Blizz Patch Notes Faked?

I ask this for one reason: Mages are mentioned and it’s not a nerf or change to an icon image.

It’s that time again, the patch notes for the changes on the PTR are out; our first comprehensive glimpse of what patch 3.2 may hold in store.

As always, the current PTR notes can be found at:


I’m highlighting the stuff that interested me, and often in a disjointed manner. If it doesn’t make sense, go read the damn patch notes yourself.


  • It looks like we’re going to have to make some adjustments to our vocabulary. The raids formerly known as “heroic” will be referred to as “25 player normal.”
    Because they are getting crazy.
    There will be “heroic” versions available of 10 AND 25 man raids. The LFG screen may get confusing… 10-man heroics and 25-man normals. /head scratch
    And some new tribute system that makes it sound like there will be a “Get out of fail PuG free” card that will allow you to (maybe?) attempt the new Coliseum raid multiple times in a lock out period. EDIT: Was talking with hubby about this tribute thing and realized I must have been snorting the arcane powder when reading this the first time. It looks more like a “you have X amounts of times to even TRY to drop this boss this week” sort of thing. Not at all what I was thinking. Good for great players. Sucks for my guild, but it will be ages before we see it anyway.
  • Isle of Conquest
    I haven’t even gotten around to SotA yet. I’m a slacker. This appears to have much potential.
  • New Argent Tournament goodies
    OMG more pets, mounts, upgrade your squire, and a new HEIRLOOM CHEST that will STACK the XP bonus with shoulders. Get cracking on your Argent Crusade rep now.
  • New druid skins.
    I may actually pick up my druid again. Of course the colors I like in the different forms don’t match up… so I have to figure out what form I will be in the most and change my hide color accordingly.
  • Portals to the Dark Portal
    No more charging out the ass for a portal to Stonard.
  • New Orgrimmar to Thunder Bluff zeppelin.
    Because when I was your age, sonny, we ran to TB. Naked. In the snow. Uphill. Both ways. And we liked it.
  • Postal service is lazy.
    More mailboxes. More dipshits with mammoths on mailboxes.
  • Children’s week in Dalaran
    Only comment – this better give me another damned pet.


  • As a player on a 2s team, I believe I am getting, how you say? FUCKED.
    Not like I would have a rating anyway, but the implication of being fucked if I were good enough is there.
  • Mounts in Dalaran Sewers.
    I think I like this, especially since it’s now bigger. Question: did they make the center platform bigger or give us more room around the edges?
  • XP in BGs!
    This could be the greatest thing since sliced bread. You can pay to turn off gaining XP, but that turns off ALL XP gains until you turn it back on. The real big deal – you will only be queued with people in the same XP situation you are in. Aren’t gaining XP in BGs (twinks!)? You will only be thrown in with other people not gaining XP (twinks!). This may be one of the most creative solutions to this problem I’ve seen and I hope it works.
  • Objectives in BGs might mean more than farming HKs in the middle of the field. This looks very promising.
  • Reduced points needed for wins in AB and EotS, coin toss in SotA, and 20 minute time limit on WSG!


  • Emblem changes.
    This confuses the hell out of me… I don’t get it. Can someone please explain? Why are the lower-level emblems being replaced with the higher-level ones? Are they going to be taken out of my currency page? Will I lose the achievement points when those achievements are converted to Feats of Strength? I had enough trouble keeping Heroism and Valor straight…
  • Mounts
    Aewsome fucking changes. Hopefully, this will be implemented in time for my priest to enjoy. My big fear here is people new to the game feeling like they are entitled to a mount.Yes, it will be absurdly easier for a new player to get one, but I think the design was to ease the pain of “repeat levelers” and make it not feel like punishment when we rolled additional characters.
  • Mana regen
    This may make mana regen items more appealing to me… I’ll have to wait and see what the numbers actually look like. Actually, I’ll wait for someone smarter than me to look at the numbers and tell me if I should consider MP5 to be an attractive stat.
  • Resilience
    I think I like this change.

Classes: General

  • Arcane Torrent is getting a buff. What isn’t there to like about that? I still kinda miss my Mana Tap. /nostalgia


  • “Arcane Blast mana cost reduced by 12 fucking percent.”
    It really said that in the patch notes, go look for yourself. This is incredible. I have just worked up the courage to not limit myself to the ABx3 then reset rotation. I think I have too much mana available (who ever thought I would say that) and I think I should be pushing those stacks up to 4 or 5 to milk out some higher DPS in the shorter fights. This will make it that much easier.
  • Invisibility can no longer be interrupted by a hostile action or damage done during the 3 second fade time, however an invisible mage can still be stunned or silenced.
    Can I get an AMEN from someone on this? This makes me a happy panda. (Even though I have 2 points in Prismatic Cloak, yes even in raiding spec – I go full 3 points for PvP, this is still fun stuff.)


  • Righteous Fury now persists through death and won’t drop off every 30 minutes.
    NOW they finally do this. About damn fucking time. Oh wait, did they ever make it so the auras persist through death? Not holding my breath here, but nice gesture.
  • Seal of Blood/Seal of the Martyr
    Removed. Why?
  • Changes to Beacon of Light
    From my limited understanding of this spell, I believe this to be a fairly major upgrade.


  • Now with axes!
    Oh wait, I don’t really care about that. In fact, I think it’s kind of stupid. I am stealthy like ninja! With a big, fat, honkin’ AXE. WTF?


  • Shaman will now rule the world with the power of SHAMWOW TOTEM DROP!
    Shaman  will now be able to drop not 1, not 2, not even 3, but 4 fucking totems with the click of 1 button! Call now and we’ll throw in a 7% HP buff! (Offer may not be valid in all areas, shipping and handling charges apply.)


  • Casting bars will now indicate if a spell being cast CAN be interrupted.
    Now I can smart off with confidence when people demand I counterspell stuff that can’t be counterspelled.
  • Item comparison by holding the shift key.
    I might actually get to replace one of my gabillion mods?
  • Quest creatures and objectives will now show on a player’s world map.
    So… Blizz bought out QuestHelper? A gabillion other people will be able to replace one of their mods?


  • Horde get the equivalent of the Winterspring cat mount!
    As much as I like the move towards equality, I would prefer to slaughter furbolgs in Winterspring to get a pretty kitty. I was grinding this on my night elf warrior and I really want one on my mage. I think the aloofness of a feline mount would complement him well.


  • Pots stack to 20, woot!


  • The chef’s hat in my bank is now of higher quality and may actually get equipped once in a blue moon.


  • Ring enchants get buffed. I’m so happy I could gank a gnome.


  • I finally get to use exploding sheep!
    No, just kidding. Engineering still does nothing for me and you will never make money with it. But some of your trinkets are no longer trinkets. And some stuff is cheaper… but you still can’t use it in the arena… it still sucks to be you. There might be some buffs in there.


  • Epic gems.
    EPIC, ’nuff said.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Occulus and Eye of Eternity mounts now scale with gear.
    Now that we have a few iLevels under our belts, this could be pretty cool. I like how it has worked so far in Ulduar.

That’s the stuff that caught my attention, it was by no means a complete covering of all the stuff.


12 comments on “Blizz Patch Notes Faked?

  1. gnomeaggedon says:

    “Blizz Patch Notes Faked?”
    My 1st thought too….

    “Ring enchants get buffed. I’m so happy I could gank a gnome.”
    Obviously I was your 2nd thought… so sweet ;-)


  2. Jess says:

    “Seal of Blood/Seal of the Martyr”

    I believe Jong described it best in a past post of his… he described it as “seal of punch himself in the face.”

    As for removing it? Maybe to stop Paladins from punching themselves in the face?

    (I actually have no idea, considering my own pally is lvl 20, I just felt like being snarky.)


    I’m actually enjoying what this patch has to offer.


  3. smart001 says:

    OMG, I did not know these were released, I now have to find someone that has copied and pasted the entire patch notes into their blog and included no original content so I can read them.

    I like the comments to the changes.


  4. I notice you didn’t talk about the Emblem changes. Any thoughts on that? I sure have some.


  5. salandor says:

    Horde get the equivalent of the Winterspring cat mount!
    As much as I like the move towards equality, I would prefer to slaughter furbolgs in Winterspring to get a pretty kitty. I was grinding this on my night elf warrior and I really want one on my mage. I think the aloofness of a feline mount would complement him well.

    yey i always said that aliance had better mount than horde aspecialy this cat :) hope i will get it on my undead mage


  6. Jess says:

    It’s far back there. But I can find it when I’m not pressed for time and link it. XD

    Quite hilarious, as Jong usually is.


  7. repgrind says:

    How funny, you had a lot of the same thoughts that I did. Or maybe that’s scary more than funny. And ZOMG I am so glad I’m not the only one who is pissed about the 2v2 change, whether I’ll ever be ranked high enough for it to matter or not.


  8. Jess says:

    Jong’s post about Seal of Punch Himself in the Face:

    *goes back to bed*


  9. smart001 says:

    Thanks for the “present”!


  10. Jess says:

    I would have been sad if he pulled it, but I see Pallies use it I giggle and ask them to stop punching themselves in the face. LOL.

    But yeah, you’re welcome. XD


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