Midsummer Mayhem?


Last night I finish up the Midsummer achievements (honored and desecrated all the Northrend fires just for giggles also) and earned my title – Flame Keeper Arioch in the house.

And then a friend sends me this link: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=17631614070&sid=1

For those of you at work, here’s the important bit:

We are in the process of applying an in-game fix that will restart all of the quests associated with the Midsummer Fire Festival event and allow players to complete them once again. If you are in the process of completing an achievement such as Extinguishing Kalimdor, this fix will reset your progress and you will need start over. This fix will require realms to be restarted.


This can go one of two ways:

  1. Good Way – I retain my achievements and title and get to run around doing enough fires to get just enough burning blossoms so I can get the vanity item. (I bought the pet already but won’t have enough blossoms to get the brazier.)
  2. Bad Way – I lose my achievements and title and have to run around and get ALL the fires again.

I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the Good Way, but I won’t get to find out until tonight.


There is no quest to pick up in the cities to send you back to the Slave Pens.

Heroic Mode:

You must have the heroic key for Coilfang Resevoir (Cenarion Expedition reputation) and you can only down Ahune once on heroic mode as you will be saved upon killing him. Doing so has a higher chance of dropping the Deathfrost enchant pattern (which I got last night!). To summon him on heroic, one party member interacts with the Ice Stone (it has melted!) to summon him, no NPC interaction needed. We had to 4-man it since our shammy hadn’t gotten around to raising Cenarion rep high enough to get the key, it took about 30 seconds longer than doing it on normal.

Normal Mode:

After killing him on heroic mode, everyone gets out of the pool, instance is set to normal, and your lazy shaman can join you. Everyone in the party that has completed the quest chain can talk to the second NPC inside the instance and get the item to melt the Ice Stone. This means you can kill him 6 times including once on heroic.

New drops:

Instead of an epic level-70 cape, he started dropping an epic level 70 necklace last night. And the best thing that I did not get a screen shot of: there was a 6-pack in the chest one time – Lord of Frost’s Private Label. It was awesome, an overhead view showed the bottles chilling in the snow like it was a giant ice chest.

You do not get an opportunity to select the second tabard, so we’ll have to wait until next year if you want both. And you don’t seem to get more blossoms for killing him again. Really, the only reason to keep coming back is the Scorchling vanity pet as far as I can tell.

I logged on a little early yesterday, I heard that someone was trying to ninja the Naxx 25 from over the weekend, we had Thadd, Sapph, and KT up. Got in for KT. He dropped Turning Tide, 2 T7.5 helm tokens, and the Cape of the Unworthy Wizard.

There are about 6 upgrades in Naxx 25 for me, there’s 3 of them, and I get 4 shots…

And fail fucking miserably. My best roll was an 80 I think.

All but 2 bosses downed in Naxx 25 and I got jack. Not even a shard. /cry

We were supposed to finish a Naxx 10 and Uld 10 last night but there was drama earlier in the week surrounding the main tank and no one has seen him since. We never quite got either party going, but most of the guild ended up in an OS 10 and later an OS 25.

Our little hunter got suckered into joining the OS 10, she was terrified, but we have some very persistent guildmates. She lived! DPS wasn’t awesome, but she only got hit by one flame wall and that’s great for her first time in. I remember my first time in OS – I practically needed a tranquilizer dart to function. OMG fire wall! Run away little girl! (I love that sound clip in DBM.)

And in the OS 25 Illustration of the Dragon Soul dropped…

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! (Just for you, Jong.)

I rolled a 98 and no fuckwads rolled higher than me!

I got my mother fucking Illustration of the Dragon Soul, bitches!

As soon as that hit my inventory I deafened my guildmates in vent with a squeal.

I am now rocking that bad boy and the Eye of the Broodmother.

Best random quote of the raid: “Yeah, that guy? I hear he fucks squirrels.”

I was laughing too hard to come up with a suitably witty response. As was the guy accused of molesting rodents.

4 comments on “Midsummer Mayhem?

  1. jong says:

    I hate the torch catching daily! There are 8 other scrubs doing the daily at the same time and I keep chasing somebody else’s torch shadow.

    Oh, and to be on topic…

    “I got my mother fucking Illustration of the Dragon Soul, bitches!”

    Grats 50 cent.


  2. Jess says:

    *grumbles* I don’t want to go all over Azeroth again. :/ I was dodging guild raid invites the entire evening trying to get my gorram title.

    But! Grats on your pattern! I got mine first! :P

    And you had someone trying to gank your raid ID? We had something similar happen. A pissed off loladin stole our raid ID (we only had Saph/KT still up) and put together a PUG before anyone could get in there to stop him. We had heard that only Saph was taken down, so last night, my boyfriend got a group of folks together from the guild with the raid ID and went to knock out KT before Ulduar… all I hear in vent from him sitting beside me is:
    “Rad, KT’s not here. Maybe he went across the street to get some smokes, but man… he’s gone.”
    Then my boyfriend facedesked. LOL.

    And also grats on your trinket. I’ve been trying to get that thing for a LONG time. :)


  3. smart001 says:

    Gratz on the trinket. I know you have been after that for a long time.

    and no, i am not back yet, just had a minute to pop into my favorite WoW blog


  4. gnomeaggedon says:

    I keep hearing rumors of this Scorchling vanity pet, but I am not yet to see it apart from on the streets of Dalaran…

    I just wish i found it easier to find a group, or two to do Ahune. I was just lucky to find 3 bored Guildies fresh out of Ulduar to get the achievement.


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