The Loot Fairy Loves Me

My mage buddy in the guild gets into a Naxx 25-KT only last night.

Wednesday night and you’ve got KT only?


They get him down to some ridiculously low percentage, fail, and 9 people bail.


It’s only Wednesday, you almost had him, you’re now saved (on WEDNESDAY), and you leave?

Get me in on this!

A quick whisper to the raid leader with my stats and achievement gets me in.

I recognize a few people in the raid.

We have the split-personality pally. I think it was personality number 1… with a few weeks of practice under his belt. He wasn’t nasty enough to be personality number 2. But he did show up to a raid with no reagents to buff people.

Hey, we also have the rogue who ninjas BoE gear. OK, he’s not loot master and he’s not in the same guild as the raid leader.

No vent, since it’s just KT.

Summon in our last druid, fight starts immediately (who wanted to buff the druid? no one? guess not) and would you believe that not everyone made it to the center in time so we got swarmed by a-bombs?


Once more, with a ready check.

We have 4 rogues and a warrior up on KT. There are many comments in raid chat insinuating that he should NEVER get a frostbolt off.

It should look like this:

Would you knock that the fuck off? I’m trying to kill people here!

In reality we had:







I finally started throwing counterspells out to try to help. With 4 rogues that should have been a waste of my GCD, I should never have been able to interrupt in between all the kicks.

Finally, one of the rogues started kicking, but I think he was the only one. He got in 10 kicks and was top of the meter. The interrupt meter was really sad.

The druid that was last to join leaves in the middle of the fight. Again, you got saved on a Wednesday and you’re going to bail in the middle?

I met MC’ed by KT. I’m running around causing all sorts of havoc. Mind you, there are 4 mages and 3 or 4 shaman in the raid.

I’m still running around causing havoc.

Oh, the hunter has noticed me.

Explosive Shot!

Some sort of nasty sting!


Have you people never heard of crowd control?!?!?!

A mage got in range to polymorph me… but I was covered in hunter DoTs. I was very briefly a penguin. A large, shadowy penguin with chains. Briefly.

Finally a shaman slaps a hex on me, but that hunter had put a serious hurting on me.

One of the OTs in the back drops when the adds come out, but we’ve got him down to 6%… 7… 5…

KT goes down!

And drops: Betrayer of Humanity, 2 of my T7.5 Helm Tokens, and Cape of the Unworthy Wizard.

Top 2 rolls for the token.

There are 4 rogues, 4 mages, 1 DK, and 2 druids in this raid.

I roll a 70-something.

Next roll is a 90-something.

Fuck me. I’m expecting to see the pane scroll with another 8+ rolls.

Nope. 2 more rolls.

Only 4 people rolled? And I was second highest?


Dude is REALLY slow getting the loot to us. Finally hits my bag, say thanks.

Next up, the back piece.




Only a couple people roll on that… I was seriously expecting him to give it to the second highest roll.

Quick check, if it’s my mage buddy that rolled second I’ll offer to pass it to him before anyone gets ugly about it.

Nope, he’s third. There’s a chance if I offer to pass to my buddy the raid leader will insist on giving it to the second roll.

There’s a little grumbling, but the cloak hits my bag. Thanks much!

This totally makes up for me not getting anything in my last almost full clear of Naxx.

Betrayer is up.

DK wins the roll.

Raid leader loots it to himself.

I should probably point out that the DK was NOT the raid leader.

Chat got nasty, as can be expected.

The raid leader actually stayed in the raid and kept a very civil tongue as people tore into him. Polite ninja?

He even said he loved us all and offered us /kisses and /huggles.

Huggles. Yes. He(?) really said that.

Back in guild chat my mage buddy makes a comment about wanting a loot-for-performance based system.

That sort of hurt. It made me feel like he was saying I sucked. Actually, it really hurt and it was only because he’s my friend that I did not tear into him.

Did he beat me on the meters?


But I was also Mind Controlled and tossing out Counterspells. Even with all that, I still beat out the other 2 mages.

Was it my best performance?


I was a little disappointed with my damage. I’ve noticed if I log in and immediately get involved in a boss fight I don’t perform as well as normal. It’s like I need to warm up on a few trash pulls to get into the groove.

But it was a PuG. I lived through the fight. I didn’t stand in the fire. I didn’t get anyone killed (even though they tried to kill me). I placed respectable numbers and provided utility. I had the highest rolls. I got the loot.

I should be ecstatic with what I got but he made me feel like my winnings were somehow tainted.

Clarification on the resetting of the city flames for Midsummer…

Yes, I was able to steal the Exodar’s flame again, but I was unable to start the associated quest a second time.

Ahune dropped beer again, no pet.


I logged out with my helm and cloak showing just to snag some shots. I will be disabling those as soon as I log back in – must not hide my luxurious hair! The shaded face effect is cool, but I miss my ponytail.

Mage of mystery

Mage of mystery

I now have the 4 pieces of tier that I wear all matching: pants, gloves, helm and shoulders are all T7.5. I have the T7 chest in the bank, but Heigan’s Putrid Vestments are a tad better. And they have the sleeve style I like – no sleeves!

The cloak is actually kind of snazzy. If it was a slightly richer shade of purple I would consider turning on the display for cloaks again.

Arioch Cape of the Unworthy Wizard


4 comments on “The Loot Fairy Loves Me

  1. Dark/Soth says:

    My comments weren’t directed at your performance, and I’m sorry if you took them that way. The RNG has been very unkind to me for a few weeks (outside of a fluke roll on the Scorchling pet), and it gets frustrating to constantly see Dark or Soth in the top 3 dps (Quite a few #1’s) and no loot to show for it. I’ve lost several token pieces, Fury of the five Flights, Illustration of the Dragon Soul, gear from Emalon, Girdle of Chivalry, Betrayer of Humanity, and others I can’t remember. Many of those pieces went to players very low on the dps meter. Add in the frustration around Ironsoul and all of my frustrations kinda came out in one big jumble of thoughts.

    I can easily see how you thought I may have directed the comments at you, but I assure you they weren’t, and I’m very sorry.

    I’m very happy for you. It was sweet of you to tell me you would of sent the cloak my way had I been the 2nd highest roll. That was a nice touch.

    BTW, it was me that polymorphed you a couple times. I was wondering why it broke so early. I also polymorph another mage, who got hexed a second later, and I polymorphed one of the warriors, but it got broken. I polymorphed a shaman too. I also spellstole some buffs KT acquired from the mind controlled druids and priests. Only the two rogues who werent kicking topped me in DPS.

    Another interesting tidbit about the raid. The raid leader who ninjaed the BoH did 2300ish dps and died to the first void zone. Also, I sent a whisper to another of his guildmates about the ninja, so who knows if he is still a part of that guild.


  2. jong says:

    “Oh, the hunter has noticed me.

    Explosive Shot!

    Some sort of nasty sting!”

    teeheeheehee…snort…tee hee hee hee… oh gawd… I wish I had been there so I could help the hun.. uh… I mean congratulate you on your new awesome loots!


  3. Eldárwen says:

    ROFL! That hunter piece had me in stitches! Dirty looks in the “Quiet coach” on the train…

    I’m fortunate enough not to have had to PuG a raid other than VoA for a long time. Might have to when my new shaman hits 80 as my Guild is deep into Ulduar HMs now and I don’t want to break the flow with Naxx. Will have to remember to state the obvious.


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