OMG where did the week go?

I hate having Monday off. Having Friday off is so much better.

Brief update before we head into the weekend that is fast sneaking up on me.

It felt like I got nothing done over the past few days, but I’m finding screenshots of all sorts of stuff I forgot.

We continued on Uld.

I would like to say that we progressed on Uld. But that would be a lie.

Unless dying in new ways to new bosses is progress. Because we did do that.

Half the people that accepted decided to not even log on. And our MT was starting a VoA on an alt 15 minutes before Uld was supposed to start.

Which means that we were late getting the raid going and that pissed me off.

We almost had Kologarn, but somehow one of the patrols from the room downstairs decided to come on up and see what all the commotion was about… our best attempt was ruined by a fluke.

We did go poke at the Iron Council but they poked back hard. Actually there was lightning and big, sharp weapons involved, not so much poking on their part.

Spent a couple hundred on repairs and called it done.

I ended up helping clean up the fail Naxx 10 run from last week. They finally downed Gluth and called me in to fight Thaddius, Plague Quarter and Sapph/KT.

One-shot Thadd, even though the poor warlock missed the jump and spent the whole fight trying to get over to us.

Snagged a fresh 80 healadin (we just wanted his buffs) and drug him through Plague. Heals weren’t the hottest, but he could follow directions and lived through the dance on Heigan even though it was his first time there. Plague went down easy.

The priest had to go and kindly asked if I would take over the raid for him for the last two bosses.

He asked nicely, gave me warning, we were doing so well… sure. I know these last two fights pretty well.

Go to Sapph, get really bad luck on a few blizzard placements, lost a couple DPS very early, and had a fresh 80 mage in there with me that had no clue what I meant when I told her to help decurse… wiped once but picked it up very well for the second attempt.

The healers commented that the curses were coming off so fast they hardly had to heal damage from them. I checked the recount… did the other mage develop a clue between attempts? Nope.

I can pretty well say that I can solo-decurse a 10-man Sapph, I think I’ve done it 3-4 times now. 41 Remove Curses and still placing respectable DPS. /flex

Also got the 10-man focusing iris, so I need to hunt down Maly again. There’s a nice necklace reward in it.

As usual, the raid falls apart when it’s time to tackle KT. For everyone and their fucking mothers needing loot off of him, why does everyone bail as soon as Sapph dies?

Get some replacements…

I notice that most of the DPS is OK, not stellar, except for the other little mage. Poor thing is pulling about 800 DPS. As arcane/fire spec. Ask her who she’s casting her Focus Magic on. No one? Oh come on, just pick someone for crying out loud. >.<

I also find out that when I asked if everyone was in vent, there were some less than truthful responses…

I figure out she’s not in vent when the tank whispers me, “She can’t hear you.”

Friend of yours?

Oh, your girlfriend.

Look, she seems to be sweet and all, but she’s not ready for Naxx.

“I know, I still haven’t finished taking her through heroics yet.” /facepalm

Look, we’ve wiped at least 5 times on KT so far. I’m going to make you raid leader so you can take care of this.

This was my subtle way of saying, you’re not in my guild. Your guild leader isn’t here. I don’t want to cause any waves since all the members of your guild seem to be touchy and prone to /gquit in Naxx. I’m giving you lead so you can do what needs to be done and gently explain to her that this is out of her league for the week. Maybe next time.

Waiting… nope, he’s keeping her in.

Next time I’m just going to be a bitch and do it myself. They can all fucking /gquit for all I care, not my guild.

For a while we had a VERY good priest. The guy was an asshole, but his heals were amazing. I have no idea what he was doing in a 10-man Naxx. I think he came to the same conclusion after a wipe or two. He did notice that I was the only one interrupting KT, posted the interrupt recount and gave the raid a /golfclap. He then proceeded to ask that we stop buying our accounts on eBay, admonished us that Chinese gold farmers play better than we do, and dropped out of the raid. While he was probably right, it still stung a bit.

After 7 wipes, I offer up the raid ID to anyone that wants to put together a different group, we’re just not going to be able to do it with the current raid group and it resets in 12 hours.

A hunter from another guild that was helping us before Sapph is willing to take it over.

I gladly hand it over and wish him luck.

Port to Dal.

“I’m bringing my guild in, want to come back to finish?”


I have all the emblems I need. I’ve already purchased my BoA trinket and shipped it off to my alt.

But I can’t stand leaving a raid unfinished like that.

Sure, invite me back.

Boom. Done.

Amazing what happens when people are pulling over 2k damage all across the raid.

I think we even 2-healed it.

Now I have an extra 2 emblems.

After many hours of camping the last book I needed for the higher learning achievement…


Sometimes even with my hubby keeping my company…


A friend called me Wednesday morning to tell me to log on and snag the book.

That netted me the Higher Learning achievement, which got me the Kirin Tor familiar, which brought me up to 75 vanity pets, which got me my fawn!

Cute little bugger.

Little Fawn

Random achievements earned:

Random Achievements


The Zandalar Tribe rep was expensive. I still haven’t set foot in ZA, only been to ZG once so all of that was purchasing coins and bijous off the AH. I really like the pretty lights and swirls of gold when you break a bijou. So purty…

For the Horde! of penguins?


Ran normal UP last night with my hubby tanking on his DK. We’re still killing things too fast to really test him, but the whole run only took 30 minutes.

The sad part was our pally tank went ret for the run. Well, that’s not sad.

What was sad was the holy pally was doing more damage. /sad

I’m on standby for another Naxx 10 tonight because I’m a helpful idiot.

Tomorrow is a 10 EoE so I can turn in that quest (I hope).

Saturday is a Naxx 25. I would love to have my T7.5 shoulders and helm.

Taking a break from Uld for the weekend. I wouldn’t mind going in and getting the first 3 bosses down, wiping on Ignis a couple times, and then wiping on Kologarn a time or two – but I think our MT needs a break.


5 comments on “OMG where did the week go?

  1. Dark/Soth says:

    Yeah, I do need a break from tanking. The 5 hour fail train in Ulduar last weekend which resulted in 0 bosses downed was the end of my desire to tank for a bit. I’ve kinda been leaning that way for a while, and probably why I was a dick and showed up late to the 5 hour fail train in the first place. I’m sorry about that.

    If you want to put a group together just to down FL, XT, and RS, i’ll tank. I’ll even take a shot or two at most at Ignis or Kologarn if we can find a competent raid healer you can heal the crotch pot or the guy who is getting squeezed to death. Oh, and a healer that can, move, and heal at the same time would be nice too.


  2. beefheart says:

    After running a couple of pugs myself in Naxx you do look at your guildies with newfound respect. We had one guy autorun everywhere, off stairs , into walls..and into Loatheb *sigh*. The you remember the reason every instance eventually gets nerfed is for people like this.


  3. smart001 says:

    wow, gratz on all the achievements. You have the patience of a saint to get the higher learning achievement. I think i have read one or two of the books. I just get so tired of looking for them, or I forget to.

    Ahh well.

    6 more mounts last night. Up to 41. Should hit 50 this weekend.


  4. smart001 says:

    Oh, and since I have no access to the oracle (wowhead), are there no quests or anything other than the raids for the Zandalar tribe? I am trying really hard to not spend money for reputation, but to farm all the items.

    Except for about 30 stacks of Runecloth for the Darkspear Trolls. I couldn’t find any more quests.


  5. jong says:

    “our MT was starting a VoA on an alt 15 minutes before Uld was supposed to start” unacceptable!

    seems like you’ve had an action packed week. grats on getting the pet fawn– he’s awesome.


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