Moving Forward

Anyone remember this post where I mention that we had fallen into an alliance with 2 other guilds?

And anyone notice how I really only talk about 1 of those guilds?

Between the 3 guilds we are all dysfunctional in different ways.

My guild has 3-4 “raiders” with several more “trying very hard to be raiders.” We’re an older group, all but 2 members (recent recruits) are old enough to drink. Most of us have met and several of us have known each other for 15 or more years.

The guild that we’ve been mostly working with is full of nice people, mediocre skill, and completely unorganized. Nothing starts on time and they spent over 2 hours on Thaddius in Naxx 10 last night. I eventually joined the raid to get them through it. It’s nice being at the top of the meters, but there are situations where it feels like a chore.

The second guild is younger, mostly family, and better raiders. They show up to raids prepared, but are likely to start raids earlier than scheduled – if you aren’t on when they decide to start you can kiss your spot goodbye.

The 2 alliance guilds have both recently gone through some changes in membership and have lost people.

The second guild has lost enough that they started inviting me and my hubby back into their raids. A really nice group, but we had stopped partnering with them since we had such a hard time synching up their schedule to ours. And I was a little put out that they gave away promised spots to someone that logged in earlier, leaving my guild members out in the cold.

Joined a random Naxx 25 over the weekend, through an OT that I met during this drama.

The raid leader whispers me and asks my DPS – after inviting me. That’s a hard question to answer so I hedge my bets.

Depends on the fight, I pull my weight.

That answer must have passed because I got to stay.

I was generally in the top 5 for the run. I would have left out of embarrassment if I couldn’t hold my own.

My T7.5 shoulders dropped twice. I lost twice. My T7.5 Helm dropped twice. I lost twice. /cry

One of those shoulder tokens went to some mage we picked up that didn’t even have items equipped in all his slots and the rest were blues and greens. Turns out he was key logged and was waiting for his crap to be restored.

3 thoughts are running through my mind…

  • 1st – I know someone else that was key logged and Blizz told her to stay OFF the toon that needed to be fixed. WTF are you doing?
  • 2nd – Why the hell are you dragging down a Naxx 25 in that gear? That’s just rude. Wait to get your gear back, asshole.
  • 3rd – If I ever find out that you get key logged again and lose those shoulders I will find you and beat you to a bloody pulp.

At one point, a BoE epic dropped. The raid leader looted it to himself and said he would let the people who didn’t get loot roll for it at the end of the run.

Great idea in concept. Horrible idea in a PuG.

Demands were made for him to do rolls then and there but he refused.

He wasn’t in vent (WTF? raid leader not in vent?) so he couldn’t hear the choice things being said about his character, hygeine, and genetics. His mother may have also come up once or twice in that discussion.

We got 3 wings down with no major issues and then moved on to Military.

The priests we had couldn’t quite handle the mind control.

One bailed.

Raid leader said that was it for him, left raid, hearthed out.


Yep, that BoE epic was on the AH that night. Something like 2.5K.

Fucking ninja.

One of the non-idiots of the group claimed the raid ID and we got it together the next night.

Took almost 2 hours to find 2 priests willing to come in and MC. Guess what I’m going to learn how to do really well on my priest…

Finally got the run finished.

I did get the Cincture of Polarity, it’s a very sweet belt.

I now have an assload of hit and no way to reduce it without losing other stats.

Anyway… we’re testing the waters with the second guild again.

Me and hubby ran Uld 10 with them this Sunday and Monday.

Flame Leviathan – 1 shot.

Razorscale – 1 shot.

Ignis – 1 shot!

XT – 2 shots.

Wow. That’s insanely better than my guild can do with the other guild.

Then we proceeded to wipe a bunch on the Iron Council and called it Sunday night.

Reviewing the Recount, I realized that we had a hunter we were carrying in there. She wasn’t even breaking 1K with all her blues and greens.We got that far with dead weight? Awesome!

Get back to Dal and realize that I’m 1 fucking emblem away from getting my shoulders.

Returned on Monday to try again.

Still took a few tries to get the council down, but it eventually happened.

Kologarn was 2 tries.

I got no loot. /sad

But I did sneak down the ramp past Kologarn and peek at all the pretties down there. I can’t wait to clear that so I can really get a good look around. I saw palm trees off in the back, and there were some really neat constellation sculptures, and sparklies. Must look at sparklies…

And got my shoulders when I went back to Dal!

T75 ShouldersThey are more subtle in the glow, I don’t leave little puffs of stuff trailing behind me anymore.

So now I have the T7.5 gloves, shoulders, and pants (too bad you can’t see them under the robe).

My helm is T7 so I’ll keep running Naxx 25.

Maybe this week I can get a Naxx 25 from all 3 guilds combined…

/me begins plotting


10 comments on “Moving Forward

  1. Troutwort says:

    Wait wait wait…am I totally missing something? You got shoulders from badges?!?! I need to do some research if that is the truth.


  2. jong says:

    “I now have an assload of hit” amg that’s a lot of hit. greats on shoulders!


  3. theerivs says:

    I think you get T7.5 shoulders and legging you can get from Badges of Valor.

    You can T7 Gloves, and Chest from Badges of Heroism.

    Some T8 stuff from badges of conquest. I forget…like I’ll ever see it :(


  4. Troutwort says:

    Okay this is me totally confused and having a brain fart. Since you were talking 10-man, I was thinking 10-man = Badges of Heroism, not Valor. It’s all clear again, noob moment. You had me really excited that I could cash in the heroism badges for shoulders… :P


  5. gnomeaggedon says:

    I love your weekly rollercoaster…

    I never know whether I am going to be left high in the air, or descending into the depths…

    what I do know, is I am screaming with my arms are waving in the air while I read these posts…

    Grats on the gear!

    I’ll send you some RNG karma…

    May you clear the loot boards this week!


  6. zupa says:

    O.o sparklies!

    I <3 your shoulders!

    re: PuG raid ninjas… there's a sure-fire way to protect against that kind of damage, and it's in a post im cooking up right now.

    Expect to see it in a few days, Zupa's guide to PuG safety ;)


  7. smart001 says:

    Damn ninjas…I hate ’em.

    Gratz on the shoulders though, I just got my four piece bonus for T7/7.5, it is a good feeling.

    Oh I also Got the T8off Mimiron, which is really sweet, but looks like I am wearing a gas mask.


  8. telanarra says:

    @ gnomer

    Just a warning Arioch is notorious for not finishing her roller coasters just so she can watch them get launched into the air.

    Also my impression of Arioch running anywhere whith her new shoulders.

    run run run run oh look sparklies run run run oh look sparklies run run run



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