Even More Midsummer

Well, it was mostly the Good Way for the restart of the Midsummer quests…

Here’s what I was able to do:

  • Any flame I had honored or desecrated LAST year or on SUNDAY was reset. For me, this was all of old world.
  • Any flame I had stolen on SUNDAY seems to have been reset. I have only tested this on Exodar so far. The guards there are really bitchy and Mirror Images are still fucking retarded.
  • A “new” daily quest, Striking Back, is available from the Earthen Ring representative at a capital bonfire. I may have missed this the other day. Fly out to Hellfire Peninsula and twiddle with an Ice Stone by the Dark Portal (look for the cultists that weren’t there last week). This summons a large Glacial Templar that can be 1-shot by an 80. Returning this quest gets you an additional 10 blossoms.

Here’s what I was NOT able to do:

  • Any flame I honored or desecrated on MONDAY was still honored/desecrated and I was not able to interact with them. My hubby was able to re-do any Outland or Northrend flames he happened to pick up on Sunday, but anything from Monday was a negative.
  • I was not able to pick up the quest line to kill Ahune again so did not get a chance to pick up the second tabard. (We were still able to summon and kill him, just can’t get the quest line again.)

I flew around and re-honored all the flames, netting me enough blossoms to pick up the Brazier of Burning Flames. Dancing with the summoned item gives you the Burning Seduction buff.

Arioch Burning Seduction

Hot chick!

Dropping Ahune on heroic got us the Deathfrost pattern again as well as a Scorchling pet. The next 5 runs on normal got us the Deathfrost pattern again, another batch of epic cloaks, and more snowballs.

All our high-level guild enchanters now have the Deathfrost pattern, but I would like to keep running it on heroic once a day to have an extra shot at the Scorchling.

I have moved all my alts to Silvermoon so that they can soak up free XP for torch tossing. I’m hoping to get my bank alt to 20 so she can get a mount in the next big content patch. Because I am that damn lazy.


One comment on “Even More Midsummer

  1. Boobah says:

    As memory serves, you can destroy the tabard you’ve got, and then buy the other one from the tabard vendor, if you’re looking to add it for the achievements.

    I believe this also works for the Illidari tabards.


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