Naxx 10 is srs biznz

I don’t want to be in a “serious raiding” guild

I just want to be in a guild that takes raiding seriously.

If the calendar says Naxx 10 starts at 6:30 server, I expect that people will be at Naxx at 6:30 buffing up.

I also expect that people who accepted the calender invite will actually show up.

And I have this silly expectation that people will have their own consumables. Don’t depend on some other guy to bring the fish – have your own food and your own flasks.

I want to raid with people that have fun, but can also efficiently get a raid done.

Chit chat is all and good, it’s what can make a mediocre run great. We have some great running jokes about setting the tree druid on fire.

But if you’re standing there chatting away, I expect that means you are ready to go.

Miss Manners won’t say anything if you are talking while your character is eating. Honest. Sit your ass down and start chowing on my strudel. (If you know what I mean.)

When the ready check pops it is not time to start a new conversation. It’s the “everyone-shut-the-fuck-up-now-if-you-don’t-want-to-die-of-old-age-in-here” signal.

During a fight is probably not the best time to be discussing specs or macros. Maybe if the content is on farm. But not when you wipe 5 times in the spider wing.

I log on at 6 for a 6:30 Naxx 10 raid. It’s supposed to be a gear run to help get a few newer people geared up for 25s and for Ulduar.

I’m on standby for this raid. There is only 1 item still in there for me so I don’t want to eat up a slot that could go to someone that will get more gear. 10 people have accepted so I shouldn’t be needed.

By 6:30 it has become apparent that several things are not going to plan.

The person that sent out the invite isn’t even on the right fucking toon. He’s out doing JC dailies and diddly fucking around.

Of the people that accepted, I think only 5 showed up. So I get called in as filler.

The tank from my guild that accepted had a family deal come up at the last minute. Family first, that’s ok.

With that tank not there, it falls to the priest that organized this raid to lead.

Except RL™ is going to interfere and he will need to leave partway through to finish some homework. That’s OK, life happens. We’ll find someone else to lead when he has to leave.

By 7:10 invites are going out. 40 fucking minutes after the supposed start time.

We PuG the last few people we need and start on spider wing.


“Hey, Arioch? Why don’t you explain the fight?” Awesome. I’m master looter *and* raid leader now. Just what I always wanted! /sarcasm off

I’m sure I’m perceived as a bitch when looting and leading in a raid. I go into “business” mode and expect people to shut the hell up when I’m talking. I expect that people will shut up when the raid leader is talking, regardless of who it is, but I REALLY expect people to shut up when a fight is being explained. Seriously. Zip it.

Explain the fight, decide on tanks, get healing assignments, ready check.

Tank is dead.


Healer was hit by the insect swarm.

C’mon guys, when we tell the melee to peel off, casters need to get at max range so this shit doesn’t happen. And spread out this time so half of you aren’t getting tossed into the air.

Try it again.

Tank is dead.

Off tank is picking him up… OT is dead.


No explanations.

And they were saying we should try for the 20 minute achievement. /lol

Third try and we get it.

I link the items in raid chat.

I then link them individually, main spec roll. Off spec roll. Sharding in 1-2-3. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

I do not fuck around with loot. If we were running Ulduar, I would go slower. But Naxx has been out for months.

I expect that people are aware of two things:

  1. the possible drops in Naxx; loot lists are all over the place. Do some fucking research.
  2. the stats that are good for their character. Again, do some fucking research.

I’m looking for a trinket to drop off Maexxna (I did my research). Someone logged on that wants to do the run, we agree that as soon as Maexxna drops, he can have my spot.

We get Grand Widow Faerlina on the first try and my hopes go up. Maybe we just needed one boss to warm up on.

3 wipes on Maexxna later…

Bitch doesn’t drop my trinket.

I leave party and they pull in my replacement.

Back to Dal and /afk.

Cleaning the kitchen suddenly sounds like a good idea. I don’t want to be anywhere near my computer.

I’m scrubbing the microwave and my hubby walks in.

“Looks like that rogue they pulled in to take your place thought it was a 25, he isn’t running 10. They want you back.”

That’s nice. I’m busy.

I detest being domestic. Loathe it. Will live in a fair amount of squalor because I hate cleaning. And there I was, doing dishes to avoid a raid.

The priest and pally had to bail.

It was over 2 hours after the raid was supposed to start and we had only cleared 1 wing. /pathetic

Did I mention this was supposed to be a gear run? We had enough experienced people in there that this should have been a cake walk. Our MT had tanked Ulduar 10 the other night… most of the DPS was well over 2k, usually pushing 3, and no one was stealing aggro… until the tanks died… I’m thinking heals was where we were lacking, but I don’t know enough about heals to make that call. (FYI – in related news, my priest is now level 16.)

They were able to pick up some more people to fill the holes and kept going.

Guess how many bosses they downed?

After banging their heads against the wall for another hour or so (during which I cooked, and I HATE cooking) they got a grand total of 0 more bosses killed.

To all the people that keep spouting off about how easy Naxx is… I agree.

But you can shove it sideways up your ass until you’ve run with my group.

9 comments on “Naxx 10 is srs biznz

  1. Eury says:

    “I don’t want to be in a “serious raiding” guild
    I just want to be in a guild that takes raiding seriously.”

    OMG yes. How true. I had many thoughts planned for a post on DCR’s but the post was interrupted and shortened by my failure at getting BlizzCon tickets.

    DCR – Dedicated Casual Raiders. Everything you mentioned. They show up if they sign up, are prepared, and know when to turn “it” on and off. They are a sparse commodity on my server for sure.

    I don’t want to be in a hardcore raid guild either, but what I wouldn’t give to have more raiders that are dedicated to get through content.


  2. gnomeaggedon says:

    lol… Domestic duties is a fair sign I am either pissed off or grieving…

    when one of my best mates died, I washed dishes for 2 days… the same dishes over and over…

    When my wife and I fight, I get the vacuum cleaner out (Seriously, if she wants me to vacuum more often, she just has to have a fight with me… when will she realise?)

    That group sounds like my old Kara groups, but the generally 2/4 pugs we picked up each week had never been there before, and the ones that came with us previously wouldn’t come again (because we were ultimately just a training group)


  3. jong says:

    “By 7:10 invites are going out.” this happens all the time and i really hate it. people who were ready by 6 end up waiting for over an hour. i hope you get into a fun and efficient group next time.


  4. beefheart says:

    It’s amazing how many times this happens, even with a group of friends. We started a pug and couldn’t even get past the stone gargoyles, it was so embarrassing. Turns out 3 of them were afk in the hallway, after answering a ready check. Why? Turned out a bit better after some choice words were said on Vent :)


  5. Dark/Soth says:

    I have very little desire to play WoW lately. It just isn’t fun. Poorly run raids. People that organize the event logging on an hour late. Bad PuGs, even bad guild members that are supposed to be good. I don’t have that much time lately and the fact that no one really cares anymore makes me not want to care.


  6. Dark/Soth says:

    Let me clarify before I confuse any of my guild members. When I said, “even bad guild members that are supposed to be good” I meant 2 specific members in one of the guild’s we are currently allied with, and not anyone in my guild.


  7. telanarra says:

    “even bad guild members that are supposed to be good”

    we all know that Soth was talking about Dark admit it. I have read the guildsite forums :) Forsaken DK’s have no love for the BElf


  8. Cathy says:

    I am a “be prepared” kinda raider. I absolutely expect and demand people come ready when raiding. To encourage this, on a recent raid I had a MVP “most valuable player” prize. Trust me, everyone came ready, prepared and most importantly paying attention. People then realize how easy raiding can be when they put their minds to it.

    Hope you have better success in the future:)


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