Loatheb for the Lazy

Wednesday night we successfully pulled off our warm-up Obsidian Sanctum (no drakes).

Most of the guild was present, even one of the guys that is *never* on but finally transferred an 80 priest so he wouldn’t have to get his warrior caught up with us.

We pulled in 3 people from our first alliance guild and lost one of our hunters in the middle due to internet issues (don’t worry, no hunter loot dropped).

Slightly rocky start, we were starting without one of our tanks (he was getting pwned by traffic and a hungry toddler), but overall, I think it was one of our best runs ever.

We got a very nice tanking ring upgrade for our pally tank (who needs some practice in keeping Sarth’s tail out of the raid). There was also a glove token piece of some sort. I finally got the Dragon Hide Bag, go me!

WWS at http://wowwebstats.com/2akq6rab3pbn3 for the next 15 days or so.

After OS 10 I got an invite into a Naxx 25 with a chunk of our second alliance guild.

There turned out to be a pretty good number from another guild that I don’t think I’ll be raiding with again any time soon. No real specific drama, just a lot more immaturity than I want running nonstop in a 25-man raid.

We didn’t quite drop KT so the other guild was kind enough to ninja the ID and kill him for us.

But I’m actually not going to talk about all that crap. I’m going to talk about a strategy that I really like for Loatheb.

In every PuG I’m in, there is a lot of talk about Loatheb being one of the easiest fights in Naxx. Well, there’s a way to make it even easier.

The standard strategy involves the tank keeping Loatheb in the green circle in the middle, melee behind him, ranged off to one side. Every time a spore spawns, a group of people run off to kill it and get the buff.

But here’s the problem: some people are too blasted lazy to move to get the spore and some people keep going to get the spore, even if they already have the buff, usually because no one else is going to get it. I’ve noticed that healers are the least likely to go get the spore, I guess an extra 50% crit doesn’t mean anything to them…

So we need a method that gets all the spores to all the people (except the tank).

Position1No, it’s not abstract art. The large green circle is the center of the room. The small blue dots scattered in it are your non-tank raid members. All of them. The brown circle is Loatheb and the darker blue dot on the outside is the tank.

When a spore spawns, its position is called out to the tank, who then manuevers Loatheb to the side of the circle opposite the incoming spore.

Position2The yellow circle is the spore if you couldn’t figure that out.

Spores are drawn to Loatheb so this will pull the spore directly through the raid and it can be destroyed in the middle of the circle. The tank should be far enough away to avoid gaining Fungal Creep. Once your tank has a firm threat lead, they may want to take a spore buff towards the end of the fight for damage increase and giggles.

Important: The spore buff will only affect a limited number of people at a time, 5 people within 10 yards. The way around this seems to be rotating the party that kills the spore – the buff has demonstrated an affinity for going to the party members of the spore-killer when it has so many options within the 10 yards. So a member of group 1 kills the first spore and a member of group 2 kills the second spore, continue down the line for 25-man. After each group had the spore once, we went to a free-for-all mode where you took out the spore if your buff was getting low and it didn’t seem to drop off anyone.

The massive benefit to this method is that the majority of your raid never needs to move (melee will have to shift slightly in response to Loatheb being moved away from spores) so you don’t lose DPS while chasing down spores. Secondly, healers are much more likely to gain Fungal Creep and everyone is within range for AoE heals.

I know two tanks that employ this method (one in my guild and one in our second alliance guild). After people see it in action they love it, but if I’m in a PuG and suggest it I get shut down faster than Archavon drops purplez. /sigh

So the next time you’re kicking it in Naxx and want to try something new, give this a shot and let me know how it turns out for you.


3 comments on “Loatheb for the Lazy

  1. D says:

    There’s a method that our guild has tried that also seems to work. Have the tank grab and build sufficient aggro before dps starts wailing on Loatheb, and have all of the dps stack 100% on top of the tank. DK’s watch out for spores – when one is near enough, pop it on the entire raid, including the tank. Here’s where the stacking comes in – as long as the spore pops on EVERYONE including the tank, then no one will take the aggro off of the tank, who built it up before the spore popped. Everyone (including the tank) will have the extra crit bonus. DK’s can use their anti-magic shield thingy to lessen the damage from the boss because everyone will be in it, resto shamans can maximize the effectiveness of their chain heals, holy priests can spam their Holy Nova a few times in the 3-second window if needed, etc. Hunters can spread out to increase their damage after the spore is popped, but they have to watch their spore buff and make sure to group back up before another spore is popped to keep refreshing the buff.

    This method is tricky (like Thaddius – if one person doesn’t stack, it will pretty much screw the raid) but it works wonders if pulled off effectively, and because the entire raid gets the buff, Loatheb will be downed quicker than normal, and no one will have to run around grabbing spore buffs (again, have the DK’s pull the nearby spores – we just have one DK assigned to pulling a spore to the group every time there’s one nearby, whether the buff is about to expire or not.)


  2. Millea on Bloodhoof says:

    Reading your Naxx stories makes me want to run it in my guild, and I dislike Naxx.

    Sadly my guild does not have the personnel to even fill out a 10 man, and any alliances we have are so far in the progression that they just laugh at our attempts to get raids together.

    We have finally started getting a weekly OS 10 man scheduled and ran, and we are almost ready to try to tackle it with 1 drake up, but we still have to PuG healers.

    I will definately share these methods with my guild though :D


  3. some orc says:

    hey look theres me!


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