To Ulduar and beyond!

For the second time!

A little while ago I got pulled in to a PuG that was working on XT-002 so I can’t say that it was my first time, but it was certainly more productive this go around.

We may have run into the first issue with the guild alliance. Many of their players are 2 hours ahead of my players. We set the raid time for as soon as my side could conceivably get off work and jet home to log on.

3 members of my guild were invited to this 10-man run. One told me after the invites went out that Tuesdays were bad for him, daddy duty and all. I let the other guild leaders know and they said it wasn’t a problem, they could fill that spot.

I log in about 15 minutes before the raid time to discover that they wanted to start early, had filled the 3rd person’s spot and were just waiting for me because they like my ranged DPS.

Very flattering for me, personally.

Very frustrating for me, as a guild representative, since a spot that was promised to one of my guildmates had been filled.

We get it rolling, most of the party has never done Ulduar before. A few of us have done some reading and watched some videos.

I get assigned to be catapult fodder, I pretty much knew that was coming.

OMG aiming at those little flying doodads of pyrite? Aaaarrrrrghhhh!

I finally figured it out at the end that I was aiming at the pyrite but the damage gets done to a tiny little robot or something that the pyrite is hanging from. I’ll do much better next time.

Cleared the gauntlet without too much trouble and moved on to Flame Leviathan.

First attempt, I got launched and took out the two turrets without too much difficulty, although it was extremely mana intensive as I was busting cooldowns to get them killed quick. Did earn an achievement in the process.

However, they waited too long to have me launched so the choppers were already down by the time I got thrown off. No rescue for me and I was miles away from the next vehicle.

Second attempt, they decided to try tossing a DK up there, but sooner in the fight.

He got the first turret down without a problem, but ranged DPS is not a DK’s specialty. I got them to agree to launch me as well to help him finish it off.

I get loaded (into the catapult, clarifying for someone in particular)… you say cute little things when you hop into the catapult… nothing happened… nothing’s happening… wait for it… waiting for it… You have died. Release to nearest graveyard?


Near as I can tell, my driver didn’t aim me before launch and I somehow, without the camera moving at all, got launched directly UNDER the vehicle I was in and went splat.

They managed to bring him down so it wasn’t all bad.

Loot comes up… some plate piece… and Firesoul!



Let’s see, we’ve got a couple priests. They can’t use swords. Druids? Nope, no swords there either. Mr. Kick-Ass shaman? Nada on the swords.


By virtue of being the only caster present that could even equip the item, I got it with no roll required.

The priest loaned me some mats and I got it enchanted while in Ulduar, he even got a point for it. I could have done it myself, but I remember the struggle of getting those last couple of points.


You lookin' at me?

You lookin' at me?



I was really happy with my new toy until I realized that KT’s drop of The Turning Tide is still a better weapon. /cry

Of course, now my hit rating is all borked up and I’m over cap.

RAWR to the rescue!

I need to regem some stuff. Again. /sigh

Off to Ignis the Furnace Master.

Had fun with the trash, kited two of the cyclone-making-fire-things almost all the way back to the entrance waiting for my Invisibility to come off CD so they would reset while the rest of the raid was recovering from a near wipe. (It’s not a wipe if the mage lives.)

Took 6 tries to get this one.

We had a warrior as MT on the first attempt with a DK and boomkin on the adds. Somehow, none of the adds could get dropped.

Switch the tanks. Adds started dropping, but not as quickly as they should have.

We almost gave up, but went for the last try and got it like we knew what we were doing. It would have been much easier with a pally flame protection aura, but we were lacking in the pally department.

Somewhere in there I got the achievement for surviving in the crotch pot.

Mage tips for the fight:

  • When he starts casting the flame jet thing where you have to stop casting or get locked out of a school, cast Fire Ward, it will eat the first chunk of the Flame Jet debuff.
  • You can cast Fire Ward on yourself while in the crotch pot to help out your healers.
  • To even help the healers more, you can Ice Block when you go in.

Plate legs and a melee DPS cloak dropped. Blah.

Moved on to XT-002.

Took only 3 tries. Rumor has it that this fight was nerfed again and I believe it.

Last time I was in here, at the end of each heart phase there were GABILLIONS of adds making a break for XT. Seriously. Gabillions. I kid you not.

This time… I’m flipping my camera around all over the place so bad I’m going to give myself motion sickness looking for the buggers.

Where the hell are they?

Wait! Over there, about 5 of the scrapbots and 1 boombot. And over there, maybe 7 of them.


My blessings were counted as I was really the only AoE DPS available. It was much less stressful than the previous run where I also had a second mage and a warlock helping on the adds.

More plate stuff dropped.

And then the time zone difference rears its ugly head again.

It’s a school night.

People have to go.

It looks like everyone’s schedule is a bit cramped to get back in to Ulduar this week so we tried to pick up a few PuGs to move forward.

No dice.

Did pull in a healer from my guild and got him saved… sorry about that!

Hopefully we’ll soon have Naxx 25 on farm status and we can move Ulduar 10 to the Naxx 10 spot in the raid rotation.

Hopefully my guildmates actually get to keep their spots in the raid.


8 comments on “To Ulduar and beyond!

  1. jong says:

    grats on the loot! i hope you guys keep the momentum going. i wanna get My Little Pwny t-shirt made.


  2. gnomeaggedon says:

    Grats on the run & the loot!


  3. smart001 says:

    Gratz, Gratz, and Gratz,

    I am a little jealous now of your forays into Ulduar. I have not been past FL except the first time.



  4. telanarra says:



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