Failure to launch

For not being in a serious raiding guild, my calendar is full of raids.

The priest that runs the guild we’re allied with has invited us to something almost every day for about 3 weeks now.

Sunday was supposed to be OS 10 with 1 drake up, VoA if we controlled WG, followed by EoE 10. The whole mess was going to start at 6 server (4 local) and we were going to move from one right to the next.

I’m standing in the checkout lane of the store just before 4 local time freaking out. Nothing quite went according to the original timeline for the day.

Didn’t I just do a post about not showing up to raids on time? /facepalm

OK, call a friend that’s also in on the raids.

We’re going to be late, if they can fill our spots, please do so so no one is waiting for us, we’ll pick it up next week.


The priest isn’t even on?


So the OS 10 didn’t happen.

Alliance controlled WG.

There was a server crash.

The 8 server start time for EoE 10 rolls around and we still have no priest.

But we have most of everyone else.

Fuck it.

I’m getting this shit put together.

We were in EoE with a full group and buffing by 8:02.

At least half the raid had never set foot in there. I believe only 3 of us had ever completed it, and I know mine was on 25 not 10.

Explain the fight, the phases, and go.

By our 3rd attempt the DK was able to get 2-stacks of sparks going. Not bad for never even watching any videos or reading strategies for the fight.

On our 6th attempt we got to phase 3.

Around 9 server the priest was on and we pulled him in to replace another healer.

I think in total, we tried 14 times. Everyone got back to the instance fast after a wipe, we buffed, and we tried again. No diddly fucking around.

Didn’t get through all of it, but everyone got to learn all 3 phases and we’ll do better next time. Lacking raid heals hurts.

At this point, everyone in my guild is a little irritated. But not with the EoE run.

With the exception of the EoE that I pulled together, no one can recall a raid that has been planned since our alliance that has actually happened on time. We know that there is a breaking in time where schedules get resolved and whatnot, but we’re losing faith in this alliance.

We were all looking forwad to Ulduar 10 on Wednesday night at 9 server.

I log on at 8 or so, no priest on.

Check the calender.


It’s now at 11 server?

Turns out the priest had to do some homework so he pushed it back with no warning.

My guild is pissed.

We plan things around the raid schedule so that we can attend without disruption to the rest of our lives. Random changes to the raid schedule are no bueno.

So of course, people wander around for a little bit trying to find something to do for two hours that they can leave when it’s time to raid.

Then one of our healers decides that it’s going to be too late for him to be picking up Uld then and after the scheduling issue he’s not sure he’s in a raiding mood. He logs off. I don’t blame him.

The people from the other guild aren’t even on for us to find out what they want to do.

Our main tank doesn’t want to PuG half an Uld run.

We decide that it was scheduled to finish Uld 10 on Friday, we’ll just start it then and see how far we can get.


The spot for finishing Uld 10 on Friday is now a Naxx 10 run.

And the Naxx 25 on Thursday is gone. Poof.

Turns out the priest was able to PuG the 25 on Tuesday so cancelled our scheduled run.


Everything for the week has been cancelled, replaced, or moved.

Nothing on the calendar is the same as it was on Tuesday night.

We don’t want to run Naxx 10 on Friday. We wanted to run Uld.

Another Naxx 10 was scheduled for while we are all still at work.

I think everyone in my guild declined all the new invites.

Looking at the calendar in the armory, all of the new invites have been removed.

All of next week is placeholder invites for us to accept if we want to raid on that day and a note asking us to send a him a message in game for what times we are available. No mention about what raids, just accept if you want to raid that day.

Fuck it.

I’m scheduling an Uld 10 run on Friday.


6 comments on “Failure to launch

  1. jong says:

    “the priest was able to PuG the 25 on Tuesday so cancelled our scheduled run.” oh, that’s not right. disrespect.

    I hope you guys can get the ulduar run going on Friday.


  2. telanarra says:

    “Then one of our healers decides that it’s going to be too late for him to be picking up Uld then and after the scheduling issue he’s not sure he’s in a raiding mood. He logs off. I don’t blame him.”

    As said healer nothing annoys me more then stupid shit like this. If i planned a raid and then life reared its ugly head. i would let one of the assistants know and tell them the could either A:) start later when i was free, or B:) fill my spot. I would not change the start time with out warning

    Yes i do have a lot more free time then most people (stupid economy). But i make sure im ready to go at said start time with all my reagents foodstuffs and what nots. Being a healadin and knowing how our group runs and not liking my blessings to get below 5 mins i tend to carry 400 symbols :) I also have food for my Ret. side. If i knew what all people needed reagent wise i would prolly just stock up even with a guildy having a mammoth :)


  3. zupa says:

    These guys sound a bit crap and I don’t think i’d be continuing to raid with them if I were in your shoes.

    Hope it all turns out ok in the end !


  4. gnomeaggedon says:

    I think I would just be throwing my the raids that you guys want to do.. they can fill your spots if they want.

    If they have raids up, and you guys have nothing better to do come run time, then take “pug invites”

    Seriously.. we always pug 3+ people every week.. it pisses me off enough when we haven’t found the extra bodies after and hour or so and have to cancel… but that’s adhoc…

    If it was planned, I would log off and spend time with my lover (errr, I mean wife, but she is the other woman. PC = 1st)


  5. beefheart says:

    We have a very similar problem to you, but nothing quite as bad as this…our GM is M.I.A so basically we do what the hell we want pug-wise, but now we have fallen into a loose alliance with another cool Guild. It’s always a little random but we’ve done EoE (fail on phase 3 just like you lol) VoA and OS10 in the last week, and not only have guys turned up on time they bring buff food :) Noone is very well geared though, and as my druid is on another server now I’m back to 0/4 T7 which sucks hard. Onwards and upwards though :)


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