Looking For Group


The second piece in the Web Comic sharing!

Looking For Group

  • Author: Ryan Sohmer
  • Artist: Lar DeSouza
  • Rating: PG-13
  • Updates: Monday and Thursday
  • URL:http://lfgcomic.com/

Enter a slightly-familiar fantasy world and follow the exploits of a well-meaning elf called Cale’anon, his not-so-well-meaning companion Richard, Benny the green-skinned gal, and Benny’s adoptive father Krunch.

This comic pulls heavily from the standards of the fantasy genre (LotR, WoW, Wheel of Time, RA Salvatore, D&D, etc.) and manages to squish it all together in such a way that it all fits. The more familiar you are with the basics, the more you will get out of it, but it was extremely enjoyable to me even before I started playing WoW.

LFG is a linear-style comic, you would be best advised to start from day one and enjoy it all. A bunny gets FWOOMED! on page one! The plot is often serious – can’t be a true fantasy story if the world isn’t in peril and all – but it is balanced very well with Richard’s complete lack of morality.

The art work is crisp with vibrant colors and the observant reader is rewarded with subtle humerous details in the background.

Their store has plenty of goodies to collect. I ordered this shirt and love it.

Rumor has it there is a full-length animation being created from the comic, here’s a musical number released as a preview:



6 comments on “Looking For Group

  1. telanarra says:

    For Pony


  2. smart001 says:

    This is friggin hilarious. Thanks


  3. beefheart says:

    hey arioch just a quick heads up to let you know my address has changed to beefheart.dingblog.com…loving this blog sorry haven’t had a chance to comment much.
    Oh and thanks for the link to Forbearance..funny guy :) Keep up the good (utility ) work!


  4. beefheart says:

    oops forgot to say what it changed from….doh! jericow is now beefheart. My bad.


  5. smart001 says:

    LOL and I just found it is not filtered at work!!


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