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No shotgun needed

No shotgun needed

The Zombiefest! achievement is earned by killing 100 zombies in 1 minute in The Culling of Stratholme instance on Heroic difficulty.

Killing the zombies is not difficult in and of itself, the Risen Zombies are non-elite mobs that easily fall to an Ice Lance crit.

The tricky part is finding 100 zombies to kill within the time frame and having a suitable party makeup.

Your party will effectively be split into 2 teams.

  • Team A is your tank, healer, and 2 random DPS
  • Team B -that’s you, Kenny!- is the mage.

Here is the map of Stratholme:

InstanceMap-CoTStratholme1The party enters the instance from the south.

Unfortunately, there are only 83 or so zombies before the inn. The remainder of the zombies can be found in the gauntlet run at the end.

It is highly improbable that the average party will be able to clear from the front gate through the inn, kill Chronos Lord Epoch, and the last 17 zombies in the gauntlet in 1 minute. If you can do that, get the fuck out of CoS and go solo Flame Leviathan with no vehicles.

Follow the waves of mobs as normal, up to Salramm the Fleshcrafter.

When Salramm spawns, the tank needs to grab him and drag him to the bottom floor of the inn, marked with an X on the map below. This will give you space to kill Salramm without the little zombies getting in the way.

InstanceMap-CoTStratholme2Take a glance at the timer when you get Salramm into the inn.

Here’s the fun part: you need to toy with Salramm for 2 minutes.

Don’t kill him – you can kill the adds he summons, but don’t drop Salramm until 2 minutes have passed. This gives the little zombies time to respawn. My understanding is that no new zombies will spawn once Salramm has died.

Talk to Arthas and move the story along… up the stairs… kill Epoch.

Team A will follow Arthas through the hidden passage behind the bookcase and wait at the other side sipping hot cocoa.

Team B – that’s you, Kenny! – will return to the X on the map, just inside the door of the inn.

When both teams are in place, someone gives a signal and the teams begin killing zombies as illustrated below. Team A follows the blue path down the gauntlet and Team B – that’s you, Kenny! – follows the red path through King’s Square.

InstanceMap-CoTStratholme3_edited-1The mage will be relying heavily on Arcane Explosion to clear zombies en masse, be sure to bind it to something spammy.

Kill zombies until the achievement pops and you’re done!

I wouldn’t recommend trying to do this achievement at the same time as trying to get a timed run. Waiting the 2 minutes on Salramm makes for a really tight schedule.

I’m sure there are other ways to go about it, but this was the way I just learned.



5 comments on “Zombiefest!

  1. smart001 says:

    Woot first comment.

    It seems like that would be a fun run to do. Though I am going to have to read the post again to make sure I understand all the stuff that has to happen. Plus, I have to figure out how to do it without a mage.

    I am thinking an affliction warlock or a hunter could do it though that instant AoE is really nice on the mage…hmmmm.

    I think I might try this tonight.


  2. chigatana says:

    A Ret pally could totally do this. They would just gather all of the guys and AOE them to death. Would probably be even more efficient than a mage since all of their AOE is undead specific.


  3. Millea on Bloodhoof says:

    aff locks wouldnt work because we only have one aoe spell and we have to stand still with no interruptions to get it off

    on top of that the hybrid demo/destro locks make the aoe spell really shine.

    even then we couldnt run and get everyone. they would have to be pulled into one area where we could rain of fire them down, but that would take up too much time.

    i dont know how well hellfire would work, but that does damage to the lock too, so i dont think that would make for a good idea


  4. Mores says:

    We did it a different way, since mobs rarely loose aggro in an instance, and as a pally tank I am specced 1/2 into pursuit of justice; I left the rest of the group at the start of the gauntlet, rounded up the mobs we had left behind, which then followed me through the building and into the start of the gauntlet run.

    Once there, I ran into the first pack, aggro’d the elites (to stop a wipe) then consecrated and the melee jumped in to do any form of aoe they could – achievement done :)


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