The Neverending Naxx

or: How I Managed to Earn the Ire of 2 Warlock Women in 1 Weekend

Long post!


  • Me and my guild
  • Priest – Guild Master of our allied guild (now called Guild A)
  • Warlock 1 – Member of Guild A
  • Prot Pally – Member of Guild A
  • Warlock 2 – The warlock whose Friend List I randomly ended up on ages ago, member of Guild B
  • Prot/DPS Warrior – Member of Guild B



Plot 1 – We’ve been having some troubles getting the timing down between my guild and Guild A for combined runs. I’ve had a Naxx 25 run on the calendar for over a week for Saturday at 1:00 PM server. Between the two guilds we’re hoping to squeeze almost 20 people in and PuG the remaining few.

Friday night the priest whispers me and says that time won’t work for 2 of his raiders or for him and we need to move the time back 3 hours.

Our biggest issue with this other guild is that no raid they host ever starts on time and half don’t start at all.

I tell him I have raiders that I won’t be able to communicate that to in time (what with it being the NIGHT BEFORE the raid and all) so the time stands. Adjustments to the scheduled raids need to be brought up at least 3 days before the raid. He is more than welcome to join and bring his other two raiders later in the raid, spots will open up.

Plot 2 – Warlock 2 and the Warrior are in the same guild. Warlock 2 has developed an intense dislike of the Warrior. Warlock 2 has raided and partied with us on several occasions, she’s a nice gal. She introduced us to the Warrior a couple weeks ago; we tried to bring him in to help with Ulduar but he was already saved.

As soon as you get those two in vent together… I don’t know what he did to her but she pretty well starts attacking him. He’ll make a suggestion and she tears into him. Then when he tries to respond she says that she is tired of listening to him and will leave vent. She claims that he’s condescending and never shuts up. I will agree that he talks a lot, but it’s very conversational (IMO) and there is an exchange of information (i.e. I feel like I can get a word in edge-wise, not that I’m being talked over). The members of my guild that I’ve talked to feel the same way. We’re not sure what her beef is with him.

Scene 1 – Morning of the raid

Raid starts at 1 Server, or 11 AM for me. Log in 30 minutes before and look to see if I have any new acceptances on the calendar.


There were over 20 people on this list before.

Now it’s only my guild members.

Find out from our shared chat channel that the priest pulled out his entire guild from the Naxx 25 we were hosting and created a new event 3 hours later. You know, so his two other raiders could attend.

Funny thing is, now he has 1 raider that can’t attend at all because he has to leave for work then and a second that will most likely have to leave shortly after that scheduled time.

So by moving it back for 2 people, he lost 2 people.

These 2 people were originally invited to the earlier time so I extended the invitation to them again. I knew they couldn’t stay the entire time, but it wasn’t fair that they log in that morning to discover that they couldn’t attend any of a Naxx 25 they were counting on.

One of those individuals was the Prot Pally, the second was a DK tank.

Yes, the priest moved the time so that his two tanks couldn’t attend.

We decide to go with what we can get and PuG the rest.

Scene 2 – Vent

My guild vent is only big enough for 15 people. Guild A’s vent holds many more. We have always used their vent for large runs.

Since the priest pulled his people out of the raid we were hosting, I didn’t feel it was right to utilize their vent.

Dash off to the vent website and upgrade to 25 spots.

Scene 3 – Putting the Raid Together

So I am suddenly faced with the prospect of filling a 25-man raid with about 15 PuGs. /scared

I play a mage. That’s pretty much it. I don’t know what spellpower is good for a resto shaman or what the hit cap is for a ret pally. Not yet. Give me a few more months and I’ll learn a lot, but I did not have that pool of knowledge to pull upon Saturday morning.

I am also not one of the assholes that will demand the achievement before bringing someone in. Achievement =/= skill. I don’t mind if someone hasn’t done the fights, just so long as they are honest about it and follow directions. Hell we’ve had a first-timer survive the dance on Heigan. Just because someone hasn’t done it before doesn’t mean that they can’t do it at all.

So a few fail people are sure to sneak in, but PuGs tend to be pretty honest about where the weak link is and will sniff out noobs to destroy them.

Scene 4 – Inside Naxx

I was able to fill the raid by about 1:15 and got everyone in and buffed.

I discover that my FRAPS has decided to be non-compliant for the day so I am unable to get screenshots of anything. This leads to hazy recollections of the actual number of times we died on various bosses. My WoW also crashed so I lost my Recount data.

Loot rules are open roll for main spec, if you are claiming a main spec other than what you are playing in the raid, let me know ahead of time.

I know the fights well enough to explain them for DPS and tanking, I’m pretty shaky on healing assignments. The Warrior helps me with getting assignments organized for the fights while Warlock 2 keeps up a constant attack on him.

As with any PuG, we’ve got people constantly “brb” right before a pull and other assorted nonsense.

We clear Spider. There is at least one wipe due to impatient DPS getting ahead of the tanks and pulling trash. Typical PuG crap.

Most of our downtime between wipes seems to stem from the paladins being incapable of figuring out who buffs what. My Holy Pally even puts together a macro that posts the assignments in the raid chat. The poor hunter would never get pally buffs, it became a running joke the entire raid.

Military we had two priests that had never done the mind control thing. That’s OK, we tried and they almost had the hang of it on the 3rd try. But people were getting impatient so we decided to give them a break before they got flustered under the scrutiny of 23 people and went off to a different wing.

Noth was a 1-shot.

Heigan took a few tries.

Getting to Loatheb was challenging. Loatheb was a 2-shot I think. New healers and DBM was all jacked up on the timing.

Patch was sad. Many tries. Melee had a hard time comprehending that the tanks needed a few seconds to get top aggro and kept eating hatefuls. (Patch 25 is now aggro-based not HP, no more dipping in the slime.)

Somewhere in here Warlock 2 tells me that she’s getting complaint whispers from everyone in the raid about the Warrior. Funny enough, no one ever whispered me, ya know, the RAID LEADER, to complain about him. Warlock 2 eventually leaves.

A random druid pisses off my guild Holy Pally to the point where he leaves. This random druid eventually gets booted for being a douche.

Get some new people, including priests, so return to Military. Raz still took a couple tries.

Gothik was easy.

4 Horseman took 2 tries I think. But no one was an ass and opened the box before me and they even had to wait for me to get resurrected.

Return to Construct and finish Patch after a couple more attempts. Heals were just really low.

1-shot Grobbulus somehow.

I think Gluth may have taken 2 tries.

Somewhere around here the Prot Pally from Guild A returned from work and rejoined us. I am not privvy to what went on, but there was some drama in Guild A about him joining this run instead of the one scheduled during his work hours. He /gquit out of frustration. I offered him an invitation to our guild and he said he would think about it.

After Gluth, we wipe on trash. Stupid shades.

Thaddius was bad. Seriously. I have trouble with left and right and I can still get to the correct side.

We called it a night before dropping him and came back Sunday to do Thadd/Sapph/KT.

Sapph was bad because people kept standing in the blizzard. And somehow people weren’t being kept alive through the frost aura ticks. I did have another mage helping with the remove curse. /cheer

Eventually had everyone with a heal spec heal for Sapph, had 10 healers, and finally got it.

KT was messy, MT kept dropping at the start of phase 3. In the attempt where we got it, I died to a red circle. I’ll admit it, I was concentrating on my counterspell cooldown and watching his cast bar for that frostbolt… I failed. I needed a nap. /shame

There was some loot drama over Betrayer of Humanity.

It was a long run. It ended up spanning Saturday (12+ hours, not including the dinner break) and picked back up again Sunday (another 5+ hours). This Naxx run was just shy of 18 hours, plus all the time I spent organizing before the raids.

Oh, and I got no loot. /sob

The ironic part, is that the run Guild A scheduled never got off the ground. I tried to invite the priest into ours so he could run, but he’s not talking to me right now.

The best part of the raid was probably the Holy Pally accidentally posting a porn website link in raid chat. I still don’t know how that happened. The Warrior immediately checked it out, “Interesting.” I knew I should have written it down.


Scene 5 – The Aftermath Plot 1

The guild leader of Guild A isn’t speaking with me. I’m not on ignore, but he’s had DND up for many hours now.

The Prot Pally asked to join our guild the next day.

Warlock 1 had it out with me for “stealing” the Prot Pally. She is normally very laid back and hard to ruffle feathers on. Her account was recently hacked and she took it better than this.

“He’s 16. He’s young and impressionable. I’ve known him for years and I’ve seen him do this before. He hears adults talking about something [our issues with getting raids scheduled] and he decides that is his new opinion. We’re really hurt about this.”


He /gquit.

He becomes a “free agent” at that point.

We offered him a place. You know where he is. He’s still in the shared chat channel. You can invite him to your runs. He just wanted a change of scenery for a while. He didn’t run off and join some lame guild where you’ll never see him again. If he’s so impressionable, impress better.

“How would you feel if we took [name of guildmate]? Wouldn’t that hurt?”

Whoa again.

If I ever pissed that person off to the point where they felt they had to leave, I can’t stop them and would not want to. I would be happy that they had another guild to go to where they knew people. We are not slave owners here.

“But a guild can’t remain strong if its members aren’t loyal.”

Whoa once more.

We are a core of real life friends. Any members on top of that are gravy to make it easier to get runs done.

I decided not to tell her that the Pally had told me he’s had more fun running with us (even with the fail-train in Naxx) than he did running with them. He’s young and impressionable. Maybe he doesn’t know what fun is. We’ll be sure to corrupt him as much as we are legally able to do to a minor. /cause mischief

I think we eventually agreed to disagree on the issue.

What do you think? Was I wrong to offer him a place? Is there an unspoken waiting period before an invitation can be extended? What would Miss Manners say?

Scene 6 – Aftermath Plot 2

Warlock 2 is not issuing any ultimatums about my relationship with the Warrior. This is good, as she’s normally a nice gal and ultimatums about who I can and can’t be friends with would not go over well with me.

We have agreed that she would like to continue running with us, just so long as the Warrior is not involved.

We are contemplating taking the Warrior into our guild. Another tank is always handy and so far he seems to get along just fine with the people in my guild. We also have no warriors above level 20.

I happened to be in Dalaran when Warlock 2 sent a misstell to Trade Chat: “Yeah, I’m trying to give [Warrior] away to other guilds.”

Maybe she isn’t so nice?


All in all, I think the priest is the only one still pissed off at me.

My guild gained 1.5 tanks.

I somewhat successfully led a 25-man Naxx run.

I need some sleep.


9 comments on “The Neverending Naxx

  1. Magejuego, Llane US says:


    That is all.


  2. smart001 says:


    What? You take a couple days off of blogging for the weekend and decide to write a novel? :)

    Sounds like you had some adventures. Unfortunately, I am realizing the drama comes with the raiding/playing sometimes.


  3. Dark/Soth says:

    You are a decent raidleader Arioch. I’m proud of ya for stepping up and maintaining composure throughout the 20 hours of jackassery and fail that comes with PuGs.


  4. jong says:

    With the logistical challenges and drama, I thought the story was gonna end with wiping bunch of times on 4 hoursemen and calling quits. There should be an achievement with title & a mount reward associated with coordinating an 18-hour naxx run with 15 pugs. Arioch the Maestro or something.


  5. zupa says:

    Great post!

    I love reading about guild drama, and you have a talent for making it fun to read.

    I have somehow managed to dodge pugs with more than 5 people in a group thus far in the game, and it looks like maybe I should keep it that way!

    Pugging ten mans seems like nightmare potential, having them involved in a 25 man run… well.. 18 hours? I wouldn’t have lasted past the 3rd wipe due to asshattery in all likelyhood

    Staying tuned for more drama as it unfolds. Will warlock 2 finally ‘fess up to what her -real- issue is with the warrior? Will guild leader A grow up a little or have a hissy fit and put an end to the alliance? Is there more to the prot pally story than meets the eye?

    but most importantly, who is secretly sleeping with who?

    Melrose raid ftw!


  6. gnomeaggedon says:

    I’m with Jong.. great job.

    Re: new recruit… His life, his choice. Unfortunately I doubt he is mature enough to tell them clearly that they pissed him off, and you made him happy… his choice not your steal

    re: Lock… mmm locks…
    We have a similar situation with my group of friends… one player wont have a bar of another… the solution has been simple… /ignore & mute.

    We relay any info that needs to be shared, otherwise no one is troubled… and just for the record, I (and other friends too) periodically put this person on mute.

    But, that lock sounds possessed… with an ulterior motive…


  7. Interesting read. I know I’m a little late on this one, but I thought I’d comment. I, and my guild, don’t do 25-mans typically. We only have 13 raiders and we don’t seem to have a lot of drama filtering people in and out of our 10-mans.

    We did Naxx25 this weekend. Our normal raid leader raid led this horrible mess. We started inviting at 7 and started pulling at 8:15. I have nothing but respect for you, and my raid leader, for raid leading a 25-man half-pug.

    As for your recruiting, more power to you. We’ve acquired 3 quality players who are also quality people into our guild because they weren’t happy with their current guild situation. Guilds are like a group of friends. If you don’t fit in with the group, you probably shouldn’t be there. I don’t go to “the park” and hang out with the rednecks.

    I’ll be adding this blog to my reading list. I had never been here before today. I found it from your commenting on That is Amazing (WoW)!


  8. smart001 says:

    Ha!! I have directly contributed to your awesomeness Arioch!!

    I browsed this article again, a point I wanted to make about the recruiting thing (but was too busy being a smart ass) was:

    I have attempted to recruit players out of a guild they were active in. Specifically telling them they needed to leave the guild they were in and get an invite to mine? This was back when I was in a guild that was made up of “serious” raiders. We needed healers, this priest was awesome. I don’t feel guilty, I did not try to coerce said priest, but in an attempt to help my guild, I tried recruiting a guy that already had a guild.

    My point is, everyone wants to have good peeps in their guilds, if you found a guy your guild likes, and he did not like his guild, it seems like it is a match made in heaven. I would not feel bad about it at all.


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