The Post with no Name

I rode through the desert on a post with no name…

Hoping I got that one stuck in your head.

Actually, I’m hoping that enough readers aren’t so young that they have a clue to the reference.

I think I just made myself feel old.

Emalon is old news now, right?

He’s already been nerfed, to the ground, baby!

I finally got to down him last night on 25.

Also picked up my first Emblem of Conquest.

/me crawls off to the corner to die of embarrassment

Those are the kind of firsts you want to experience with your guild.

I didn’t do bad, middle of the pack for DPS/damage. Starting to run into people with pieces of T8/8.5 and that makes it hard to gauge if I’m in a good spot for damage.

We had a plethora of DKS, 2 of which kept asking to do Archavon first.

We had less than an hour to get this done before WG was up for grabs again and they were whining that they wanted to get *something* before the reset.

Raid leader was firm on not getting saved to a fail group so we were taking Emalon down first.


Turns out someone wasn’t paying attention to the healing assignments.

I look around.


My raid is naked!

Maybe it would go better if everyone put all their clothes back on?

Pass me the brain bleach

Pass me the brain bleach

The shadow priests, one pally, and I were clothed. Everyone else was in the buff. Hard to tell on trees. Does bark count as clothing?

WTB less Forsaken and more Blood Elves in my raid pl0x. >.<


Hey, DKs! You have to run OUT of the nova. Oh, try focusing on the right add. Hell, any add at all. Actually, no, don’t. Because we’re booting the 2 of you pulling less than 1200 DPS. The tanks are putting you to shame.

I love watching the people that talk the most shit get booted for epic fail performance. Makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

Grabbed two new, non-fail people and he went down.

Thankfully, I was not the only one with the Emalon and Emblem achievements popping up.

Ran over to Arch and pummeled him with seconds left to spare on being removed from the instance.

No loot for me.

I have a lot more confidence now about going after Emalon on 10. After all this seasonal crap is done, I want to start focusing the guild on these shorter raids. Get us some gear and polish up our skills.

Trundle over to MMO Champion and just about have a coronary.

In the current state of affairs, I had to grind KT to get my helm. Just KT. No one else had it.

Slaughtered him many times and either the wrong class token dropped or 18 other people are rolling on it with me. Meanwhile, I’m passing on glove, shoulder, and pants tokens left and right.

Check this out:

The biggest change here is the introduction of a common token for all armor parts, you can buy the Head/Hands/Chest/Legs/Shoulders of your set with a single item. (Example: Regalia of the Grand Conqueror)
Tier 9 Items Prices
Slot / ilvl 258 245 232
Head 1 x  75 x  50 x 
Hands 1 x  45 x  30 x 
Chest 1 x  75 x  50 x 
Legs 1 x  75 x  50 x 
Shoulders 1 x  45 x  30 x 

That’s right, no more will we have to pray to the fickle gods of RNG that so-and-so drops our shoulders/helm/gloves/chest/pants token. We will be able to roll for every appropriate class token and get what we need from the vendor.

On the downside… this means that anyone on your class token will be rolling against you for every token until they have their set bonus.

But also on the upside, it looks like all the pieces will be purchasable for Emblems of Triumph.

Back to the down… EoT are available from doing the fucking daily heroic dungeon. So much for my thought that the “welfare nines” (and 9.5s from the looks of it) would be relegated to 2 of the pieces like they are now.

Done being bipolar.

If these prices are correct, I can’t see myself ever buying the ilevel 232 Tier items.

I’ll get T9 drops (assuming that I get invited to the new content and can win a roll) and grind dailies to get the ilevel 245 pieces to close the gaps like the rest of the scrubs. /sob

There was also some stuff about extending raid IDs for a second week:

A new feature has been introduced in this build, you can now extend your raid lockout to make them last one more week. This is probably very useful if your guild is trying to get a specific boss down and doesn’t really need any other loot in the instance, you can just get one more weeks of tries without having to clean everything in the way.

This was probably brought about by the new Coliseum fights. Rumor has it that the instance is more like Ring of Blood/Amphitheater of Anguish and will be run gauntlet-style. This extent ion would really help.

I think this is a neat idea, but I’m worried about the potential for much douche-baggery. If you’re in a fail PuG, what if the raid leader decides to extend the ID just to fuck with everyone?

Hopefully, the choice to extend the ID can only be made by the raid leader, and the extended raid ID will only apply to the raid leader. Everyone else’s ID will reset on Tuesday like normal and then they can choose to rejoin the extended ID.

So many mechanics to work out… when will they have to make the choice to extend the raid? Sometime before the reset I would think. What if they decided to extend the raid lockout, but were able to get it cleared before the reset? Will the game recognize that and not extend a cleared raid? What if you left optional bosses (Ignis, etc.) standing? Assuming this all hinges on the raid leader, how does the game assign that role? If Bob starts the raid and is raid leader and is the last player to leave the raid, it’s all good. But when a raid breaks up for the evening/morning, how often is the raid leader actually the last one in the raid? Leadership gets transferred as soon as he moves on to something else. Maybe Bob will have to boot everyone from the raid to ensure that the ID remains his to extend.

They managed to get the “you are about to be saved” warning in, so I think they can pull this off. We’ll just have to wait and see.


3 comments on “The Post with no Name

  1. Troutwort says:

    “Hopefully, the choice to extend the ID can only be made by the raid leader, and the extended raid ID will only apply to the raid leader.”

    I would assume that it would be a user option to extend otherwise they would reset as normal. If the other people reset and you don’t when you all go in they’ll get the message that says, you’ve joined a raid in progress! Accept Fail LOL? Or Decline. It will probably be up to raids to coordinate their extensions or not.

    It’s really the only way I can figure it to work for PUGs. The other side though is what if you choose to extend but your guild doesn’t, are you unable to go with them? Possibly. Just don’t noob it up I guess!


  2. repgrind says:

    You raid is missing naked trolls. That would solve all the problems.


  3. […] all familiar with the dungeon bug where people in the party appear naked, right? Arioch experienced one of those incidents just the other […]


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