WTB Weekends

So I can recover from my weekends. It’s the whole, “need a vacation to recover from the vacation” sort of thing.


Warning! If you have not done the Wrathgate event, I have some screenshots in here. Nothing too spoiler-ish, just a few random shots. You probably already know what happens since everyone babbled about it right after doing it.


Friday night we tried to get a Naxx 10 off the ground but that never happened. Just needed 3 people… no one in LFG. No one in our allied guilds that wasn’t already saved. Bah.

I can’t even remember what we did on Friday night and I have no screen shots. I may have just said fuck it and went to bed.

Spent most of Saturday morning not wanting to do anything since we had a Naxx 25 scheduled for 6:45 server (4:45 local). The instructions were to log in at 6:30 so we could get the show on the road at 6:45 sharp.

My people were either there or let me know ahead of time that they would be late and asked that their spots be filled.

The other two guilds… where the hell are all your people that accepted?

We ended up PuGing way more people than we had anticipated.

My time stamp shows that the first boss we downed, Instructor Razuvious, took a dirt nap at 8:19 server time.

An hour and a half to corral a bunch of fucktards into an instance, wipe once on the Instructor (new priest doing MC for the first time on the understudies, no worries there), and finally drop him.

Sadly, that was the only boss I snagged a drop shot for so I have no damage data for the run. I was a complete space case after all the drama of getting 25 people facing the same direction at the same time.

The only other screen shot I got for the whole thing was a random shot during Heigan.

I was topping the damage meter. The hunter was beating me on DPS (nerf hunters), but died.

Hence our saying, DPS doesn’t kill mobs – DAMAGE does.

We ended that Heigan with 5 people, the tank dropped 2 seconds before Heigan. I was one of the survivors, go me!

And then I get to stand around and be useless since I can’t rez anyone. Haha, suckers!

We had some major issues on Gluth so moved to another wing and came back to construct last.

For the first time ever I was NOT on web duty on Maexxna! I actually got to DPS that fight. Funny enough, if I’m not chasing people all over the walls I can take care of the spider spawnings. If I wasn’t wrapped in a web (which happened like 3 times, sheesh), the pesky buggers never made it to the healers.

My guildmate mage was in the party with us for most of the evening. He challenged me to beat him on decurses on Noth. He uses Decursive. I don’t. I won the first attempt on Noth. /flex

(I got taken out really early in the second attempt so he won by default.)

Pulled in a new shaman recruit from our guild to heal the last couple bosses before heading up to Sapph.

Yes, we are slowly attempting to recruit people we don’t know. He seems to be one of the rare teenagers that has a clue and acts like a decent human being. Does a good job on heals and doesn’t screw around.

Finally we got to Sapph and proceeded to wipe a few times.

We have 2 mages, 3-4 druids, and 2 shaman that are specced for curse removal.

My mage buddy asks that the druids and shaman help out on the curses. It’s tough for 2 peeps on 25 man, especially when everyone insists on spreading out as far as fucking possible.

Guess who took care of the curses?

Me. My mage buddy. The shaman from our guild. Go team!

We had a nasty string of bad luck and both the mages and our shaman got wiped in one attempt. We call out that both mages and one shaman are down, druids HAVE to start decursing.

We watch, and cry a little, as the tank gets cursed.

And stays cursed.

As do the other 5-6 people that got hit with the drain life. /fail

FFS people. You CANNOT heal through Sapph’s Drain Life. Not on 6 people. Not on the tank who’s already taking a pounding. Save the gawddamn day and put that button somewhere on your action bar.

It was late. Very late. We called the run.

Hopefully we are going back tonight to pick up Sapph and KT.

After that travesty of a raid, I didn’t want to do anything organized on Sunday.

So I quested.

Wow, I haven’t quested in a while. Got the achievement for 2000 quests and the Might of Dragonblight.

Was making some serious cash and getting enchantings mats from all the quest rewards I got to DE.

And then the priest is on my vent asking if I want in on an EoE 25.


But no.

I turn it down, I want nothing to do with a raid.

A little later… they’ve gotten him down to something like 4% and the fail people just left, won’t I please join?

/me caves.

And I’m so fucking glad I did.





Champ and Spellweaver 

That’s right, Malygos is now my bitch.

I wanted to snag a screen shot of Alexstrasza, but I totally spaced. It probably had something to do with me bouncing in my chair and squealing about my new title. Arioch, Champion of the Frozen Wastes. /cheer

Four mages, I was number 2 in damage and DPS out of the bunch.

Had some problems on phase 3. Of course, this is the first time I’ve ever lived past the first 5 seconds of phase 3. They were asking DPS to use 1-1-2 rotation. No problem… except my 2 wouldn’t light up half the time. Is it a distance thing? An energy thing? WTF? If someone has a clue, loan it to me, please.

Possibly useful hint: Phase 3 requires a lot of strafing. If you have a traditional set up, you’re looking at buttons 1-5 being taken over by the dragon’s abilities and your strafe is probably set to Q and E. It’s hard to hit Q/E while pounding away on 1 and 2. I mapped the tilt function of my mouse wheel to Q and E in the mouse settings so I can strafe while blasting away and never have to move my left hand off the numbers.

Still heady from that victory, I head out to Dragonblight to finish up the last quest chain there.

That’s right, I had never gotten around to doing the Wrathgate.

Cinematic starts… friend starts yapping in vent. I yelled a few things. He stopped talking. Sorry, but I didn’t want anything to spoil my Wrathgate experience.

OMG Alexstrasza is fucking huge. And way hotter in her elf form. Arioch would totally hit that. Ya know, if she ever gets bored of her consort and wants a piece of a mortal. He’s at the front of that line.


And a random shot of our smoking hot bikini queen making some apologies to our panzer tank warchief. Yeah, Arioch would go for that too. Looks like she needs some comforting after the nasty shock she’s just had.


So I hit the courtyard of Undercity with my BFF Thrall and this little shaman parties up with me. It’s just the four of us: Thrall, Sylvannas, me, and Tnigs.

Spoiler-ish: You know the part where you discover that the damn elevator has been destroyed? I noticed way back in the hallway that the elevator didn’t look right. Thrall is my tank. Rule number one in any dungeon crawl? DON’T GET IN FRONT OF THE TANK.


The irony! It stings!

The irony! It stings!



I laughed so hard.

Why did they give us a massive speed boost when Thrall and Sylvannas just stroll around like we’re touring the deck of a cruise ship?

At least the fights were epic. I can only imagine what it would have been like if I had hit this with 200 other people… LAG!!!! I’m glad I waited and got to experience it (almost) by myself.

Blizzard crits for over 11k a pop, BTW, fucking hot.


I shall unleash the forces of raw arcane power at your ugly mug!

I shall unleash the forces of raw arcane power at your ugly mug!



Thrall certainly pulled his weight and Sylvannas is no slouch, but when it comes down to it, yours truly is the one that gets shit done.


Finish him!

Finish him!



The exit piece with Varian just reinforces that Thrall is the better leader, IMO. He has vision and purpose, Varian has grudges. Thrall is also a kick-ass shaman (read the book!). Varian is a… warrior? Maybe? Anyone know?

And so ended my epic weekend. I need another weekend now. /tired


5 comments on “WTB Weekends

  1. jong says:

    ah mah gad grats on the achievement!

    the dragon has an energy bar (like a rogue) instead of a mana bar. we have to wait for energy to build up before casting 2. it’s not so much spamming 1-1-2. it’s more like, puff-puff-HOLD-give.


  2. telanarra says:

    “Cinematic starts… friend starts yapping in vent. I yelled a few things. He stopped talking. Sorry, but I didn’t want anything to spoil my Wrathgate experience.”

    I’ll have u know i spent like the next 3 thousand milliseconds crying.

    gratz on the title – I hate u :)

    and gratz and the wrathgate.
    wrath gate and the fricken drake hopping quest that opens up the sons of hodir are like the only two reason i would suffer throught leveling a toon again. well that and im a glutton for punishment.

    PS i swear the wall moved


  3. smart001 says:

    That quest line is the ONLY reason I ever read the books. That is the quest line that made me realize the LORE to WoW is almost as cool as playing it. When I was working on liberating the friggin Taunka I was like WTF? Who Cares. Then I realized…they do. They care, and it matters…….

    Sorry geeked out for a minute.

    Yeah that questline is pretty amazing, BTW I am reading the newest book by Ms. Golden. It is great.


  4. gnomeaggedon says:

    Grats on both accounts…

    Nice to hear a bit of the post-wrathgate story from the other side…

    You may have gotten ahead of your tank… but I pulled aggro… same result…


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