I normally don’t post on the weekends anymore since everyone seems to just read blogs from work, but I really wanted to say this.


I started this blog in January as a place for me to just ramble and rave. I told one person about it, and he doesn’t even read it on a regular basis. I figured no one would stumble across this and I could live in relative obscurity on the interwebz.

But over the months I’ve attracted a special group of people that come here and revel in my misfortune (Neverending Naxx, anyone?). It’s been a very small group of people, I only had 6000 hits total to my blog since it’s inception.

That was before July 3rd when one of my posts was linked in another and that post was featured on wow.com.


In that one day, I received over 5500 hits.


From those gabillion hits, I even had people that stopped long enough to add their thoughts and comments to mine.

I just wanted to thow out a special thank you to the people that have been lurking and commenting since they found me and a new thank you for the recent commenters that did not turn this into the name-calling, shit-flinging mess the comments over at wow.com generally turn into. In fact, the only comments I’ve had to delete were pingbacks from gold selling sites!

So once again, a big thank you to everyone that read, chocolate-chip internet cookies awarded to the commenters, and one more ZOMG!


Albino Drake on Naxx

10 comments on “ZOMG

  1. repgrind says:

    Hahaha. Congrats! When I saw the link on WoW.com my first thought was “zomg they linked Arioch how cool is that!” and my next was … “haha she’s gonna get inundated with hits” ^^


  2. Jess says:

    Not to be a fangirl but… I <3 clearcasting. XD

    And I <3 Arioch!



  3. thebrassmonkey says:

    I started reading because of that link and I’m glad I have. Keep up the awesome posts.


  4. some orc says:



  5. gnomeaggedon says:

    Grats on the linkage!


  6. jong says:

    Grats on some well-deserved spotlight. The funny thing is, I found out about wow.com through this blog.


  7. Delerius says:

    Yes, links are amazing things! I found you through Gnomeaggedon who I found through Euripedes @ CriticalQQ and I found him on Google =)

    If only my blog would take off like this. I have 2 comments so far! (One is mine) and I’m on a roll!


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