I want to put it on my body, won’t you help me please?

Now that I have your attention…

I need help and it does, in fact, involve putting something on my body.

Over at Forbearance, home of the illest ret pally ever to grace WoW, we discussed a player by the name of “Pwnyoface” and what the implications of his name truly were.

The conversation spread into the comments on this post of mine and I decided it was time to take action.

That’s right, the design work has nearly concluded for a “My Little Pwny” T-shirt.

Now I need a screen printer.

Quick perusal of the vast interwebz shows that the majority of companies will only make a minimum of a dozen shirts and will charge me an arm and a leg.

Does anyone know someone who knows how to do T-shirt screening?

I have the image and can put it into just about any format imaginable, looks like it will be 3 colors and I want it on a black shirt. I am willing to get my own shirt and ship it to someone to be printed. Of course, I’ll pay for ink and return shipping, all that good stuff.

I would like to say that I could sell these, but I got a headache looking at legalease about copyright infringement and really couldn’t figure out if this would fall under Fair Use as a parody… but it’s a very similar design to some shirts I bought off eBay a while back, and it’s similar to this design over at Think Geek… bah. If anyone knows someone that could answer that question, that would be cool too. I don’t want to make a buck, just spread the pwny love without going broke. (Dorn – I was trying to think of a way to get “equine twat” in here, but that was the closest I could get.)

If it’s cheap enough and there is some interest, I might get some extras made (assuming I can get mine made in the first place) and split production costs with people.

Here’s the design as of right now:

MyLittlePwny1I cheated a little bit… the pony is a 3rd generation pony but the font is 1st generation.

Yeah, I’m a MLP geek.

I *might* be persuaded to do an Alliance version… we’ll see if I can get this one produced.

8 comments on “I want to put it on my body, won’t you help me please?

  1. jong says:

    I think the design is pretty impressive. The insgnia is a very nice touch.


  2. thedoctor says:

    Well…I am a little upset at you for getting my hopes up on the title…

    …but I will help you out nonetheless. I actually have a friend that makes tee shirts. I will give him a shout.


  3. smart001 says:

    I can provide no assistance. But that T is pretty cool. I like the design.


  4. smart001 says:

    I lied, struck by a moment of genius, I went to BRKs old site and looked up his store.


    That is the t-shirt design page, FAQ are about halfway down. Quick perusal on my part looks like you will be spending less than 20 bucks on a custom T-Shirt. Also looks like there is a self design option.


  5. telanarra says:

    “You know, it’s WAY harder to find a crisp, clean Alliance insignia than to find a Horde one? ”

    Thats cause us hordies use them all for napkins

    “I did finally find one so I may design the Ally Pwny just for giggles.”

    Im telling Thrall


  6. […] For those of you that don’t have a way back machine, I’ll provide a handy link here: https://clearcasting.wordpress.com/2009/05/12/i-want-to-put-it-on-my-body-wont-you-help-me-please/ […]


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