Clawing my eyes out


Make it stop…

No more…

Anything but that…

Don’t make me run Scarlet Monastery Graveyard any more!


I think I ran SM-GY on my priest at least a dozen times yesterday. I never want to set foot in it again.

Except unless “AwesomeRetributionPally” needs to run it. Just once for you. Now hurry up and level.

Spent all weekend on my priest, hit level 32.

1 FULL FUCKING level of that was done in the graveyard.


But I have a mount!

Most of the time we were 3 or 4-manning it.

The first attempt we were 4-manning. New group. A pally tank, holy-spec pally doing DPS with an arclight spanner while bouncing off the walls, myself, and a non-retarded hunter. (He’s one of the hidden toons from my guild.)

We buff in the hallway, I sit down to take mana…

Hmmm…. everyone but the hunter is suddenly out of range and line of sight.

Fucking idiots.

Sure enough, they managed to pull the entire first room, the one with the Interrogator.

I tossed a few heals but just didn’t have the mana to keep up with that level of stupidity.


Run out.

It wasn’t a wipe because I didn’t die.

Had a chat with the unstable paladin. Explained that the healer needs to have mana before starting.

Reminded the tank that we were 4-manning this.

“Oh yeah”

Try again.

After that, the only deaths we experienced were the gankings when we would step outside to reset the instance. To be fair, we did a bit of PVP ourselves.

I managed to get this before level 30:

KnowThyEnemyPriestCheck out ths one:

ThatTakesClassPriestI happened to be at the Crossroads when the Crossroads was under attack. (When is the Crossroads NOT under attack? Seriously.) I’m rather proud of my killing blow on a DK.

We swapped out several players during the graveyard marathon, but the core was always tweaker paladin, the hunter, and me. And when tweaker paladin wasn’t wielding his Arclight Spanner he was going at it bare knuckled. He even tanked for us a bit. With a fucking wrench. /facepalm

Bragging moment: The non-tweaker paladin tank whispered me to tell me my heals were great and even told the party. I also ran BFD the night before and the caster-druid we coerced into tanking said it was the best heals he’s seen in a while. (Poor guy was running BFD non-stop to get some staff.) /flex

Like many of you, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Statistics page is garbage.

My priest has died 5 times.

The statistics page is correct on this.

I have 1 death by falling. (Which I call total bullshit on.)

The statistics page is correct on this.

I have 1 death by random mobs. My bad, I pulled a crapload of stuff at level 6 or so to see what I could do. I learned that a level 6 priest does not enjoy the same level of mana regen that my level 80 mage does. Oops.

The statistics page does not have a place for this death.

I have 3 deaths by other players. 2 in Crossroads, 1 in the entrance to the Scarlet Monastery.

The statistics page says I have died 3 times in a 5-man instance.

Total crap.

After getting bored in SM, “AwesomeBMHunter” and I ran out to Desolace to quest. (I have to call him something…)

I have never before had the pleasure of running with a hunter that knew what a trap is and what to do with it.

It was like magic.

Bam! Mob on ice! Bam! Mob on fire! Bam! Ice all around!

He even used them in the instance to protect us squishier folk in the back.

His pet only did something stupid once and he was able to take care of it.

We even used the pet as an OT in BFD when things got a little crazy. (We were 4-manning the end of BFD. We’ve been able to 3 and 4-man level-appropriate instances on our alts. OP? I don’t know what you’re talking about.)

A non-retarded huntard. Who would have guessed?

Priest noob moment!!!!!

So… I’m using mouseover macros for just about everything. Flash Heal, Power Word: Shield, Shadow Word: Pain, Renew, Dispel Magic… just about everything.

I’ve been having a hell of a time with the Dispel Magic. I had heard before that it was a touchy spell, like a Paladin’s Cleanse and it sometimes failed to remove an effect.

But I can hardly get it to work at all. I finally narrow it down to the macro only working if I have the creature/player targeted. That doesn’t really fit my mouseover theme.

I tear the macro apart.

Remove the default to the target if no mouseover available.


Maybe because it behaves differently between friendly and hostile targets? Try two casting lines, one for help and one for harm.


Tearing my hair out.

Resolve to research this the next day.

Wake up this morning and have an epiphany.

OMG. What if I never actually dragged the macro icon to my toolbar and I’ve been using the standard spell this whole time?


In my defense, the action bar that I keep some of my lesser-used spells on is really tiny. I can’t read the macro name text on them, it’s just a white smudge at the bottom of the icon. In this case, there just wasn’t a white smudge.

Or I can just blame it on having clawed my eyes out in SM-GY.


19 comments on “Clawing my eyes out

  1. telanarra says:

    “Wake up this morning and have an epiphany.

    OMG. What if I never actually dragged the macro icon to my toolbar and I’ve been using the standard spell this whole time?”

    one word sums that up


    and yes i cry myself to sleep at night thinking of how much chain trapping could be done in XPAC instances and raids. It sucks that the prevailing attitude is the tank can hold the aggro and heals can heal through it so lets just dps it all to death. I say lets bring back CC. or at least let thouse with CC use it on party members :) oh the fun in Sapph :)


  2. Dark/Soth says:

    LOL. How in the heck did you get a death blow on a DK at level 30? Wand him to death? Your spells would miss like 85% of the time at least.

    That’s funny.

    Speaking of BFD, i’m level 28 now and i’m seriously considering trying to solo it. I figure if I can solo RFC at 22, i can solo BFD at 28.

    Or I can just drop all the quests and forget about it. I don’t really need to go in there.


  3. telanarra says:

    @ soth

    you could just go run SMGY. I’m sure Ari would run with her priest a couple doz more times



  4. afterthot says:

    With all of your bragging about your priest’s gear, you should link your armory so that we can all bask in the glory or your un-named priest.


  5. Dark/Soth says:

    Her Priest’s name is Iheartmelgibson

    Just Kidding.



  6. telanarra says:

    Funny i would have gone with IheartFredSchneider


  7. jong says:

    moar SM-GY runs! lots of mishaps and pain for you, lots of entertainment for me.


  8. telanarra says:

    edit: i would have thought Ari would have gone with IheartFredSchneider

    personally I get annoyed buy the guy and his band after about 30seconds of most of the their songs but dun let ari know that


  9. telanarra says:

    no if im going to secretly lust after a musician who is gay im going with Sir elton john. way more $$$$$$


  10. Dark/Soth says:

    Personally, if I’m going to secretly lust after a musician who is gay, its going to be a female.

    I fully support gay marriage, as long as both chicks are hawt.



  11. Just out of curiosity, why were you running SMGY so much?


  12. Steven says:

    my priests name is iheartmeganfox i got it first nobody else can have it.


  13. jong says:


    how come tel and randul gets your feedback on their comments, but i get nothing on my thoughtful, constructive comment?


  14. Steven says:

    bikini with low rise leather pants?


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