comments on “Pulling rabbits out of…

  1. smart001 says:

    Wow, did you sleep at all?

    I have not written my post for things I did this weekend (except children’s week.) But let me put it this way.

    21 achievements from Friday Night to Sunday night. And that is with a three year old that I spend most of the days playing with and teaching how to do annoying things to irritate mommy :).

    I also (hopefully) will be finishing up 25 Naxx tonight. I pugged into a guild run that was pathetic, but we got to 4 Horsemen, and have just them, Sapph, and KT left. Hopefully they knock it out tonight.

    You will have to let me/us know how that RAWR works out. I heard it is pretty bad Ass.


  2. jong says:

    “he’s a MUCH better healer than tank” :D

    grats on loots and i hope the joint raiding goes well!


  3. telanarra says:

    Took out Military without too much trouble… except for the holy pally from my guild causing a mostly-wipe. I’m not even sure why we were running back through the weapon room, must have wiped on 4H, but he wasn’t hugging the wall and pulled a set of swords I think. (I know “he’s going to read this, and he’s never going to live it down.)”

    I swear the wall fucking moved and no my unsoberness had no factor in the wall moving.


  4. gnomeaggedon says:

    Grats on the guild & everything else for that matter!


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