Battle-Bots are here!

Number 5 is alive!

Number 5 is alive!

Battle-Bots are ready to be claimed!

Log into the Mountain Dew promotion site and you should see this new button to claim your Battle-Bot:

Claiming BattleBotClicking that button directs you to the log in page for your account.

Remember, you have to have a account and have your WoW account merged with it.

The first day you can claim your pet. He will be mailed to every character on your merged account.

Every day after that, you can click the button again and select your fuel color. Yes, you will have to log into your account every day.

A stack of 5 fuel charges will be mailed to all your characters on the merged account.

Warning about the fuel! The fuel must be picked up from the mail daily. It will expire at midnight in the mail system, but will not expire in your inventory. The fuel is soulbound. It should totally be account bound, dammit.

I recommend getting both fuel colors. Even though Mountain Dew says the Alliance have more tokens, I’ve only seen one Ally with a Battle-Bot on my server. Apparently they are too busy watching the trailer videos to earn tokens and haven’t gotten around to claiming their pets.

BattleBot Party

I kept running around Dal looking for a blue Battle-Bot. I would think I had found one… and it turned out to be a gnome with a blue-enchanted weapon. Damn gnomes.

At one point we had 7 red fuel Battle-Bots just arcing color back and forth.

Filling the Battle-Bot with fuel has a pretty cool effect.

The fights between Battle-Bots are a little disappointing. It took some maneuvering on our part to get the little buggers to “see” each other. There was a couple flashes of blue and red light and then my bot exploded. It was over before I could even get a screen shot.

But all in all, it’s a neat little pet to have.

I just hope there will be a way to continue getting fuel after the promotion is done. This would be something awesome for engineers to make. Imagine… something that an engineer makes that other people could use and even want!

If you haven’t gotten around to registering for the pet yet…


9 comments on “Battle-Bots are here!

  1. Got mine. It’s pretty cool. Still haven’t managed to track down the actual drink though.


  2. chigatana says:

    I don’t think the stuff actually exists. I don’t know anyone that has been able to find it.


  3. telanarra says:

    I have seen it at my local gas station but i keep forgetting to purchase some


  4. TBird says:

    I really like both of the game fuels. And I like my battle-bot. :)


  5. smart001 says:

    I tried the Horde Color Soda (FOR THE HORDE!!). It wasn’t bad, but I much prefer normal Mt. Dew. I got mine yesterday and even moved my level 1 Shammy to a mailbox so he could get it. He now has that and the 4th anniversary baby bear.

    Another great guide BTW Arioch, you should do them more.


  6. I’ve heard the red on tastes like code red with some energy drink taste. I’m willing to give it a shot.


  7. Troutwort says:

    “I kept running around Dal looking for a blue Battle-Bot. I would think I had found one… and it turned out to be a gnome with a blue-enchanted weapon. Damn gnomes.”

    Poor gnomes.


  8. smart001 says:

    I learned this weekend, if you do not take them out of your toons Mailbox, when you go to get one the next day, it overwrites the one in your mailbox. Make sure you empty all your mailboxes every day.


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