Winds of the North Consumed Me

Saturday I was screwing around on my priest and my husband pops his head into my office.

Need ranged DPS for EoE 10.


I need that one for the Focusing Iris quest!

I think it was 2 tries, not bad at all for a PuG. We would have done better the first try, but we weren’t far enough away from the center of the platform when it broke so we pretty much ended up sitting on top of Maly. That doesn’t work so well.

Alextrazsa EoE 10

Neck upgrade for me!

Headed back into Ulduar 25 with (mostly) the same group of people as last weekend. They swapped a few people out on their side and my rogue hubby got to join us. He absolutely killed the charts.

As opposed to last week where we had 4 mages, this week I was a lonely mage.

I’m really beginning to enjoy Ulduar.

Flame Leviathan is to the point now where we don’t even wait to have a full party.

5 guys still in OS? No problem, they can catch up to us after we take out FL.

This guild does it where everyone just goes to the vehicle they are most comfortable with and we go from there. So I trundle off to the Demolisher and hop in the passenger seat.

Roll out!

They remembered that we need to send up a healer when someone gets launched onto FL so we talk about rearranging the positions when we get there. I opt to give up my passenger/launch seat for the healer and end up driving a siege engine.

I’ve never driven a siege and here I am about to face FL. I read abilities as fast as I can and remember what the raid leader said about keeping enough steam for the speed boost.

Sure enough, I get targeted second. My passenger shields me and I speed boost away, aiming for as many flaming smears of tar as I can.

Turn around, shock him on the flame jet casts, pull off when he’s changing targets, it went really well.

And in a departure from last week, I was alive at the end of the fight!

One down and two to go for the Heroic: Three Car Garage! Chopper is going to be a bitch.

Glowing Ring of Reclamation drops.

It’s on my wish list.

I roll.

Oh shit, a couple of healers are also rolling on it. Damn spirit.

I get the top roll, oops.

Hey, guys? I’ll pass on that to a healer.

Much discussion. Next highest roll is also a DPS. They decide to give me the ring just to avoid any possible unpleasantry.

Oh well, equip that bad boy and make a note to enchant it later.

Razorscale went down in 2 tries.

The first attempt was to work out exactly what we needed to do with the Sentinels. Once we got a tank assigned to them it went much smoother.

Second attempt our harpoon guy goes down for no apparent reason.

“Arioch, you’re on harpoons now!”


OMG, someone who doesn’t know me just gave me responsibility?

Must be because he doesn’t know me…

Being on harpoons hurt my damage, I need some more practice in getting the timing off, but my DPS was still 3rd.

We stared at Ignis.

“OK, I know this boss has a reputation as being a raid killer. So I’m saying now, we’re going to give it 3 shots and then move on.”

I really like this raid leader. Thank you in advance for not committing me to bang my head against a very hot wall for many attempts.

We decide on 3 tanks, 1 for Ignis and 2 on the adds.

Second shot we got it.

I also got:

Hot Pocket

and he was the last boss I needed for:


On one of the trash pack mobs right before XT I pulled just shy of 6800 DPS. I think it might be my personal best.

XT was our bitch. We toyed with the idea of going for hard mode, but decided to play it safe since we did have a few people outside the guild groups.

I got to sheep things in the Antechamber again! /happy

We had an extra warlock this time so sheeped one and banished both the elementals. This means we had an extra loose mob compared to last week but we did just fine. Chain sheep FTW.

Banged our head on the Iron Council a couple of times and moved to Kologarn.

We really learned a lot from last week.

The pick up on the adds was smooth, only a couple people had to be yelled at to get out of the back, and the heals on the gripped people were spot on. I think we only lost 5 people, and I wasn’t one of them!

That’s right, I have been alive at the end of every successful boss fight, go me!

Kologarn dropped a Fragment of Val’anyr so one healer is on the long road to get the awesome mace.

Took a couple tries to get the pull just right on Auriaya, but we eventually got it.

With 10 seconds left to spare on the enrage.

I am not a fan of the random attack that spell locks me. Took me forever to figure out what was happening. Where did I map fireball?

She broke my streak of being alive at the end of a boss fight. Damn her!

Took a couple stabs at Hodir.

I was doing really well at the “stand next to the big runes and then jump on top of the snow” thing. Except once.

I got completely disoriented, and I think I got his emotes confused.

I was looking for the big runes, but didn’t see any. I kind of panicked and ended up in a huge clusterfuck of runes and got frost nova-ed in place. I blinked, and somehow ended up at the edge of a big rune. Of course the snowfall hit me, I got thrown to the edge of the room and was unable to make it back in time. I was the only player to get frozen on that snowdrop. /shame

But it was the ONLY time I got hit with it.

I did end up with:

Staying Buffed

It was getting late for some of our people so we called it there.

Here’s the WWS report, good for the next 10 days or so (minus Flame Leviathan and pre-trash since that fight just does goofy things to the numbers):

I decided that some frost resist would be really nice for the Hodir fight. The healers were keeping me up, but I try not to be too much of a burden.

Back when we were progressing through Naxx, I made the frost resist set for the Sapph fight, but never used it so I shipped it off to my priest for storage.

Log onto my priest, dig through his bank and find the set: belt, boots, and chest.

Start mailing the items: Boots, chest, that item is bound to me.


I’m level 42, I was probably level 1 when I mailed this shit. This is a “requires level 80” belt.

How the fuck is it soulbound?

Open up a ticket.

Log in the next day and they have mailed me a new belt.

Except the other one was already gemmed and this one had two empty sockets staring back at me.

Thankfully I had used the cheap gems.

Some orc gave me a Titanium Frostguard Ring (thanks!) and I have it gemmed up. I think between that and the chest piece, with mage armor and a paladin’s frost aura I should be doing alright.

Looking forward to another round of Ulduar 25 with these guys.

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  1. Magejuego says:




  2. some orc says:

    you’re very welcome
    and you’re always on top of my list for ulduar
    just wish you didnt have like a 2hour time diff so i could get u in on our 10mans


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