for hours… and hours… and hours…

Decided to take a break from the dailies grind and fail raids on my main to run around like a noob on my priest. I had rested XP stuff saved up!

I’m level 18, kicking it in the Ghostlands, working on getting Tranq rep for some of the spiffy rewards.

As usual, I join LFG for RFC and WC. Deadmines is a wee bit out of my way and SFK is probably a bit much for me as I haven’t healed anything but myself.

I have previously spent a good 20 or so hours in LFG on this toon with no nibbles.

No one runs the lower-level instances.

We have very little “fresh blood” on the server since we are all transfers from high-pop servers.

Every low-level toon is the alt of someone with at least one toon at end game. They don’t run instances, they get run through them.

But lo and behold!

I get a whisper from someone wanting to tank WC!

He starts the group and I let him know that this will be my maiden healing voyage.

As in, the first time I’ll be healing. Not that I’ll focus on healing maidens. You get it.

He pulls some mage in.

“Hi [my character name]”


“How horribgle are you?”

Yes. He really spelled it like that. I wrote it down so I wouldn’t forget.

I replied, we’ll find out.

That guy eventually decides he’s having more fun trolling trade chat and leaves the group. No horribgle feelings on my part about it.

Ultimately, we end up with a 22 Warrior tank, a 27 Warrior DPS, 19 Ret Pally, 16 Warlock, and my 18 Priest.

The tank was doing a great job and keeping an eye on my mana, staying in line of sight, he knew what to do.

Then the 27 warrior got a little bored and decided to turn the run into an aggro game with the other tank.


Yeah, the casters. We’re all OOM because you haven’t stopped chain pulling for 10 minutes. The pally actually told the warrior to knock it off so the casters could drink.

And by the way, the warlock lifetapping to get mana wasn’t making my job any easier.

It was exciting, I will admit. A little nerve-wracking, but exciting.

I couldn’t follow where we were in the instance. Thankfully, the tank knew where we were going and I even got all the quests I had for it done.

But my entire field of vision was comprised of 5 (hopefully) green bars and 1 (usually empty) blue bar.

If I got hit for some reason, however, I was immediately aware of it. Go go X-Perl aggro warning!

Fade FTW! And a tank that noticed that sort of thing.

It was odd not watching Omen. The aggro meter in X-Perl did a very good job of warning me, and I have the standard warning turned on as well.

Not watching a DPS meter was also weird. Not that anyone posts great damage in WC or anything…

They did away with Power Word: Shield interfering with rage gain so I was able to help mitigate a lot of the damage there with the warriors when they were trying to outpiss each other.

Oh noes! Warlock has done something stupid!

Shield! Renew! Slap!

I’m using mouseover macros for all the healing.

/cast [target=mouseover,help] [] spell name

It’s awesome sauce. I could even toss off a wand shot every now and again since I never had to target any of my party members.

The one problem I encountered was with the add on MobInfo.

It generates a tool tip containing all the info I’ve collected about the mob I’m hovering over: how many times have I killed it, how much life does it have, what loot does it drop, etc.

Previously, it was set to display the tooltip at the mouse pointer. Every now and again, the tooltip becomes “sticky” and it won’t fade when I remove the mouse from the mob.

So… the tooltip would stick, I would hover over the tank, I would cast big heal… I would gain 350 HP!


The tooltip was actually blocking the recognition of the mouseover and defaulting the heal to myself (since that’s what I have it set to do with out a helpful target selected).

Once I figured that out, things went a little smoother. After the run I changed the setting to have the tooltip pop over in the corner. Safely away from my party/raid frames.

The crazy warrior did give me a couple mana pots that dropped. Only fair since I was having to use them because of him.

We had no mage with us. I was watching the warriors pick up Ice Cold Milk and I would start to salivate. Ice… Cold… Milk… please, let me drink some…

Somewhere in there I hit level 19.

No deaths and I don’t think anyone got below 50% health.

I was pretty darned proud of myself.

Just because I can…

WC HealsYes, that is 15.2 HPS.

Turning in the quests I hit level 20.

Back into LFG, just for RFC now.

Got a group together and it was a snoozefest compared to WC.

Pop a shield on the pally tank and wand the mobs.

Oh noes! The tank has been cursed!

Renew! Yawn!

I even healed both hunter’s pets. The maybe 5 times they took damage.

The scary thing… I had almost twice the HP of the tank. Easily twice the HP of anyone else in the party (2 hunters and a mage) and I was only 2-4 levels ahead of each of them.

I may be slightly OP with the BoA staff, shoulders, spellpower trinket, and the PvP trinket – because I can.

And all my other gear is green or blue. With enchants.

Level 2o, self buffed: 807 HP, 1417 mana, 49 bonus healing. /flex

I was so excited when I hit level 20. I can use the mana oil I made!


Not on a BoA staff apparently.

I always thought that silly “Requires level 20” was in reference to the character level. Because it always was before… now it also applies to the weapon level and it said no. Stupid BoA gear always counting as level 1.

But at level 20 I get so many new toys to play with! Fear ward! Shackle Undead! Flash Heal! (Which completely replaced Lesser Heal on my bar) Holy Fire! Holy Nova (It’s like an Arcane Explosion! But different!) Devouring Plague! Mind Soothe! So many new stuffs.

I should probably take some time in the next couple of days to figure it all out.

And the most important thing?

Only 10 more levels until I get a friggin’ mount!


12 comments on “LFG RFC

  1. telanarra says:



  2. jong says:

    Are you liking your priest? I decked out my druid with boa gears too and leveling was so much easier.

    I remember this guy who was running his fresh 80 alt warlock in naxx. He had a macro to yell I’M LIFETAPPING every time he lifetapped… for the healers i guess. That had to be one of the most annoying thing I’d seen.


  3. Dark/Soth says:

    15 HPS?

    Better watch out Tel, you might lose your raid spot.


  4. telanarra says:

    sweet does that mean i can take her raid spot for dps then i think my hunter can do about 85dps


  5. smart001 says:

    I love the BoA stuff. I have the Shoulders +10% XP FTW, and two trinkets, they are great. My favorite part though is if I wanna play my mage I mail them to her, my priest, mail them to him, the lock, mail them…it is too easy and I cant imagine not having them. When I start leveling my druid again, I might just use them again (even though they are cloth). talk about get my monies worth.

    Thanks for that macro. As an affliction lock, I make my money by aggroing everything and keeping Corruption up on them. It will be so much easier with a mouseover /cast macro. I will have to experiment, since it will be mana inefficient to cast corruption if corruption is already running on them. I wonder if there I can type in something like /if corruption is not on this target and I push this button, cast corruption. Or an add on that tells me what debuffs are on the mob I target…i will have to look into that.

    Anyway entertaining story and good job on the heals.


  6. Dark/Soth says:

    Unfortunately, you can’t build “If/Then/Else” statements into a macro. It would be nice, but the abuse would be rampant. Bots are bad.


  7. […] Second is from Arioch posting about leveling her priest. The most pertinent thing we need to take out of her post (in reference to this post) is I’m using mouseover macros for all the healing. […]


  8. gnomeaggedon says:

    You are having waaaay too much fun in LFG!


  9. […] had posted about some of my first attempts at pugging on my priest back in the day before the spiffy new LFD tool. I can’t recall if […]


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