Clicking Update!

Once more, shameless plug for me to get more tokens so that I may win an uber mouse or something.

There are some updates on how to get the pet, and this time they are on an official Blizzard page:

The gist of the Battle-Bot pet information:

  • The pet is available from early June through August 20th.
  • You do not need to spend tokens to get the pet.
  • You DO need to have a WoW account, active and all that jazz, restrictions apply to locations.
  • You obviously have to register with the Mountain Dew site to get anything.
  • You not so obviously have to have a account – the standard WoW account won’t do.
  • Through the Dew site we will eventually be able to get colored fuel (red and blue) to fill our Battle-bots and they will battle bots of the opposing color. You will not need to spend tokens to get fuel.

Looks like I’m off to upgrade my account to a account.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about… check out this post on MMO Champion:

The following picture was shamelessly pulled from that post. As if you couldn’t tell from the background.


I choose you!

I choose you!

More updates (like how to actually claim the damn thing) when I know.


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